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I signed up one day when face book started years back, to view my nieces photos. Next day, I found out they somehow found all my contacts. So I was on for one day before deleting everything to do with them. I think you were wise to do so also. Welcome to Worthy Adam.
If you can type faster than three words a minute like me, they have a cool chat room. Enjoy....

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    • By k_angel
      Hello hello! 
      Newbie here!  Anywhoo, my name is Kalyn, I'm 30 years old and been a Christian 15 years this month. Uhh yea  if you want to know more just ask!  
    • By ArtsieSteph
      Hello!  Just wanted to say thank you for making this forum open to me!  It’s nice to be talking to other believers and challenged as well.
    • By Heybro
      Hi there folks, just joined Worthy and I am a Christian, and I look forward to sharing in discussions that edify our Saviour and Lord.
    • By Carlos4Christ
      Hi everyone,
      I just wanted to introduce myself to you. My name is Carlos, as my username states. I live in  Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I work in the downtown core of Toronto. I am a settlement counselor in the social service field. I gave my life to Christ in 2004 but was only baptized about a year later. I love God. I thank our Lord, Jesus, and I welcome the Holy Spirit's guidance. I am far from  perfect and depend on God's mercy and grace for when I fall. Some of my favorite hobbies are: reading (especially a good Christian book...and the best book ever - the Bible). I enjoy music and worship. I really like small Bible studies. I tend be a bit of a loner and would love some Christian friends. I don't shun non-Christian friends, but I definitely need Christian friends. As it is written: Iron sharpens iron. If you have any other not-too-personal questions about me, just ask. God bless you all and this ministry. 
      Oh, I say sort of a newbie in the title of this post because I have been registered with Worthy Christian Chat for a couple years back, at least. However, sometimes it wasn't (and sometimes still isn't) always easy to sit in front of the computer to chat. Time is required. 
    • By ShyMomma
      Hi everyone!
      I am a 29 year old married, stay at home mom from the Midwest, USA. I am a conservative Christian in a highly athiestic/agnostic area - and on top of that, I am incredibly shy! So not only is it tough to meet like-minded people, it's tough for me to meet anyone at all! We don't have a church as no local churches share our belief system!
      My interests are Christianity, reading, homeschooling, bird watching, and board and card games.
      I like Bible study, prayer and encouragement more than heated discussions or arguments over doctrine, but I do have some strongly-held distinctives that I will explain if needed but not assault anyone with.
      I would love to make some close friends or find a close-knit group, and prefer real-time chat but will try to be as active as I can on the forums.
      Blessings in Christ Jesus,
      Sarah (ShyMomma)