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Captain Geno

Age Appropriate Dating

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Well three things to share:

After 48 years married  I was a widower for 6 years and then remarried she is 12 years younger than me. The only issue we have had is a financial one of getting her health insurance.  well that and she doesn't remember Fats Domino.

My own mother married 56 years became  widow and eventually pairee up with a boyfriend from high school. They were together until each died in their  mid 90's

Then there is the story of the two old geezer men in their late 80's, one seriously dating a 19 year old and thinking of marriage. His friend says "Don't you know sex could be fatal? To which the man said "If she dies she dies".

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On 1/24/2018 at 6:30 PM, Captain Geno said:

Hi all,

I've been approached by friends recently inquiring whether i am interested in dating or pursuing a relationship having divorced a year ago. Frankly, I didn't know how to answer them honestly. Of coarse I've given thought about companions and relationships. Who hasn't or doesn't if single? And in those thoughts lies the problem or question. I am 58 years old.

So in my mind, I consider how low should/could I go. Half my age of 30! half of half at 45? Does my range go above say +5 or even +10!

Why do men go low and Women are willing to go high? As I get older and health/fitness may become issues, is that fair to the younger partner. Is this a fixed, variable or sliding range? Do women have age limits in mind or use different parameters?

How does society and Christians view such things.

So I would ask your opinions on what is appropriate age gaps.


There is a lot of wisdom in your questions..

And im glad to read that you are willing to find someone else, who is a believer, and spend your life together in Christ.

There is no need for you to sit there wondering about it.... Its perfectly fine for you to continue your life's journey, and not instead be trapped in the chain of regret and "if only i had"....

Mental illness sounds like this. >>>>>>  "if only i had"....and "but what if, what if...WHAT IF !!!".

Never live there.  Thats driving yourself= crazyland.      So,  Never mind all that past ..... Its gone.   Forgive yourself and all others and move ON ....  Today is what you have, so, be HERE....LIVE NOW.....Start AGAIN.

God is all about 2nd chances given for your entire life, as we all need many.

You mentioned getting older.  Ok, yeah.  Happens.  But if you will go to the GYM< for the rest of your life, you will live longer, and age slower, and feel much much better, constantly.  The gym is a fountain of youth.  Go.  Join today.

Maybe your lifetime mate is waiting there......

You just never can tell what God has for you, until you step out and find out.

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