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What is the Day of the Lord?

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On 12/30/2017 at 11:02 AM, naominash said:

It is hard for me to follow the chronology of the end times. I admire people who study it.

I need to read Daniel and Revelations again.

That's wisdom, let the Word of God speak to you.

There's more interpretations, timelines and ideas on Revelation than Carter had liver pills. You're probably to young to understand my metaphor. But a sound understanding of Daniel 9: 24 - 27 is the foundation to understanding much of Revelation. I have studied Revelation in detail and have many books and commentaries on the Book of Revelation. One thing all expositor's have in common, no one agrees and they all have different opinions. 

What I have noticed, is the Book of Daniel is being unsealed before our eyes, and we're getting a better look at what is shaping up and how things are progressing. We're getting better understanding and leading modern scholars (and ourselves) of today, to interpret Revelation more accurately. But that's only my opinion. 

Don't give up your studies in prophesy and Daniel / Revelation, it's so rewarding. It's the honor of King's to search out a thing. 

God Bless

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