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What did Jesus mean by "those days should be shortened...?"

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1 hour ago, iamlamad said:

How could anyone get things so far off? The "dead in Christ" are those who have died being "In Christ" meaning in a born again state of existence. 

You are digging a bigger hole for yourself.

But for the sake of those who care to know the truth and have ears to hear from God:

"The dead in Christ" are those whom Christ referred to as "the first who would be last." They are first in the resurrection, because Christ came as their sacrifice, they are the natural branches the house of Israel, but they died in the flesh. But they are last to receive the spirit of God (to be born again). 

"The living in Christ" are those whom hear the voice of Christ standing at the door within and receive the Holy Spirit of God, which they do while they are in the flesh, which makes them the last in the resurrection, but first to enter the kingdom. They are consider dead in the flesh, but alive in the spirit. They are not included in the house of Israel for whom Christ came the first time and must be adopted or graphed in.

The bottom line is that Israel did not receive Christ and therefore suffered unto death, and God then made the invitation and offer of eternal life available to the gentiles. These are that "other fold" which Christ spoke of. Thus, "the dead in Christ" are of Israel and the old covenant, and "the living in Christ" are those of the gentiles who receive Him in spirit, of which He said, "Though they die, they shall live."

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Those of Israel who believe during the coming tribulation will be saved

Romans 11:25-26 

Edited by Daniel 11:36

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On ‎1‎/‎15‎/‎2018 at 10:27 AM, Unfailing Presence said:

Your answer lies in God's  history of who He has called the " elect " .

The very first people in history God ever called his " elect " with great specificity  ,  are the faithful  Jews :

                                                              " For Jacob my servants sake , and Israel  MINE ELECT I have called thee by NAME                                                                                                                                                                        I have SURNAMED THEE ..."         ( Isaiah 45 : 4 ) 


With the Jews of faith being the first ever called by God as " elect "  it then is no coincidence that the circumstances the elect of   " those days " who will turn to Christ  occur 

completely within the realm of the Jewish Temple , the holy place  ,  and Judea : 

                                        " ....spoken by  Daniel the prophet stand in the HOLY PLACE."     ( Matthew 24 : 15 )


There being no place on earth that those already in Christ consider " holy " being  eliminated from the equation .

Christ being all that is holy to the Christian .


"  For JACOB my servants sake , and Israel mine  ELECT  I have called thee by name , I have SURNAMED thee . "    ( Isaiah 45 : 4 ) 

God first called the Jews His " Elect"   , and they being a salvation work in progress , will still be called His " elect " the day that the " holy place " is desecrated  and they are brought to belief . 

                                                         "  ....spoken by Daniel the prophet stand in the  HOLY PLACE. "    ( Matthew 24 : 15 )


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