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    • By Behold
      How did Jesus become our Savior. ????   Well obviously He is the reason you go to heaven. (Savior),= because you are born again, because you BELIEVED, and God  ACCEPTED your Faith, and gave you (made you)  His Righteousness.  ("New Creation IN Christ") Now its true that He was the Savior, always, even as a baby.....or as Simeon in Luke Ch 2, said.. "My Eyes have seen God's SALVATION", as he beheld baby Jesus. And in John 1:10, when Jesus "stood on the world HE CREATED", He was standing there as Savior of the World, He Created,  Colossians 1:16.... tho He had not saved it yet.   So, what 2 things did Jesus have to do, to BECOME our savior?   1.) He had to meet ALL the requirements of the LAW, and not fail. 2.) He had to die on the Cross, which means He became our sin bearer, our redeemer, our Justification, and our Blood Atonement.   In doing these 2 things, He became, our Savior....Literally, even if you are not  yet saved. See, here is the thing.... Jesus is LORD, no matter if you believe it or want Him to be.  And He is THE Savior, no matter if you are saved. Jesus does not become these things, once we believe them, but rather He is already, both.   One of the light-bulb moments a serious student of the New Testament will have, is when they realize that Salvation does not start when you believe....it is in fact finished 2000 yrs ago when Jesus walked out of that Tomb. It only becomes yours, when you believed.  Its APPLIED TO YOU< because you believed...  It was already there fo the lastr 2000 yrs.  Salvation was in the foreknowledge of God, before He even created Lucifer or the World or the Sun. Its been around for a while.  Salvation is something that Jesus finished 2000 yrs ago.  You get to have it, if you will believe.  If you do, then God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit, take up residence inside you, and because Jesus has obtained eternal redemption for you, and because He Himself IS Eternal life, that He Gives to you, then you are sealed into the Eternity of God Himself, and never let anyone try to convince you otherwise., as they are lying to you, Saint.   We can see that dying for sin is obvious as this explains the Cross.   God is judging Christ in our place, with those spikes, and that Crown, and that scourging  that came before Jesus was lifted up by those Spikes, between heaven and earth. Yet, before He could satisfy God's righteous judgment against our sin, by dying for our sin,  by becoming our sin....    Jesus first had to meet the requirements of the Law, so that this "curse of the law", could be taken off of us.  And Saint, never let a heretic try to put that Law back on you that Jesus shed His Blood for=  to deliver you from.   So, how did Jesus himself fully meet all the requirements of the Law?   He met them all, by being....... "God is Love". Jesus is God, and God is Love. See,... "love fulfills the Law". So you have this verse... :      Romans 13:10. "Love does no harm to a neighbor; therefore love is the fulfillment of the LAW."   We as the born again, understand that all the law and commandments found in the (Torah - Old Testament) are fulfilled when we keep the NEW Commandments, that Jesus gave us. And when we fail, this is a time to begin again and be thankful that JESUS DIDN'T FAIL. Jesus said,  """Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment.  And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. """   So, the way Jesus fulfilled the law, so that the curse of the law was taken off the Redeemed, was to LOVE. Thats how He did it. GOD IS LOVE, AND JESUS IS LOVE. Remember this verse ???   John 15:13.  "There is no greater love than this—that a man should lay down his life for his friends""" And there is Jesus laying His life Down, on the Cross, and not just for His friends, but for His ENEMIES. That is LOVE.......That is how GOD LOVES..   And the way we stop sinning, is not by straining to try to stop.  Its not by fasting ourselves from the world.  As in both cases, this will actually cause you to be more drawn to the very sin you are trying to force yourself to stop doing. Remember that Christ said......."apart from me, you can do nothing" .. You can't bear Christian Fruit, .. You can't stop sinning.... and you can't LOVE Like GOD.......APART from Jesus. So, the way you do all this, is to be filled with God.   Paul describes this as.. "it is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me"..   Here is the math... God is Love.  If you are filled with God, then you are filled with LOVE.  And this love, is the Power of Christ to keep those 2 commandments. The lifelong process of being "conformed into the image of Christ" that is fulfilled entirely when we meet Jesus....(Our Eternal Inheritance)..... This process of conforming is literally the process of being conformed into the Love Of God. The more like Christ we are, the more OF God's Love we have become.     blessings,     B
    • By Behold
