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#IGotSaved - Crystal Yates testimony

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Guest Butero

That is an amazing testimony.  Is it someone you know?

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    • By Jonathan BeWell
      Praise the Lord, hallelujah!
      Praise You, God, for your purity and perfection!  Praise You Lord, Jesus Christ, for saving me and my testimony!  Glory be to You, God, our Father who art in Heaven!  Thanks be to the Holy Spirit's comfort, teaching and guidance!  All we know, understand, experience and struggle with is for your glory, perfect plan and unquestionable will.  I shall not want or crave anything outside of Jesus Christ's way.  Let me know if so, let me understand what You want for us is best.  May I pick up and carry my own cross, denying myself for You.  I worship You as all knowing, powerful and gracious.  May I draw closer to You and keep You as top priority in my family's lives.  You are first, my family is second and I am here to serve.  May I serve you reverently, fully and completely.  May there be less of me and more of Jesus Christ instead.  Jesus, You are thee only way, light and salvation.  All I need is You.  God, You take care of the rest.  You are in control, God, making and letting everything happen.  I am in awe and wonder of your creation.  I am eternally grateful, worshipping You and your Son for thee ultimate sacrifice and act of love.  This body is your temple, use it as You will.  Bend me from my will to yours.  It is all about You, everything concerns and relates to You!  Yours is the kingdom, the power and the glory, forever and ever, in Jesus Christ's name, amen!
      Sincerely yours,
    • By Behold
      How did Jesus become our Savior. ????   Well obviously He is the reason you go to heaven. (Savior),= because you are born again, because you BELIEVED, and God  ACCEPTED your Faith, and gave you (made you)  His Righteousness.  ("New Creation IN Christ") Now its true that He was the Savior, always, even as a baby.....or as Simeon in Luke Ch 2, said.. "My Eyes have seen God's SALVATION", as he beheld baby Jesus. And in John 1:10, when Jesus "stood on the world HE CREATED", He was standing there as Savior of the World, He Created,  Colossians 1:16.... tho He had not saved it yet.   So, what 2 things did Jesus have to do, to BECOME our savior?   1.) He had to meet ALL the requirements of the LAW, and not fail. 2.) He had to die on the Cross, which means He became our sin bearer, our redeemer, our Justification, and our Blood Atonement.   In doing these 2 things, He became, our Savior....Literally, even if you are not  yet saved. See, here is the thing.... Jesus is LORD, no matter if you believe it or want Him to be.  And He is THE Savior, no matter if you are saved. Jesus does not become these things, once we believe them, but rather He is already, both.   One of the light-bulb moments a serious student of the New Testament will have, is when they realize that Salvation does not start when you believe....it is in fact finished 2000 yrs ago when Jesus walked out of that Tomb. It only becomes yours, when you believed.  Its APPLIED TO YOU< because you believed...  It was already there fo the lastr 2000 yrs.  Salvation was in the foreknowledge of God, before He even created Lucifer or the World or the Sun. Its been around for a while.  Salvation is something that Jesus finished 2000 yrs ago.  You get to have it, if you will believe.  If you do, then God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit, take up residence inside you, and because Jesus has obtained eternal redemption for you, and because He Himself IS Eternal life, that He Gives to you, then you are sealed into the Eternity of God Himself, and never let anyone try to convince you otherwise., as they are lying to you, Saint.   We can see that dying for sin is obvious as this explains the Cross.   God is judging Christ in our place, with those spikes, and that Crown, and that scourging  that came before Jesus was lifted up by those Spikes, between heaven and earth. Yet, before He could satisfy God's righteous judgment against our sin, by dying for our sin,  by becoming our sin....    Jesus first had to meet the requirements of the Law, so that this "curse of the law", could be taken off of us.  And Saint, never let a heretic try to put that Law back on you that Jesus shed His Blood for=  to deliver you from.   So, how did Jesus himself fully meet all the requirements of the Law?   He met them all, by being....... "God is Love". Jesus is God, and God is Love. See,... "love fulfills the Law". So you have this verse... :      Romans 13:10. "Love does no harm to a neighbor; therefore love is the fulfillment of the LAW."   