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Reluctant new believer with some challenges

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On 7/27/2018 at 2:15 AM, stillseeking said:

This isn't a logical conclusion unless one also exempts himself from the teaching of 1 & 2 Corinthians because he's not a resident of Corinth, or from the contents of Ephesians because he does not live there, or from any of the letters of the New Testament because we are not the original audience. 

Were your assumption true, our new testament would be significantly shorter. 


I dont remember where I found this......it goes a little beyond what you wanted, but includes how some scripture is not TO us......makes sense to me....

Anybody out there know who penned this post that I went out of my way to save? It is brilliant and sorely needed.

Sent from my iPad1.) In the world of Christians and fake ones, and those in between, there are 3 books in the New Testament that  almost without exception, all heretics use.

As a matter of fact, heretics become easy to deal with over time, on forums, and in life, once you know what im about to tell you if you really get it into your comprehension and especially down into your spirit..,

Starting with.,  99.9 % of heretics, only use 3 books found in the NT to fuel their twisted theology.  And you can begin to see this, now that i am going to show you what to notice.     So, nearly 100% of all heretics use, Matthew, James, and Hebrews, as their "source material", to twist, flip, and spin the scriptures to harm you if possible. . So, you notice this from now on, (reader).

Now regarding Hebrews, Chapter 4,6, and 10, where all the "ONSAS" "lose your salvation" obsessives live, hibernate, and continually try to  birth other heretics into their circular reasoning mind locks, lets just for the sake of Yowm's thread, now only look (in general) at the partial passage you took from....Hebrews..

So, what is it, exactly  to "trod underfoot the Blood of Jesus"? " and "crucify TO THEMSELVES, the Son of God....Afresh".

Now before i show you what this is, i want to tell you something, and im giving light, so, be discerning..     See, revelation is gained when you have a foundation that can be used to evolve your understanding INTO more understanding.....In other words, a little light, gets a little brighter, then a little brighter, until you are illuminated and SEE THE LIGHT.

So when you read what i teach, here, or anywhere, as im worldwide, you'll always note that i connect DOTS, as this is how the bible is to be revealed no matter if you are being taught by a spirit filled teacher online or if you are being taught by the Holy Spirit, himself, in your private time..... as its the same method, always... The bible is a discernment puzzle, and you find a piece here, then a piece there, and by studying to show yourself approved, you come to understand that the bible is laid out in a circle, regarding the way that its bringing you to ITS understanding that it wants you to have.

The BIBLE, is a living book, written down by living spirit filled writers who were given what to write by The Living God.... They are his transmission devices, of God's spiritual words, and we as Christian's are given to understand revelation, because the God in us, illuminates our inner man with His Truth.     An Unbeliever  does not have this spiritual ability, as God is not in them....so, they do not have the (born again) spiritual ability to discern the "spirit words", and so, the bible and in fact all of God, is a blank mystery to them, a closed book, and will remain so.

Im giving you light, so be discerning.


Apostles wrote epistles, and when you find one that is not written to "the Church", then that is a warning bell alerting you to the fact that you are going to get into theological murk and confusion, if you try to use a letter that is NOT WRITTEN  to the CHURCH OF GOD, as a doctrinal mandate.

Some of the bible, the NT< is not doctrinal material for the Born Again Church, and some of it IS......So, when what is not is twisted into church doctrine, you will see endless denominal walls being built on this foundation............just look around.

Now the book of Hebrews, If written by Paul, ( most theologs think Paul wrote it)....but no matter....... ITS not written to the church....It is written to...you guessed it.....the HEBREWS..(JEWS)     But there is more.......it is not written, in its majority to saved Hebrews, and this is why the letter is not directed at THE CHURCH Doctrinally, but is instead directed to......"jews"...."Hebrews"..

And... within the epistle TO THE Hebrews, and where the Heretics go quite mad and never seem to recover, we find.... Chapter 4, 6, and 10, ...as these are the bear traps that bite so many Christians who do not "rightly divide the word", and just read the bible as if its all just one big piece of doctrine, that never separates, never differentiates.., and because they dont realize that the NT is  nearly always functioning in a comparison mode, they get lost doctrinally and stay lost, many of them. =  Hebrews, the epistle, is not strictly  written to a CHURCH, but rather its penned and sent to "Jews", who are not saved, regarding many of its verses.

