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The workplace: when to stay & when to leave?

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Can you wear earbuds and listen to something soothing/upbeat/Christian on the job?

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the workplace... when to stay when to leave.  

its wise to seek Gods face on everything that could potentially be life changing.  get an answer from Him.  I dont know whats good for you.  I dont even know whats good for me.  no one does but God.  I have always sought God for a job and i have always been ok.  without God in the equation however, not so good.

Its very important to let God run our lives because if we chase after what we want we go outside of His shadow.  God always gives his best, and God will always do you good.  even when it seems like... why isnt God listening, this is so unfair, everything is falling apart and i am not getting anywhere.   No matter where you go, God is there.  and He loves you. 

Psalm 51:17  The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise.


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On ‎14‎/‎03‎/‎2018 at 9:27 AM, Mightypower said:

I've been praying about this alot. Praying for improvement in the workplace and on the music being played. It's a twenty one year old "non-believer" in control of the music being played from her phone. You can't tell her much. And you can just about imagine what I have to listen to on a daily basis. On top of that there's yelling, disrespect, bitterness, no communication and a whole lot if complaining and emotions all the time...

my question is do I stand and fight? Or do I walk away? 

Hi Mightypower and welcome.

Hang in there. We all face these things in the workforce. I worked in the coal mining industry in Australia all my life and have seen, endured and tolerated unspeakable things. By living and working as God wants us too we can set an example and some will take notice. I have had men ask me why I do not cruse, go to their drunken get togethers after work, attend their annual christmas parties. I tell them I am a follower of Christ and try as best as I can to live a Christian lifestyle. Some laugh and make fun of me, others respect my behaviour, in fact they elected me as their union delegate, miners lodge president and safety officer. Why? because they knew I would carry out these responsibilities honestly and for their betterment and they trusted me in all things concerning their health and safety. During one of our talks with management regarding an increase in wages and bonus, I as able to negotiate one of the largest increases in pay and bonus they had ever received in the past. After retiring many years ago,  I bumped into one of the men I worked along side who greeted me with much joy and hand shaking and guess what he said? He said to me,

"You know what Haz, everything you told us that was going to unfold and occur in the world as we move on into the future is happening, I see it unfolding as you said it would." 

Live and work as God wants us to and people, or at least some will take notice. I had one homosexual e-mail me and he told me, because of what I told him about God and how God feels about homosexually, he has given up that lifestyle and turned to God. 

If we leave every place of employment where we encounter yelling, disrespect, bitterness, no communication, lying and stealing, we would have to give up work altogether.

God bless you and keep you.


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