      Hello Reader   Thanks for taking the time to read this Thread.   This threads topic will be for me, a slight departure, as im a teacher that is trained in Pauline Theology and am an evangelist by "call", so, 99% of what i show you, is going to be related to Salvation, or to Paul's specific doctrines for the Church. So, Typically i dont speak much about the Old Testament, or about The Revelation. However, recent discussion with a person here has decided for me that i should post a nice simple and clear Thread about one subject in The Revelation, so that you can see it clearly.   Generally, as i said, im going to stick to Pauline Theology, and happily so. The other reason I dont really spend a lot of time teaching The Revelation, is because if you put 100 Theologians in a room, all discussing this part of the New Testament, and you left them in there 100 yrs......  At the end of the 100 yrs, they still would not agree with each other, regarding all its content.  Thats a fact.   So, i prefer to stay where the ground is solid, the rabbit trails are covered with clarity, and  the truth is not enamored in symbolism, and the main subject is the Cross. Thats what works for me, the best.   Now i need you to think about this.   I need you to realize that the central teaching of the New Testament is the subject of Righteousness.   Jesus came to give it, and if you die without it, that's an eternal problem that you can't solve.  Sometimes i teach and state that the Lake of Fire will be burning the unbelievers, for as long as God lives.  And that is both harsh and true. What keeps it from being cruel, is the fact that anyone who end up there, chose this for themselves.  They made a fully informed freewill decision to reject Christ, freely. Never will a person stand before God, who has heard the Gospel while on the earth,  say to the Almighty, that its His fault that they end up in the Lake of Fire.  After all, what more can God do to get you into His family then let His Son die to get you into it?   So, if you, reader, end up standing before God as a Christ Rejector, you did so after reading what i just told you.  So, you have no excuse, and you already knew to Trust Christ as your Savior before you ever read what i just said.  Right? Lets be REAL.....thanks.   Now, Saint, when you have your revelation right, when you have rightly divided the word correctly, through the Holy Spirt, then the New Testament will function together in perfect sense.  In other words, when you have the right Light, then there will be no contradiction found in the New Testament.  And when you are being taught by someone who is full of Light, then what they teach, will not contradict PAUL.   Got that?  And this is one of the main ways you discern who is lying to you, vs who is teaching you what agrees with Paul. And how much does this matter?   It is the only thing that matters when you are learning the New Testament, and when you are being taught by someone. If your teacher does not align themselves with Paul's theology of the Grace of God, as an unearned GIFT, and similar........then RUN. Remember that. Remember that Paul makes the Cross OF EFFECT< and a heretic tries to make the Cross of Christ of NON-Effect., of NO Effect, regarding keeping you saved. I just used a magnifying glass on the heretics for you.   So, cutting to the chase.    All teaching regarding any subject in the New Testament, has to perfectly align with what Paul teachers, regarding any subject he teaches.  If it doesn't then it heresy and the teacher is a heretic.  So, if you want to protect yourself from a heretic, then you have to have the tool to do so. The Tool, is Paul and his Doctrine.   If you know it, then you can spot a heretic in about the blink of an eye.   Ok, lets look at a phrase in The Revelation and filter it through Paul's doctrine so that we dont end up in the land of confused heresy. Now if you study Paul's epistles, then you are familiar with "justification by faith" Alone. Notice that word "alone"?  It is the word that separates the real believers and the "one true church" from the heretics and all their denominations. That word "alone" as indicated by the phrase "Justification by faith", simply and absolutey means that JESUS ALONE saved you and keeps you saved.  And once you get this, once you see this, then all the heretics who try to make you pay for your own salvation, by telling you that you will "Lose it" if you dont complete their list, or if you dont twist a scripture as they do.......You are permanently delivered from them.... and that is a big part of my ministry.  Its to protect REAL BELIEVERS  from them,  by getting you to the place in your understanding of The Grace of God where you can see them clearly, and recognize them instantly. ------------ ------------------------   Now lets get to this verse.  Its this.  Revelations 3:5    "He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment; and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life"   Now, look at the reason a name wont be blotted out of the book of life... "he that OVERCOMETH". So, who is this... Its this person...    1 John 5:5 
      """""Who is he that overcometh , but he that believeth that Jesus is the Son of God?"""
