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Future Companies to invest in

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I am fairly new to investing, maybe a little over a year. I am not a day trader, and definitely not a financial adviser. But I do research and investigate things I think will be popular in the future.


With the stock market at all time highs, I do see a big correction coming which is perfectly normal and even healthy for the market. It cant always be climbing, has to come down sometimes. And when it does, I think this will be a great opportunity to take a position in several different companies that will have a bright future.

This is only my opinion based on my own research. But I think in the next 10-20 years self driving cars will be as common as cell phones are now. Almost every car manufacturer out there are working on one. And some are already on the roads. So what exactly to invest in? Well the computer processors used in these cars for sensing and detecting the road, other cars, etc...are very advanced and will only get more advanced. And there are not a lot of companies out there making them.

So basically what I think will grow are these companies that make the computer chips for self driving cars. To name a few, INTC, MBLY.....there are several other but these are some that I like. If anyone else has any thoughts or info on this, please feel free to shares.

God Bless


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