So, Hebrews, chapters 4-6-10, are the chapters that created the OSNAS fiasco you find on forums like this one, and this is simply because unlearned and wrongly taught believers, continue to misuse certain verses that are pointing at non-believeing HEBREWS,  (JEWS) and have (heretically) twisted them to try to castigate the very Blood of Christ with the very Word of God, itself, and that is bad bad news, not only for those who become deceived but also for those that are always trying to spread the infection.

Now, lets wind this up....

How do you trample on the blood of Christ, and crucify Jesus afresh"?   How do you understand this correctly, doctrinally, so that you are mentally and spiritually protected from the Heretics who would try to screw up your mind with their damnable misuse of The Word of God, to try to do it to you??   Now i'll tell you something....I have dealt with people who have become just a basket case, a mental meltdown, needing mental health care, because someone convinced them that they had lost their salvation.  And HOW?.... by taking these verses in Hebrews and mentally twisting someone's sincere Christianity into a dark abyss with them.  This is devilish, this is hellish, this is destroying someone, because you dont understand your bible, and you are a cruel devil that wants to use what you dont understand, to hurt the mind of a believer, and in a lot of cases, they dont ever recover....They end up in lock downs, or institutes, convinced they are going to hell.......insane from this fear and dread and harm, that was given to them by a stupid, devilish, bible twisting NUT !!!!!!


Finally, how do you "trod underfoot the blood of Jesus"?

Its like this...

When you turn to the epistle that is written to Hebrews, and not to "the Church", and you find an Apostle who is warning Christ Rejecting Jews, after he has preached to them, using Signs of an Apostle 2 Corin. 12:12 , and tells them that they have  "tasted the heavely GIFT", which are those signs that a Jewish Apostle is giving to Jews (Hebrews), as "signs are for the Jew". 1st Corin 1:22 & 14:22,..... and Paul is FRANTICALLY WARNING THEM  like this.... I will paraphrase........"""""""Listen carefully you Jews, you HEBREWS !!!!  you have heard the truth, you have seen the signs, and you KNOW THE TRUTH OF THE GOSPEL"< and if you continue to REJECT  YOUR MESSIAH, you are CRUCIFYING HIM AS FRESH TODAY, AS IF HE WAS HERE, AS THIS IS THE RESULT OF YOUR CHRIST REJECTION........WHICH IS, THAT YOU ARE MOCKING THE MESSIAH AND YOU ARE BY YOUR REJECTION OF THE GOSPEL, "TRAMPLING UNDERFOOT, SPITTING ON THE VERY SAVING BLOOD OF JESUS".......And i warn you......that when you are convicted as you are NOW, and know the truth, and you RESIST, while knowing the truth, My Gospel, having seen the SIGNS (heavenly gifts), then there is no more forgiveness for you, as you have pushed it away......and further more, i am warning you, that by doing so, it is very likely that you can not be drawn again, by the Holy Spirit, (repentence) and have another chance to become born again, as you have seen the signs, you have heard the truth, and you are , just like your fathers did.......nailing Jesus back on the cross with your nails of UNBELIEF, and by this you are stamping on HIS HOLY BLOOD with your FEET !!!!! """"""""


So, that is what is going on in some chapters of the letter written to JEWS, and not directed at the CHURCH, in the Epistle to the HEBREWS.

Get your bible and check it out........when you have time, and see if what i just showed you, becomes so clear once you use this light ive given to see all thos


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On 1/2/2018 at 11:49 AM, stillseeking said:

I'm a fairly new believer (even though I was exposed to and often fought Christianity for most of my life).  I also have the tendency to get caught up in specifics/legalities, which might be due in part to possibly being on the autistic spectrum (as suggested by a therapist, but I don't have the $3k out of pocket it would cost to get officially evaluated). 

During my teen and early college years, I tried hard to believe but never could, since logic always won out.  I remember during this time that I saw God as a harsh rule giver who would send anyone to hell for even sinning by accident or doing something that the person didn't even know was sinful (as exemplified in Leviticus 5:17).  I tried living by the Christian faith as best I could but just *could not* make myself truly believe it.  I eventually gave up, especially when confronted with new pieces of evidence such as the many mythological similarities of the Jesus narrative, and the seeming editing of the story after the fact to include a virgin birth like all of the others.  