We as the born again, understand that all the law and commandments found in the (Torah - Old Testament) are fulfilled when we keep the NEW Commandments, that Jesus gave us. And when we fail, this is a time to begin again and be thankful that JESUS DIDN'T FAIL. Jesus said,  """Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment.  And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. """   So, the way Jesus fulfilled the law, so that the curse of the law was taken off the Redeemed, was to LOVE. Thats how He did it. GOD IS LOVE, AND JESUS IS LOVE. Remember this verse ???   John 15:13.  "There is no greater love than this—that a man should lay down his life for his friends""" And there is Jesus laying His life Down, on the Cross, and not just for His friends, but for His ENEMIES. That is LOVE.......That is how GOD LOVES..   And the way we stop sinning, is not by straining to try to stop.  Its not by fasting ourselves from the world.  As in both cases, this will actually cause you to be more drawn to the very sin you are trying to force yourself to stop doing. Remember that Christ said......."apart from me, you can do nothing" .. You can't bear Christian Fruit, .. You can't stop sinning.... and you can't LOVE Like GOD.......APART from Jesus. So, the way you do all this, is to be filled with God.   Paul describes this as.. "it is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me"..   Here is the math... God is Love.  If you are filled with God, then you are filled with LOVE.  And this love, is the Power of Christ to keep those 2 commandments. The lifelong process of being "conformed into the image of Christ" that is fulfilled entirely when we meet Jesus....(Our Eternal Inheritance)..... This process of conforming is literally the process of being conformed into the Love Of God. The more like Christ we are, the more OF God's Love we have become.     blessings,     B
    • By Behold
      Let me offer something that will really help a new Christian, and hopefully be a nice tune up for a pre-existing believer in Yeshua.
      So, if you want Light from God,  then you have to get this revelation inside you, first, that im going to show you.
      This one.....
      You have to get this one....in the beginning of your walk with Christ... ..You absolutely must get this revelation of the Grace of God, or you will never 
      be able to move deeper into the Light of the  word of God as found in the New Testament.
      Questions :::
      Have you ever wondered why there are a gazillion denominations, that all use a Bible, yet none of them agree?
      Have you ever wondered why there is no "unity" in the Body of Christ, no "same mind", within the worldwide world of all believers?
      Do you want to know why?
      Its because this verse posted next,  is not known to most believers, and until it is known, and followed by ALL,  there will never be any total unity between Christians in the world, on a forum, or between 2 Churches that are on the same STREET.
      The verse : Hebrews 13:9 :
       """"" Be not carried away with divers and strange doctrines. For it is a good thing that the heart be established with Grace; not with meats, which have not profited them that have been occupied therein. """
      This verse teaches and explains what happened to the Body Of Christ, regarding why you have a ridiculous number of denominations that all disagree regarding "church doctrine".
      Its simple..... you have to get the foundation LAID PROPERLY< before you can build the HOUSE correctly, so that there is harmony and unity between all Believers in Yeshua
      Now notice that this verse teaches that "diverse/strange doctrines, and meats", are all the same idea....... And the verse explains what will happen if your heart, (eyes of your understanding).. that receives the light of Revelation", ) is not FIRST ESTABLISHED with GRACE.. = (The understanding regarding  God's freely given Righteousness.)
      What happens is that all who are not established within their Heart by GRACE, will be carried away, caught up, confused by, and lost inside of HERESY.... Which is "divers and STRANGE Doctrine/meats", and there as so many of these around.   So many churches built upon them... Millions of Believers caught up in them....  And only because they were not grounded in GRACE, early in their Christian Beginnings.
      Now, i recognize that some of you are already yawning, as you are an expert in Grace, regarding understanding this central principal of the redemptive work of Jesus's sacrifice on the Cross, and THANK YOU JESUS< that many of you, long ago, "got the revelation".      However, and for the benefit of those who didnt and have lived their entire born again lives, so far, trying to earn God's approval by self effort...(Legalism)..> Let me show you why you are already Approved By God,  so that  you can stop trying to become what you have already become, that God's Grace has already MADE YOU.
