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steve w

Am I bound for hell?

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Steve wrote:

There is zero evidence of any god . . . . 

My response:

Actually, there is a great deal of evidence to support the existence of God.  The many arguments include cosmological, ontological, axiological, teleological, historical and experiential, just to name a few. 

Peter Kreeft lists 20 of them with brief explanations of each here:


I notice that you disparage Pascal’s Wager for not proving God’s existence.  Kreeft also includes it in his list.  From what I have read, I don’t think Pascal ever intended his argument as “proof” of God’s existence.  He only intended to use it to get people thinking about God.  I think he was successful in doing that as, here we are, centuries later, and people are still talking about him and his wager and God. 

Have you ever read any of J. Warner Wallace’s work?  He’s an interesting guy.  He was an atheist and an investigative detective focusing on cold cases.  He decided to apply the same methodology he used on the job to the arguments for God’s existence.  He found the results too compelling to ignore.  He realized God did indeed exist and it didn’t take much further investigation to realize that only Christianity had it right.

All worldviews, religious or otherwise, can be assessed by several criteria including logical consistency and coherence, empirical adequacy, existential relevancy and viability.  For example, Buddhism isn’t consistent in that it teaches we should not desire anything, yet its basic premise is that we desire not to desire anything. 

When it comes to viability, for example, we have to ask -- Does a worldview answer the big questions in life, that is, our origins (where did we come from?), ethics (how should we live?), meaning (what is the purpose of life?) and destiny (where are we headed?)

I have been studying religions and worldviews for a long time and I can tell you that only Christianity passes all the tests.  Some belief systems might meet one or two of the criteria, but they fail in others. 

You strike me as somebody who likes to think deeply.  Therefore, I think you would appreciate the work of Ravi Zacharias.  He has done a lot of work on comparative worldviews.  His web site is here:


He has written many books, but I recommend his Jesus Among Other Gods as well as his most recent work, Jesus Among Secular Gods, to begin with.  They're both excellent.

And you should check out Wallace’s site as well:


Wallace says there are three reasons why people don’t believe in God – some have rational doubts and require reasonable, valid evidence.  Others have emotional reasons.  They have been hurt and offended by Christians and need healing from their anger and their pain.  It's their emotions that keep them from seriously considering the truth of God.  Lastly, some people have volitional reasons.  They hate the very idea of God and will resist any evidence, even that which is valid and persuasive.  Warner says that he was the latter.  I have heard a couple of atheists admit that they don't want God to be real because they love their sins too much to give them up.  What they don't realize is that they're missing out on God's best -- which is way better than sin, believe me!

I’m wondering if you see yourself in any of those categories, Steve.  And if so, how can we help you to address them?

That's all I have time for now,  Hopefully, I have given you something to think about.  

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