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Spiritual warfare last night

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On 2/8/2018 at 5:01 PM, SkilletFan said:

I experienced a spiritual attack last night. It was bad enough that something happened which made me feel insecure. But then afterward it was like the devil was whispering doubts into my mind, asking me to give up Christianity and such. It got to the point where I told the forum through Chat that I would probably be leaving the site. I woke up today and things are better. I'm going to listen to some Christian music.


I realize some will say "It's just your Schizophrenia". But I have a Christian psychiatrist who believes I have both mental illness and spiritual warfare. In any case, increasing my medicine only helps certain things, so they don't do that often.


I believe that since I have been an atheist for 27 years and a Christian for like 1... the devil is mad and trying to call me home, so to speak.

You are right. The enemy will try to discourage you. Never allow it. Pray to Christ to surround you with His light. You belong to Jesus now. Nothing and nobody can hurt you. Rest in that wondrous feeling. 

I have had spiritual attacks in the past. I cried out the name of Jesus and was instantly saved. Whatever it was disappeared. You are doing very well and you actually have more understanding and insight than most. Stay strong. 

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