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The Miracle Key

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The Miracle Key!
by David Film
  The other day I went out to get in my Van, and found that I had locked the doors the day before. Worse than that, the keys to the Van were in the van.
   I was dead in the water. I could have paid $40 for a locksmith to come out, but I said to myself  “Lord, You have a plan, but I don’t know what it is.” I collected all the keys I could find in the house, and laid them all out. Not a single one was even close to my Plymouth Voyager. 
   To this day I cannot tell you why I picked a particular key, but I picked one that was not even close to what I needed.  See picture)
    I went to the driver-side, and stuck the key in the door.  I did not wiggle it. I did not jiggle it. Believe it or not, I simply turned it, and the lock button popped up!
    I knew God had done a miracle!  To prove it to myself, I went around to the other doors and tried the same key. It would not open the passenger side, it would not open the sliding door on the passenger side. It would not open the tailgate. It was a miracle.
   The next day I was thinking to myself, “maybe the guy who had the van before me locked himself out, and he went and got a hammer and mangled the key mechanism so that he could open the door with a screwdriver or whatever he wanted.”  Maybe. 
   So I took the key that I opened the door with the day before, and went to the very same door on the driver’s side.  I stuck it in the door, and it would not work!  No matter what I did, I could not get it to work.
If this was not a miracle. I don’t know what is




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It was for sure. Are you sure it was lock ?

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