      And who is this?   This is all the born again.... see the "believeth that Jesus is the Son of God"?
      That's YOU, thats ME, thats all the born again. That is "he that OVERCOMETH"< in that verse about the BOOK.
      So, if you don't want to be the one whose name is  blotted out of the book of LIFE, then be the overcomer who has TRUSTED IN CHRIST".  Be BORN AGAIN.  BE SAVED.
      OR, if you want to have your name blotted out of the book of LIFE, all you have to do is be a CHRIST REJECTOR,.  and die.
      Now, let me give you the real teaching on this "Book of Life" so that the heretics can't fool you.
      You've  seen that the believer in Christ is not blotted out of the book of Life.  And that is the main thing you need to see.
      But what about this book?
      Ok, this is deeper water, and has to do with the foreknowledge of God.
      The foreknowledge of God, is God's ability to know all things, and that includes your thought and the intention of your motives, and it also means that God knows what is going to happen before it happens.  This is foreknowledge.  or, the knowledge of all things= be-FOR- it happens.
      The Lambs Book Of Life....what is it?  Well, its a real book.  And this book contains the name of every one who ever existed or will exist.  You, me, Moses, Hitler, Adam, Eve, Donald Trump, and all the yet to be born.   Its a "book of Life" that contains the names of all who will ever "be".  As this is the foreknowledge of God, knowing all the names of all, and they are written down, "before the foundations of the world" in this BOOK.    God also knew, "before the foundations of the world" that Jesus would be needed to come and die for your sin.
      So, all of this is known by God, before it was even HERE.
      The Book was in existence, before Mankind was created.
      Now, what about that blotting out..   A name is blotted out of that Book of Life.
      Recently a member here, who does not believe that Jesus Keeps You Saved,  chose the "book of life" verse,  to try to prove that a born again Christian can end up in hell with Christ in them.
      As you can see, this verse has nothing to so with the idea that you can lose your salvation.
      So, again....the book of life, is the FOREKNOWLEDGE of God, regarding the names of all who will ever exist, before they were born....all names of all ever created, written in this book.
      And remember what you do to get you name blotted out?  =  You dont BELIEVE, In Christ.
      So, each Christ Rejecter, has their name in the book before they are born, and their name is blotted out, because they died in UNBELIEF.
      I would offer the opinion that their name is blotted out before they die, because God already knew they would die a Christ Rejector.  (Foreknowledge).
      So, that is how that Book Of Life works.   Don't be one of those who gets blotted out.  Be a Believer.  Trust in Christ..  Keep your name in that Book.  Choose Heaven, not hell.
    • By Worship Warriors
      I have been unwell. The cough had reduced, the fever has gone. But I have no energy and no appetite. It's a cold.
    • By Worship Warriors
      I have been unwell. The cough had reduced, the fever has gone. But I have no energy and no appetite. It's a cold.
    • By Behold
      This morning when i was in the Gym, and in fact, before i went and was doing about an hr of stretching and light weights, i was thinking about this "lose your salvation" madness that just infects so many Christian Forums and so many  troubled Christians.
      Its is a sad fact that a person can be born again, and not actually understand anything about how and why,  and be saved 40 yrs.
      Listen Saint... We live in an era where time is speeding up, info technology is off the rails, and Reality is becoming "virtual".  So, the effect of all this on our minds, is to almost create a detachment from the real Truth, which is the Bible,  and Who is heading our way from Heaven, soon.    Also....Satan is alive. He is not Joking.  He wants you in the dark, out of touch with God, and not really concerned about what really matters.
      So, let me talk more about heretics.
      I often ask one of these Forum heretics to post about Grace, and they never do.  As a matter of fact, they usually become really really quiet.  After all, a heretic obviously doesn't understand Grace, or they have rejected the Grace of God, in favor of only existing on a Christian Forum to obsessively try to ruin a REAL believer's peace of heart and soundness of Mind, by trying to Theologically con-job them into the Lake of Fire if they don't qualify for Heaven regarding the heretic's particular LIST of all the works they will teach that you must DO DO DO DO DO DO DO DO to >stay saved<,.....   Notice that the heretic is always trying to keep Jesus from keeping you saved?  Have you noticed this yet?  The Heretic is always trying to give you a Salvation Substitute that keeps you saved.   That's their calling-card.  That's their Heretic ID Badge.   They want Jesus off the Cross and you On it , saving yourself by whatever list they want you to keep.   Maybe the list is "enduring to the end", or maybe the list is "Commandment keeping" or not "willfully sinning",  or doing "works of Obedience", or the always popular, "well if you turn your back on God, or lose your faith, or renounce your faith"........  So, all of that is just works, its all YOUR EFFORT that they say you have to DO so that you dont "lose it", as according to them, you and NOT God thru Christ keeps you saved. = "HERESY".