      As you read your bible, you will run across this phrase a lot.   "made unto you", and this is a Key Phrase that will help you understand that everything that God has done for you, Thru the Blood of Jesus, has been "made unto you" when you were born again......That is to say... God has REMADE YOU TO BE.    Got it?   See, Salvation is to be Literally and Spiritually  "made into" something BY GOD,  that you were not before.    Many NT Verses explain this as being "translated from darkness to Light".  becoming a "child of the Light".   "as Jesus is So are WE on this Earth",  " heir with God"... "joint heir with Christ".  "New CREATION in Christ",  "bone of Jesus bones and flesh of Jesus's flesh"...and on and on.   So, you have to  see that you have become something by NEW BIRTH that you were not before you were born again, as this is the eternal effect of God's 'made unto you" CHANGE from "Lost" to "saved" , from Christ rejector to "Child of God", from "damned" to "Saint".
      Now, lets get an understanding of where you go to get what you need to know...
      You have to know where to look to find what you need to learn.
      You dont just flip open a New Testament and hope for the best, as that is a waste of time.
      So,  this means we must go to where you find all the info, the doctrinal info, that God wants you to study.
      Read a paperback.   Study a bible.
      Books are for entertainment.
      Bibles are for gaining God's Knowledge.
      The Bible is full of Light.  Study is how you turn on the Light for Life.  Its the "ON" switch.
      To do this, you run directly to Paul's epistles.   And the reason?   Its because Paul's pen, is the direct descendant of the doctrinal information that came straight from the mouth of Jesus The Christ. Paul is the only disciple and the only Apostle whom Jesus personally took aside for a long time, and instructed into him regarding  the "first hand" information that rightly divides the Word.
      You dont get the ultra-fine doctrinal details from Jude, or James, or Mark, or  Peter.  You get your Bible Doctrine, your Church Doctrine, your lifelong Theolgy from Paul, who received it directly from the Lord, himself.
      So, what i teach, is what Paul would teach you.  As this is what any true Teacher of the Word of God is going to tell you, and teach you.
      Now,  here is a golden nugget for you.   If you want to know exactly what Paul wants you to know, that Jesus taught Him,  then of course you read all his epistles.  Thats a no-brainer... But, and here is what your Pastor, Minister, Pope, and commentary never told you....If you want to know exactly what Paul is going to teach someone in person, a literal disciple of His, then you go and read Timothy 1 & 2, and Titus.. As they are both Paul's converts.   So, just become one of Paul's converts, ideally, by reading what he taught Timothy and Titus., as well as what he teaches the Church at large, in his Epistles.  As a matter of Fact, if you are called to Teach or Preach or Pastor, then you need to live inside Timothy and Titus and all of Paul's epistles for a while........like in, .......a lifetime.
      So what does Paul teach about Grace?   Well, he teaches that Sin has separated us from God.  And this is an eternal problem for each of us, that if not solved, will cause us to end up after we die, separated from God in Eternity.  Currently, if you are not born again, you are separated from God by your sin.  However, as compared to ending up in Hell then the Lake of Fire, being alive down here and separated from God, is not quit the same level of consequence.
      So, this problem that we are all born into, has been solved by God.   And its Paul who, in the New Testament,  teaches us best and most often about the wonderful love of God as expressed as The Grace of God.  Salvation, Eternal Life, Redemption, Jesus dying on the Cross, are all an extension of the Love of God as reflected in the Grace of God.
      The central issue and subject of the New Testament, is RIGHTEOUSNESS.  And the central issue between a human being and God is their lack of righteousness and how to get it.
       God is often accused, falsely,  of "sending people to hell",   But in fact, its a lack of Righteousness that is the reason that a person will not live eternally where God lives.  Hell and Heaven are simply final destinations.  They are Eternal choices that someone is going to make, by receiving or by rejecting Christ.   One is the home for the Righteous and one is the place that maintains the unrighteous dead, until they meet their final destination.
