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Bible Trivia questions

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My riddle:

Who is this?

The Character:

[01.] Existed before in Heaven, before coming to earth
[02.] a “mystery” surrounds his Gospel
[03.] 30 Year period
[04.] Had a 3 ½ Year timeframe that is spoken of in the prophecy of Scripture, that came after the 30 year period
[05.] At the end of that 3 ½ Year timeframe*, He was taken captive
[06.] the Head of a Body was killed by the State, and by very zealous people who cared not what God wanted
[07.] after a period of time would pass, the Head of the Body was to live again
[08.] part of His many titles, would include partly “Christ ...”, “Rock ...”, “Foundation ...”, “Prince ...”, “Son ...”, “Father ...” [having “children ...”], “King”, “Lord ...” and “God ...”

other factors of the existence:

[01.] would go down to Egypt
[02.] would ride atop a animal
[03.] would enter Jerusalem/Glorious Land
[04.] He would have followers of many kinds of people
[05.] would have “sheep” or flock
[06.] would be above the “waters”
[07.] would speak “dark sayings”
[08.] would do many “miracles”
[09.] taken up a war/great controversy
[10.] would come with the “spirit”
[11.] a day would come when he would be “revealed”
[12.] A question surrounds him, “Who is like unto...” him?

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