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Is Judas in heaven

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7 hours ago, Dennis1209 said:

What a very excellent thought out explanation Hazard. Like I previously stated, in my opinion there's no doubt Judas resides in Hell and my reasons.

This question of Judas status and ultimate fate and destiny to me, seems to also address "Once Saved Always Saved" (OSAS). There's few things in scripture I'm on the fence about in scripture, but 'OSAS' is one of them. There's probably close to an equal number of Godly dedicated scholars, expositors and teachers on both side of OSAS. The Baptist denomination and church I belong to believe in OSAS.

So here's a question that pertains particularly to Judas and Peter, no doubt as well to others during Christ's ministry. During Christ's ministry, the Jew's were still under the 'law'. Salvation and Grace didn't begin until Christ rose from the dead. We today look 'back' to the Cross and what Jesus did for us and believe and have faith, confess our sins and ask Jesus to come into our life and we become a child of God. Prior to Christ, the Jew's were under the law, but the law saved no one. As with Abraham, it was looking 'forward' to the promise and the Cross, having faith and trusting the Lord was how O.T. believers were saved. Am I correct in my thinking?

Judas betrayal occurred before the 'age of Grace' and Christ's complete work was finished on the Cross. The Bible is clear Judas was one of the twelve, which I interpret to mean he was a believer, had faith and follower of Christ at one point. So I guess one of my questions would be as far as Salvation goes, do you see any difference from before the Cross and after as far as Salvation? Peter repented to the One living God, Judas repented to and regretted to the corrupt priests and elders. Am I making sense and explaining my thoughts correctly?

To be honest in my personal interpretation of scripture taken in context pertaining to 'the age of Grace'. There seems to be about an equal number of scriptures for and against OSAS. 

Romans 5:8 (KJV) But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.



Dr. Peter Ruckman said he could preach all day using 200 verses that seem to show one could lose their salvation.He also said he could preach all day  using the 400 verses that say you can “ not”not lose your salvation. The difference was every verses that seemed to indicate a Believer could be lost was either taken out of context or the verse was not addressing those who were in the Body of Christ, that body being those who have  repented( changed their mind and saw that they were a lost sinner who needs a Saviour) and believing that Christ rose from the dead. 1 cor15:1-4.



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