      The question arises..... regarding all they say and teach....how could they know anything about The Grace of God, to begin with,?????  and if they did, they have long ago rejected it.  See, you can't be a True believer in the Free Gift of Salvation, and teach that you can lose your salvation.  These 2 positions cancel each other out.  This is "double minded" on  hyper-steroids.
      God's Grace and "lose your salvation" do not exist within the same Blood Atonement, or Redemption, that is only found in the "gift of Righteousness".  Its not by our WORKS but according to God's MERCY" that we are saved and stay saved..
      See that?  You have to want to not see that, if you can't see it.   "not by WORKS"....   And what is "works'........its everything that you can DO, Saint.   Its your LIFESTYLE, your THINKING,...BEHAVIOR..  its all the parts that make up your DOING SOMTHING...  Its all YOU YOU YOU......and that is NOT JESUS Saving you.  And that is not having FAITH in Christ........at all..
      Something that is interesting is that if a person believes they can "lose it", its because they are trusting in themselves to keep it.  So, that means they are not trusting in Christ, to keep them saved, but only acknowledge that He began their Salvation.  So, if anyone could lose their salvation because they have lost their faith, its the people  who think and believe that they can lose their salvation, because the reason they believe this is because they are no longer trusting in Christ to keep them saved.....See how that works?      So, they have literally become the victims of their own Christ Rejecting heresy, and are oblivious to their own lack of  True Faith, as their spiritual condition.   Its the pot calling the kettle black, and its the same person who is both the pot and the black.
      And its also a truth that  as soon as a person becomes born again, they almost always have a desire to know more about the Bible...... and the cults, and the Devil, (same  Heretics) both know this, so they are always looking for the new Christian to ruin , because the "babe in Christ" is an easy spiritual KILL, because they are so happy to BELIEVE YOU if you can speak a bit of Bible verse and seem sincere.  The baby believer has no idea that the Church is infected with heresy, since Day 1.....and now a long time dumbed down by  doctrinally inferior  "new" Bible versions, and so, many New Believers  just get trapped and ruined their very first year.  And 40 yrs later, they are found on a Christian Forum trying to convince all born again believers that being born again isn't permanent, and that "Christ in You", is only as certain as the last time you confessed all your sins... (that you can recall).
      Ive shared Paul's doctrine of God's Grace with many many  people who  want to just beat their heads against a wall because i told them that " the Same God who saved you, will keep you saved"....and why?   Because He said so....  Philippians 1:6.
      Ive had the same group try to use that same wall and their same heads when i tell them that "your Faith is not what saved you"..   as this comment  just stings self righteous flesh.   But then if i remind this type that God SAVED them using the blood of Jesus, and that their Faith is what God accepted TO SAVE THEM, = to administer the Grace, to impute the redemption, their SALVATION< then they can often "see it".   But till they do, they will cling to Faith as if FAITH...this idea and concept...... is actually  the REDEEMER, and not Jesus Himself.
      "Got to hold onto your faith if you want to stay out of Hell. "    Well, not quite.   What you have to do is give God your Faith, so that He then SAVES YOU, and Keeps you saved.....because you did.
      A Heretic, believes that "working out your salvation with fear and trembling" means...."Save yourself, because Christ isn't going to do it unless you are good enough, obedient enough, etc"...
      Do you see what this really means?   It means the heretic is discounting and denying The Blood of Jesus as being capable of keeping you saved.   It means that the Heretic is not giving full credit to the finished work of Jesus on the Cross as what SAVES and Keeps you Saved, and they are instead taking credit for it, by what they believe they must DO"... (Self Saving).... And they'd have you believe this also, if possible.  They'd have you up on that Cross right now if you'll just be self righteousness enough to go....
