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Can a Catholic be saved?

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3 hours ago, Gentle Heart said:

As a former Catholic I was saved while still a Catholic but was not saved in the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church teaches that one cannot be assured of salvation. Salvation is by works (contradicting Eph. 2:8-9) and following Catholic (man made) tradition. Tradition and the Bible are considered to be on the same footing and in some cases tradition trumps the Bible especially in the case of Mary who is considered to have the power to save because they say she was born without sin. Also, the Catholic Church teaches that it is a mortal sin to believe that one is saved. This is called the "sin of presumption" and is considered a mortal sin because this is pride and God is opposed to the proud therefore this mortal sin condemns anyone who believes they are going to heaven to hell. As if this wasn't enough there is the doctrine of Purgatory that teaches that one must make atonement for their own sins invalidating the need for Jesus the Savior and contradicting Scripture (1 Jonh 5:11-13).  

I could go on and on about all the false doctrines and dogmas that the Catholic Church teaches and yet I must say that there are many wonderful sincere and very devout Catholics who love God, Jesus and the Bible yet are NOT saved. I was one of these. From the outside, I sounded and acted like a Christian believing that I was, because I believed in Christ and loved God with all my heart and actually tried to live a very righteous life. Yes, I knew Jesus died on the cross for the sins of the world, but somehow I never truly understood that it was personal. That He died in MY place for MY sins. The Bible is clear that our belief must be based on TRUTH and this truth is the Word of God not on religion or on tradition especially if these things contradict the very Word of God which Catholicism does.

True "born again" salvation is by grace through faith. This faith is an action of belief to believe that Jesus is MY Savior. Belief is not just head knowledge - knowing what Jesus did but it is active. John 1:12 says, "But as many as receive Him to them He gave the right to become children of God." Therefore my belief becomes a very real action and I "receive" Him as my Savior. This is when all people are saved when our belief becomes action - in receiving Christ into our lives.

You can sincerely and devoutly follow any religion and NOT be saved. Read the story of Cornelius in the book of Acts. This man had love and godly devotion and he was a righteous man, by all accounts when you read about him you will make the assumption that he is saved, but he was not. God had him send for Peter so that Peter could show him how to truly be saved. All the love and sincere devotion and doing good could not save Cornelius and it can not save you. Do not be mislead to think that someone who is a Catholic is saved because they seem to be following Christ and have the correct vocabulary.

I personally believe that if you are a true born again Christian who has received Jesus as your personal Savior and is walking with God by reading and studying the Bible you can NOT remain in the Catholic Church that teaches so many false and grievous doctrines. As a Catholic my faith was blind. I did not know the Bible. I revered the Bible as a holy book but I had never studied or understood it. Once I was saved I now had the Holy Spirit inside me to help me understand it and I began studying the Bible. It was the Word of God that set me free and corrected all my wrong religious beliefs that had me erroneously believing that I was ok. Sure I wouldn't go to heaven but my time in Purgatory wouldn't be very long and if my friends and family prayed for me my time there would be shortened. Dear brothers and sisters in Christ that is NOT in the Bible but that is what every good Catholic is taught and what they believe. Praise God for the Bible says "You will know the truth and the truth will set you free." 

Yes, Catholics can be saved and are saved when they hear the word of God. Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." Not works, Not religious doctrine, Not Mary, Not the sacraments and not doing your time in Purgatory" only through Jesus.  Unless one is born again they can not enter into the Kingdom. But a true believer will NOT stay in a Church that does not teach the truth - we are to grow and mature in Christ and can not do so in a Church that does not even believe the Word when it comes to salvation. Grace and Peace!

A BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL post Thank You Gentle heart!  YOUR wonderful testimony is what we keep trying to tell people--that a practicing Catholic does not hear the Biblical Truth when they are in the RC Church & when they do hear it outside of the RCC and are Saved they LEAVE the Roman Catholic Church! Many Baptists are Ex-Catholics.

The Roman Catholic Church is like a dark spiritual prison with invisible bars and our friends and family members are being held captive within it. We must speak out the Truth & pray, pray ,pray that God would change their hearts & open a way for their escape to come to know the true Lord and Savior Jesus Christ so they can be born again from above. The casualties from that RC system are great, some as children exposed to the rigid religious traditions & rejected the religious fairy-tale doctrines BUT, as adults it left them with spiritual confusion, disbelief & barriers towards hearing the actual Bible preached because of it. Heart-breaking.

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