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Living on God's Economy

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Living on God’s Economy


I think that of all the testimonies I have written, and the

stories that I have told, this one takes the cake.

About a year and a half ago, I was coming out of a fast

food restaurant with my van, and suddenly blacked out

without any warning. I do not remember anything that

happened, until I came to in the hospital. Needless to say,

the van was totaled and so I have not had any transportation



The town where I live has a Senior Citizen Center, and

seniors can eat there free. Not only that, but also this town

has a taxi service and for those who eat at the center can

call the taxi any time and go anywhere in town free. It’s a

wonderful service and arrangement.


Anyway, I’ve been eating lunch each day there and recently

met a man and his wife. He told me a story of how

he had a house up the lake, and turned power of attorney

over to his son. Long story short, his son took it upon himself

to decide all the financial details about the man’s life.

Even though this man has money in the bank, he can’t

touch it, and must live on $150 per month. I found out

also that this man is musically talented and has written

over 100 songs. All of the music that he has written is written

out longhand.


My son bought me software some time ago, whereby I

can now simply speak into mic and the words come up on

the screen. Practically no more typing. For that reason I

could take something someone wrote longhand, recite it into

the mic, and transcribe onto my laptop, then format it any

way I want.


So as a labor of love - without charge - I have taken it

upon myself to take this man’s hundred pages of music, and

put it into print. This is not the first time I have preserved

someone’s legacy, and I imagine it will not be the last. But

thanks to my son buying me this software, I can make something

happen that would have never been possible before.


I want to tell you good advice if you want to know God’s

will for your life. Proverbs 3:5,6 says “Trust in the LORD

with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall

direct thy paths.” Again and again I have worked on peoples’

lifetime work and was able to format it into print or DVDs

or other media and create a legacy that would otherwise go

by the wayside. This one is no exception. Now as I said, I

am doing this project for him as a labor of love. It’s going to

be a massive project, and if I were to charge someone a

dollar amount, it would never happen. I won’t worry about

money. I don’t worry about where the money comes from.

I trust God for my finances. And God has an economy.

What He is saying in this situation is this: “David, as a result

of you doing a project like this, I’m going to give you

the desires of your heart.”


My son (the same one who bought me this software) and

I have been looking over the Internet for a vehicle. I have

poured over many, many vehicles for sale and found a few

options that we might go out and look at. For whatever

reason - and to this moment I do not know why - I decided

to go back over and look at them all over again. Wonder of

wonders, I came across a 1993 Plymouth Voyager. Most of

the vehicles are selling for around $1000 and up. Anything

less was not running - bad transmission - etc. This

one was in good running condition, and the selling for $500.



The next day, my other son and I went to look at it, and

bought it. Now as far as I’m concerned, as I look at money,

transactions and economy, I am saying to myself “here I

am willing to do a project for someone as a labor of love,

and find a $1000 Van for $500! Tonight, that van is parked

in front of my house. Between getting tags current, insurance,

and some things done to the van that needs work,

the total cost is around $1000, which is still a very good



My son has a heart of gold. He bought me this software

that I transcribe material on to the computer. I wanted to

borrow money from him to buy this vehicle. He will not

lend me the money. As a labor of love, he is giving me the



This whole scenario is a win-win situation on all sides.

What happens? God gets the glory! I get the blessing!

My son gets the blessing for giving me the money! And I

feel that because of what I am doing as a labor of love for

this man who has written music that it is putting a whole

series of events into motion.


Now I have entitled this “Living on God’s Economy.”

If I had done everything that I do as a business, charging

X amount of dollars for projects I work on, everything

you read about here could never have happened. The reward

comes from doing something as a labor of love, and

God sets in motion a whole series of events, and all based

on love and giving! My God is alive, and He is on the throne!


PS: If you want to know about this software mentioned above, email me.

Dr. David Film



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