      Don't do that.  Instead give all the praise, honor, glory, and CREDIT, to the SAVIOR GOD as Jesus The Christ, who saved you, and keeps you saved the same WAY He saved you.  = God made you RIGHTEOUS and The Blood of Jesus Keeps you Righteous. (Keeps you SAVED).
      Faith isn't the Redeemer.   Jesus is the Redeemer, and God saves us through HIM because we did what God told us to do, so that He DOES.  = we BELIEVED.  so, "faith is counted as righteousness", but its the RIGHTEOUSNESS that is Imputed,  that is charged to us, given freely as the "gift of Righteousness"... that makes us accepted by God, = Born Again. = SAVED.
      Can you do all that for yourself?   Heretics think you can, and want you to try for the rest of your LIFE....  And that is why they try to fearmonger you into thinking you can LOSE YOUR SALVATION< = so then you'll start wondering and worrying and then you'll start trying to SAVE YOURSELF... = Stop Trusting in Christ ALONE to KEEP YOU SAVED.    Listen,  If you buy their baloney you'll start ranting about Commandment Keeping, and working works works works, and before long, you'll be their newly trained Heretic and think the only 3 epistles in the bible are Hebrews, James, and Matthew., where Heretics live.
      See how it works when you add it all up correctly? ???????????
      So, is any reader sitting there wondering about this word FAITH?   Kinda unsure about how to understand FAITH?      Alright.     Think of Salvation like this...  You are sitting in a dark room.  There is a ceiling fan light above your head.  There is a light switch on the Wall.  So, you turn on the Switch, and the Light comes on.  Right?   So, is the switch the LIGHT?  Is the SWITCH the LIGHT? ? ? ?    or is the Switch what causes the Light to come on?     So, Faith is the SWITCH< but its not the Light.    Jesus is the Light.  Salvation is the LIGHT.. Grace is the Light.   Redemption is the LIGHT..... .And God has this Light and wants to give it to "all who will" (flip the switch)...., and you RECEIVE it ALL, when you turn on the Switch.....The switch is Faith.   But...Faith is only the switch.   Eternal Redemption, is the LIGHT.     So, dont confuse them as one, as they are not.   Faith activates the ONE WHO  SAVED YOU.   Faith is the switch, Salvation, who is JESUS,  is the LIGHT.
      Most Born again Christians don't begin with the idea that "Jesus started my Salvation, and now its my responsibility to keep myself out of hell for the rest of my life by being good enough".    This is taught to them by heretics, and once they believe it, the Devil then directs  them  to the very few verses that seem, at first glance, (and not rightly divided), which seem to  prove that your salvation is a slippery uphill slope and you are standing on the wet Soap.
      Thank GOD Thru Christ that the fact is, our Salvation is not dependent on our BEHAVIOR, but its solely dependent on our Father God who SAVED US.
      So, lets take the bullets out of the Heretics favorite Gun.... Lets take the fangs out of the snake.
      A Christian Forum Heretic is always found, twisting their favorite epistle (Hebrews)..  and usually one  specific verse that says,.."if we sin willfully", ...The heretic proudly proclaims...so if you do THAT you'll go to hell !!!!!,     And the final answer is... Romans 4:8.   Its Says that God does not charge your sin to you in eternity, (no Judgement for sin waiting for you there)..... so, willful, unwillful,  kinda willful,  12% willful, 73% willful, or 110% willful, this verse isn't talking to anyone who is Born again, because ... A.) Every born again person has sinned willfully since they were saved.  .  B.) Romans 4:8
      Heretics actually never closely read the verse, (or the New Testament)  because, notice... this verse does not give you any way OUT.  Its says, if you do it, you are going to hell.    And so, how do you know this verse isn't speaking to a born again Christian?  Its because every single born again Christian, has at some point after there are saved, committed at least ONE willful sin.   Every one of you, and your Pastor, Mother, Me, all of us.    And if you say you didn't mean to watch Game of Thrones for 7 seasons, or if you say that you accidentally cheated on your taxes,(a few times)  or you accidentally called in sick to your job when you really were not, or (speaking very frankly now) you accidentally committed a sex act in your head-imagination  with a "non-spouse" that you enjoyed.... or it was an accident that you had 3 more pieces of cake after that 5th one.......  so, who has not sinned willfully since they were born again ????..... and yes "little willful sins" count....  The verse says if you SIN.  >Singular< ONCE....."willfully". ...you are going to hell, and this cant be stopped, changed, undone, or confessed away, ... and penance and purgatory are also OUT !