      So, this issue of how to get righteousness, is only a problem that God can solve.  Our New Testament says that we have all sinned and fallen short of God's righteousness. So, right there, ends any method or means of saving ourselves or keeping ourselves saved.  You've noted that on a Christian Forum you always find a busload of heretics trying to make you believe that you are in control of your righteousness, and that you can earn it, and keep it...otherwise you LOSE IT  The fact is, you have no Righteousness apart from Christ's because your sinning eliminated your righteousness long ago, and you can never have it again, unless someone gives you theirs.   Enter, God.   Enter, Jesus.   Enter, The Cross.  as all these have come to give you Righteousness.
      ALL this im writing is simply what Paul teaches.  He is the Main NT teacher regarding the understanding of the Grace of God as the love of God given by God coming to this earth to meet all the requirements of the law and then die offering us HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS, for our sin.  Jesus did more on the Cross then just suffer, bleed, and die.   He literally became your SIN. 2nd Corinthians 5:21... and If you are born again, then your sin was lifted from you, erased for you, and in its place, you have received "The Righteousness of Christ".  Salvation is Christ on a cross becoming your sin and bearing it, sacrificially, so that you will never be judged for it, in eternity. Being SAVED, means you are saved from being Judged in Eternity for your SIN...... Christ bore all your sin, by becoming your sin.... and you were given as a gift, His Righteousness.  Maybe sometime you can think about this... God came down from heaven, to become your sin as well as your sin bearer and in doing so He became your Savior.. Jesus said. "Father if possible, let this cup pass from me".. And that cup, is God's wrath, his eternal judgment, poured out on HIMSELF on your behalf.   And that my reader, is The Love of God as well as Amazing Grace.
    • By Behold
      Jesus said. "I and my Father are One".   "If you've seen ME, you've seen the Father".
      Thomas the Apostle, kneeling, crying,  said to the RISEN Lord Jesus....."My Lord and my God. "
      Jesus is the Living Bread who came down from Heaven to take you back to Heaven.
      Do you see Jesus smiling at you all the time?  He is...
      Imagine Jesus wrapping His arms around you, and hugging your soul, as that is how Deeply He is able to touch you on the inside where you need it the most.
      Looking into the face of Jesus, you see the smile of God smiling back at YOU.
      Jesus is  The Light of the World He Created.
      When Jesus said "Lazareth come forth" He was careful not to just say "come forth", as had He said this, then all the Graves on the entire planet would have released their Dead.
      Soon He is going to appear and  say "RISE" and all who are dead "in Christ" will, and all the Living Born Again shall see their Holy King, Savior, and Lord.
      Jesus is The Grace of God.
       Jesus is  The Blood Atonement.
      Jesus is Redemption.
      Jesus is Salvation.
      Jesus is Lord.
      Jesus is Risen.
      Jesus knows what you are thinking right now.
      If you wake up tomorrow,..... its only because God allowed it.
      Everything you own, including your next heartbeat and your last breath, belongs to the God who became one of us.
      God's Blood is what Jesus Paid to bring you back to the Family of God.
       Salvation by Faith,  is the Faith of God expressed as the  Sacrifice of Christ on the Cross,  freely offered as redemption for the sin of the world.
      Jesus is The Good Shepard, The Prince of Heaven, and the Prince of Peace.  
      When you received Jesus, God adopted you.    Being born again is the 2nd time you were born.
      The real reason that God loves you, is because God is Love. 
      God is the author of the endless 2nd Chance, and the Blood of Jesus is the reason why.
      Your Honest Effort is the work God rewards.  
      God leaves the effort to us, and we leave the results to God.
      The reason that you will always have Eternal life, is because the ONE who IS Eternal Life lives within you and you are in Him.
      Should you die before the Rapture.....then.....The reason that the grave can't hold your body down is because Jesus who is STILL within you, IS the Resurrection.
      The Born again will always be where Jesus is always found.
      When Baby Jesus's tiny feet first touched the ground, they were touching the world He created.
      God does not remember your sins, if you are Born again.  He only remembers the Blood of Christ that paid for them all.
      The final Answer is always , "Jesus".
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