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Timeline Template?

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 The following is a "potential" timeline of endtime events based on a Hebrew calendar.  Any one who has studied their calendar and feasts,  knows that it is based on lunar cycles.  During a 19 year period,  [this works for any given starting year], 7 leap months [Adar 2] are added,  resulting in 7 of the 19 years having 13 months and the remaining 12 years having 12 lunar months.   The years with added months follows this cycle: 3rd,2nd,3rd,3rd,3rd,2nd,3rd. 

Or,  the # of months/ year: 


12,12,13,12,13,12,12,13, repeat. 

Depending on where you are in the metonic cycle,  and whether you count to the beginning or end of the day,  the following 7-year template works for a number (some/few) of times during the cycle.  This is just a template that could work. 

YEAR 1, Tishri 1, start of 1290 and 1335 days. (~3.5 years) 

YEAR 4, 6th day of feast of unleavened bread,  Nisan 20.  1290 days of Dan 12 ends.   1260 days of Rev 11/12 begins. 

YEAR 4, Shavuot/Pentecost on 3rd month(Sivan),6th day, the 50th day after Passover. 1335 days ends.  

YEAR 4, Feast of 7 weeks,  from Passover week to Pentecost.  Judgment of the 7 trumpets,  1 each week, ending at Pentecost.   

YEAR 4, Pesach Sheni,  little Passover,  14th day of 2nd month,  full moon.  (Lunar eclipse possible on full moons only) time of 4th trumpet where both moon and sun grows dark.  [An unnatural eclipsing of the sun at this time would cause both [eclipsing of sun & moon]to take place simultaneously,  i.e., the whole world could be in darkness at the same time].

YEAR 4, 21st of 2nd month,  1 week later.  5th trumpet judgment lasts for 5 months until the end of the Feast of Tabernacles,  Tishri 21.

YEAR 4, T'ISHA B' AV, 9th/10th of 5th month.   2300 evenings and mornings begin.  [1150 days] 

YEAR 8 (7 Years after Day 1)

Tishri 10, Yom Kippur,  Day of Atonement, 1260 days ends,  1150 days ends

Tishri 15-21, Feast of Tabernacles, 7 days.   7 vials poured out. 

Tishri 22, Shmini Atzerat,  8th day of Tabernacles,  New beginnings.  Armageddon

This is just a template of how things "might" turn out. 


Da Puppers 


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