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    • By LeslieAnn
      Raised in strict fundamental Baptist Church since 4 yrs of age...left in twenties after college to attend a sound Bible-based nondenominational church.  My former church had “all the answers” and everyone else was wrong.  I attended Bob Jones University which I disliked immensely...another story where they had “all the right answers too.”
      The judgemental approach of that former church almost made me throw the baby (salvation/Christ) out with the bath water but b\c of my illness I knew I needed God in my life to continue in life and endure.  B/c my former pastor focused on the OT God and His fury rather than adding the love of Christ and his sacrificial death that covers our sin, mentally our minds were fixed not on love but judgement.
      My major internal battle is that I am very compassionate as a person in heart (one of my spiritual gifts) but can be very judgmental in mind.  So basically a war arises.  I believe it has been from a faulty belief system yet how do I unravel it all??
    • By LeslieAnn
      My major depression has turned into deep discouragement and frustration which I’ve been fighting for 38 yrs.  It has been affecting my spiritual walk with Christ within the past two weeks.   I am just getting so tired of fighting.  I am on medication and see an excellent doctor but I have no desire to do anything...I will sit on my couch for hours and not accomplish anything.  I need a job and have no motivation to pursue one.  My heart & body hurt 😞over this.  I am just so tired and frustrated.  This depression is such a major bondage that I don’t understand why God is allowing it?  I have asked over and over that He take this away.  I don’t know if my heart can take anymore.
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