      So, do you see reader, that if this verse about "if we sin willfully", which has no remedy, and as all people, including  all Born Again believers have sinned willfully at least ONCE< then this verse if its directed at the Body of Christ, has just condemned all of us to hell and then the lake of fire.       And no way to change it.     No way out.   No way back.     Understand ??
      Sorry, no.    , Wrongly Divided.  So, lets "rightly divide".
         First... this book, (Hebrews) is not directed at the CHURCH< in its opening greeting.  As if you'll notice , as  compared,  almost all of the Epistles that are written by Apostles are written to specific  BELIEVERS by name or "Grettings to the CHRUCH at ___________.".....   But not this BOOK.   ITs written and directed to the HEBREWS.....(Unsaved Jews)....and so, now that  we realize this....... we can now understand    that there is only one sin that is unforgivable that THEY can commit, .. There is only One willful sin, that will never be forgiven, as that verse says..... And this sin is Christ rejection.  as this IS the "willful sin", that sends you to hell, because,  if you die a Christ Rejector, you have willingly and willfully done this.....    And something else that your Sunday School Pastor probably didnt teach you, or your Pastor, if they talk about this verse, and that is..... Its Paul who is talking there to this group of HEBREWS, and He is the one who Wrote  Romans 4:8...and delivered the Doctrine of Faith and Justification there by..... So, more then anyone, he would know that there is no "willful sinning" that can damn  a Believer, as God does not impute your sin to you in eternity......  Paul is talking to a group of Jews.  The epistle is written to  the "Hebrews".   So, ask yourself... would Paul be talking to born again people about sinning and being damned by one sin when He wrote that God does not charge ANY of your sin to you in eternity, in Romans 4:8?   So,  i'll tell you what Paul was doing, until Acts 28 when He told these same type of Hebrews Christ Rejectors, that he was finished with them and would take the Gospel to the GENTILES from then on.....  Read it.   So, you have Paul, writing to the Hebrews, and talking to unsaved Jews, who are rejecting the Gospel, and He is warning them that the sin of Christ rejection, this willful sin, that they are "sinning willfully" has no eternal forgiveness found for it, because if you DIE having rejected the Blood of Jesus and the Cross, there is no Blood of Christ left to save you., and you committed this sin WILLFULLY., and it is unpardonable.   Its that sin, Reader...
      Free will is a blessing unless you use it to willfully reject Christ, and you die this way.  = Having willfully committed the one WILLFUL sin, that eternally damns all who are damned.   This is the Unpardonable Sin.
      So, Hebrews is NOT ADDRESSED to the "church", or to the Born again Believers.......  Paul is not preaching to the Redeemed in this "sin willfully"  verse found in Hebrews,.......of that, you can believe.
      Notice that Jesus said.....>"you must be born again".....but He didn't say......And then, "here is the list you have to do, and if you don't"....... "uh oh".
      No, the list comes from the self righteous, who are infected early on, usually,  with heresy and thriving self righteousness, and then just never were able to recover themselves, as its actually pretty difficult to stop being a preacher of the Law, pretending this is "Salvation", once you get up and running and have been doing it for years.   And what makes it worse for them, is that when they meet me, or someone like me, they feel that they are being persecuted for doing "God's work", and this makes them even more sure they are right.   Calling them out, actually tends to empower the pride in a Heretic, but, it has to be done, openly,  for the benefit of the real believers who might be so very harmed by them.... So, that's just how it has to be.   That's how it is.
      Satan enjoys all this so much.   He loves to pit self righteousness against Grace and watch the sparks fly around the world, as He understand that "can any 2 walk together, unless they be agreed ? "   So, he creates entire denominations that TEACH people to trust in themselves, and their works, and their self righteousness,  as their way to keep themselves saved.   = And that is what Legalism is actually teaching.      And what it causes is STRIFE, and "where strife is, is CONFUSION and every evil work"..... So, Who is the author of confusion?   Satan.   And that is why i always warn heretics by telling them..... wherever i meet them, that "You are doing the Devil's work", as this is a fact.
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