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His exwife live with us

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On 1/3/2018 at 3:02 AM, Butero said:

I wish there was something I could suggest to get through to your husband that he isn't doing you right, but from what you have said, he can't be reasoned with.  You are in the place of a lot of people in that you have a spouse that isn't doing right, but you have no Biblical grounds for divorce.  Most aren't living with the kind of problems you are, but they often face other issues that are just as bad in their own way.  

There is no other Biblical advise I can give you but to pray everyday for God to intervene, and walk as God instructs you to according to his Word.  I am on your side here.  I don't see your husband as loving you as Christ loved the church, but ultimately, he is still the head of the home.  The Bible speaks of the power of united prayer.  I will pray for you and your situation, and hopefully others that read this will also pray for you and your marriage.  Perhaps the Lord will step in and intervene.  Everything that happens is for a reason.  I don't understand why you are having to go through this, anymore than I understand why we must all deal with certain things in our lives, but maybe if enough Christians ask God to help you, he will hear our prayers and grant you what you desire.  

I guess none of any couples get separation or divorce for argue over wanting their roommate to move out of their place.  Most couples would discuss and agree first about want have roommate live with them or not.  They should have good reason to have roommate live with them.    I know my situation make me so embarrass because he think his exwife is important than me.     He told me to wait be patient for his exwife move out.  Why should I waste my time waiting for her to move out?  It not make sense at all.  

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I'm terribly sorry for your situation, Someone said earlier;


His ex-wife being in the same house doesn't make him guilty of adultery, and he very well may not be having an affair."


I'm also sorry again, yes it does. The truth always hurts. Getting divorced and re-marrying while the other partner is still alive is living in adultery. Then allowing the divorced partner live with you and your partner only compounds the situation.

Mark 10:11, And he saith unto them, Whosoever shall put away his wife, and marry another, committeth adultery against her. 

Any man who divorces his wife for any cause except fornication commits adultery if he marries another. This is evidently an unpleasant  answer by Jesus to those scheming men who wished to be free to put away their wives for any and every cause.

Your husband, not only put away his wife, he now wants to allow her and her girlfriend to live in your home ? How sad.

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On 10/10/2017 at 10:57 PM, Adorable80 said:

His exwife and gf get social security income but my husband allow them to live free rent  with us and sometime my husband help pay for their foods.  I think it's not right.  My husband won't listen to me at all.  Why he would get angry at me if I preach to him about it's not right to let his exwife to live with us?  My husband do love go to church and read bible but why he rebel?  

Twice you mention money as a reason you can't get out of this situation (ie. he owns interest in the house and here you say they can afford rent, but do not pay, indicating you are being cheated out of further income).

Take that out of the equation and see if you would still stay there (ie. you do not have to divorce, just not live with all of them in a situation that leads to a sinful life (ie. standing by while an emotional affair takes place in your view, thus leading innocents (children) astray)).

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