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I am considering, hosting a trivia event. I have not yet determined, if it will be strictly Bible trivia, or maybe some other things, but it will be more about the Bible, than other things, for sure.


I have not figured out all of the details, but I am trying to arrange it, where this will be a live event in the chatroom, for the sake of not only enhancing our knowledge of the Word, but to have some fun just answering questions in the heat of "competition". 

However, I know that it is not convenient enough, that everyone can attend that event, so to encourage broader participation, and make it "fair" to all, the chat event, will not be the place from which, the prize winner will be drawn. Let me rephrase that just a little. It could well be, that a participant in the chat version, turns out to be the winner, but the winner will be determined another way. I cannot tip my hand here, because there is nothing in the hand yet.

Never-the-less, it could be, that those participating in chat would have a small edge, maybe not to win, but to do so more easily. However, anyone could get all of the answers right, without being in chat.

Similarly, those who are doing the daily readings here, will also have it easier, at least in the Bible related questions, since all of the Bible questions, will come from material in our Bible club reading assignments.

Now, just to make it more that fair . . . anyone with access to a Bible, or the internet, will be able to easily research the answers to the questions.

The winner will come from among the  top respondents (in terms of accuracy). In the case of a draw, which is likely if people actually try, then a winner will be chosen - probably by some random means. As I said, this is still in planning at this point. Stay tuned.

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In spite of the fact that I have all but forgotten this idea of  trivia event, it is still in the back of my mind to do, and I still have not worked out the details of how I want to try to pull this off. However, it may yet happen, especially since I have reminded myself of it. We'll see!

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an update!

First, let me say that there is an upcoming trivia event in the chatroom, details here:

There will be no prize for this one, but it should be interesting for those who like such things.

Also, I am working on something that is also a Bible game. It is more complicated, probably not as much fun. However, at the moment, there is a prototype of how it will work. This is to help me sort out functionality, and to help those interested, get used to how it works, without a learning curve later.

This is planned to lead up to another, similar game, but with 10 questions, not 5. The theory is, that the first person who can give the the code generated in that bible quiz (online test) will win a prize, a gift cert to an online Christian Book Store. It is best, that you play the game for fun, not for greed, and the prize just adds to the fun. The hard part, is that everyone has a different time zone, and different times when they are available to do such thing, but I do not know of a way around that.

Perhaps, I will announce the location of that test, at the conclusion of the trivia game announced above in this post, and announce it in the forums at the same time, that way a maximum ammount of people can participate.

Anyway, the preview/prototype of that came, and how to play it, may be viewed here:




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