Anyway, I'm providing that background information so you can see where I'm coming from.  I don't need answers on those things at this point.  

What I do need answers on this point would be things pertaining to my current life situation.  I began in truly believing the word in joy at first and immediately was able to cut my bursts of anger and impatience out nearly completely.  I've zealously tried to eliminate even *possible* sin from other areas of my life by limiting my make-up down to so little that I personally believe it is ugly enough to not cause lust, I have gotten rid of many clothes I used to wear, etc.  I don't understand what is and isn't sin, because it seems that such would be defined by the Bible, which is interpreted in many different ways.  That is troublesome, though, since not knowing what sin is means that I'll not be able to repent for it.  If I can't repent for it, then I can't ask for forgiveness for it, and it will forever separate me from God.  I'm very troubled by this and coming to the conclusion that loving God with ALL my heart and soul and loving my neighbor AS MYSELF must necessarily mean that I need to sell everything I own or give it to the poor, live in absolute poverty, and dress in only modest and unattractive clothes so as to avoid inciting lust.  Otherwise I'm treating myself better than my neighbor or withholding from God.  This saddens me, because it sounds like a miserable way to live.  It also confuses me, because many seemingly genuine Christians haven't come to this same conclusion. 

I'm already somewhat of a minimalist compared to most people, so I don't have a lot to get rid of.  I already didn't wear much make-up to start with.  I already had been practicing regular monetary giving to faith-based charities (even before the realization which I described).  I don't liken myself in particular to the rich young ruler mentioned in scripture, because first I'm not really rich, and second, the only material possessions I have that I really care about are musical instruments and old paper photos.  

Right now, I spend a lot of time wondering what is right and wrong.  How can I live my life in the right way unless I can clearly define it?  How can I avoid wrong things unless I can clearly define them?  It saddens me that I can't, which means that I'll inevitably be living in unknown sin simply due to my lack of ability to interpret scriptures correctly.  I find no comfort in this and even find myself becoming bitter towards God.  I pray for guidance and discretion but seem to receive none.  I get instead multiple possible answers, which of course just leads to more confusion. 

You get so used to your body that you think it's yours, I know that ain't true. None of us made us, we just lend a hand in the process of nature. But nature was made by something else that's natural.


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Apostles wrote epistles, and when you find one that is not written to "the Church", then that is a warning bell alerting you to the fact that you are going to get into theological murk and confusion, if you try to use a letter that is NOT WRITTEN  to the CHURCH OF GOD, as a doctrinal mandate.

All letters should be read in proper context.  There is a lot of uncertainty about what the context is, on a lot of letters.  One only need read a handful of Bible commentaries by different authors to find this out.  Usually after doing this myself, I walk away thinking, "Wow, I still don't know.  I sure wish God would answer that prayer for discernment."

Christianity is unique among religions in that it uses letters and histories as a window into what God wants from us--not some supposedly inspired revelation that some sole person had in a vision one day.  Thus, we have the additional complication of needing to understand the context in order to properly understand what is being said.  The trouble is that no one quite agrees on what that is. 


And i warn you......that when you are convicted as you are NOW, and know the truth, and you RESIST, while knowing the truth, My Gospel, having seen the SIGNS (heavenly gifts), then there is no more forgiveness for you, as you have pushed it away

Sure, this was written to the Jews, but they are not the only ones capable of hearing the truth of God, being given reason to believe it, and then rejecting it.  I believe this might have happened to me.  It sure would explain why God doesn't seem to answer any of my prayers. 

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Still no discernment, still no comfort, still only confusion and frustration.  I've reached out to people in many forms...and nothing.  Everyone has different denominational beliefs to parrot, with no real substance.  At this point, I'm becoming more and more convinced by the day that God has abandoned me and I'm a Hebrews 6:4 / Matthew 7:21 victim.  I feel like Christianity is one of the worst things that's happened to me...and that's saying a lot for anyone that knows some of the things I've suffered.  I don't want to abandon this faith...but if God has abandoned me, it would be futile for me to hold on.  I wish I would have accepted God earlier in my life so that he wouldn't have given up on me now.  

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