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This sacrament states that "At the end of life, sin can be totally undone and man is prepared for immediate entrance into everlasting glory." This idea is found NOWHERE in the Bible.

This will not get a dying person into heaven. His only hope is to receive Jesus Christ as his own Saviour, trusting Christ's blood sacrifice on the cross as the full payment for all his sin.

Mark 6:13 is the Catholic defense for this error, yet this verse says nothing about dying people, but only about demonised and sick people being healed. When Pope Pius XII died in 1958, his personal physician was dismissed for telling of his frightful and terrifying fear of
death and hell.


Question: Since the Pope isn’t sure of heaven, how can he help Catholics get to heaven?

Answer: Keeping the sacraments is a net that traps Catholics into believing that they will get to heaven by good works. The sacrament system enslaves a person's mind to the Roman Catholic church from the cradle to the grave.

Nobody was ever saved in the Bible by keeping the sacraments. Catholic children are trapped into the sacrament system around age seven or eight years old, when they have neither the knowledge of the Bible nor the maturity to test it with the Word of God.


Question: How can Catholics escape the trap of the sacraments?

Answer: By calling on Jesus Christ to be their only Savior; by basing their life on the Word of God.

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    • By Ryan2203
      Edit:(sorry my question was not clear enough) 
      Should I a Christian attend an Orthodox Church? My roommate is orthodox and I go to church with him almost every Sunday. Should I keep doing this? I don’t really have the ability to go to another church since I don’t have a car and I live in an area with not many Christian churches.
    • By Behold
      Gospel : Paul teaching = "preaching of the Cross". "we preach Christ Crucified"..."Jesus sent me not to baptize but to preach the Gospel".."faith comes by hearing this".....

      So, all that, if believed by an unbeliever resolves an eternal issue......
      What is the issue?
      What is God's purpose for coming to earth to die as Jesus The Christ on a Cross?
      What is He doing?...What is He alone solving, that all our 10 commandment keeping and holy lifestyle can never solve, which is WHY HE had to solve it? ?
      And right here is what is so often misunderstood, or not taught correctly, and this is why so many people who mean well, and love Jesus, or would like to love him, do not understand <>WHAT IS<> the actual reason that God came here to die.

      So what is that reason?
      The reason, is that keeping the law, the 10 commandments, and doing good works, confessing sin, and living as holy as we can, could not make us acceptable to God..
      And here is the "catch 22".... It also can't AFTER you are saved.
      And right here is where "Legalism vs Grace" becomes the touchstone of constant fighting on forums, and everywhere else that it can show up where believers WILL clash.
      (Apparently this clash became such a long standing fight and fury on this forum that members here are barred from posting- fighting about it.)

      It is a fact and statement of the CROSS that the law and the 10 Commandments can't make you righteous, they can only show you that you are unrighteous., as that is the actual purpose of the Law, as well as outlining what God expects regarding our basic moral conduct & behavior, once we are born again.
      So, how can it be that half the body of Christ is trying to keep all this, all these works, and they believe that this is "keeping them saved".
      Whereas the other half of the body of Christ is trusting in Jesus to keep them saved.
      So, do you see the line in the sand?
      Its this " What is keeping you SAVED"....that is the minefield of theological confusion.
      THATS the fight.
      Legalism vs Grace.
      Its happening on every forum like this one, and its the reason for 5000 denominations that don't agree, and 300 bibles that don't agree.
      This issue started with Paul and his preaching of "justification by Faith" >alone, and he wrote the letter to the Galatians that talks about it, and explains it.
      2000 yrs later, this issue of Legalism vs Grace is still a fist fight between "Christians".
      Here on this forum, apparently they outlawed the battle. 

      Isn't it interesting to realize that if the 10 commandments, or lawkeeping, or living holy, could save you or keep you saved, if that were the truth, then Jesus could have stayed in Heaven and saved Himself some PAIN.....
      But ita not the case.
      Now im not certain what you have been taught, but i teach that you "present your body a living sacrifice" and you to "live holy as God is holy", not to save yourself or keep yourself saved, but because this is what you should do, and what God expects, .. because you ARE saved.
      The Legalist would argue that .."no, you do it to stay saved", and if you don't then you're not.
      I wonder, reader, what you believe.
      However, keep it to yourself, as this is between you and God, tho make sure you get it right, as if you get it wrong and you are teaching it, then Galatians 1:8 has become quite a literal issue for you.

      So, leaving all that now, lets just look at the problem that God had to come here and solve for us, as to look at this, is to understand the reason for Salvation which is to understand Salvation.
      Our problem we had, before we were saved, is only one thing, one issue only. And God Himself had to solve it, because we can't.
      We are born, and we get older, and we don't have any righteousness.
      And so, God can't accept us, because we are UNRIGHTEOUS. 
      This is "lost", "unsaved"....hellbound = we don't have any RIGHTEOUSNESS< as all of ours, are "filthy rags".
      So, in steps SALVATION... Down from Heaven God as The Christ arrives... The Cross has been raised.... As God bleeding out on the "tree" has come down from Heaven to give us HIS righteousness so that He can accept us, based on THAT.......and for no other reason will He accept you, or me.
      God, literally became a man, and died on a Cross, to GIVE US "the righteousness of Christ". (God's very own righteousness).
      And that is what salvation actually is....Its God coming to earth to give us His righteousness so that HE can accept us, as by giving us His very righteousness, this makes us acceptable to God.
      Welcome to Salvation.
      Salvation is only.... "what makes you acceptable to God"....and that is one thing, its GOD'S Righteousness, becoming ours.
      A born again person, has literally BECOME "the righteousness of Christ", and Christ is GOD.

      To say that God's Grace is amazing, is really the least of what it is...
      How can you describe the wonder of God, dying to give you His righteousness in place of your unrighteousness, as a free Gift?
      Is there a word that can even claim to honor this spiritual transaction enough?
      Just one.
      Agape` Love.
      God is LOVE.
    • By Behold
      Jesus isn't a Catholic.
      Neither is Paul.

      Also, think of every denomination you can think of, then add in 2500 more you dont know about.

      Jesus and Paul are none of those........also.
      Jesus and Paul do not belong to a man made denomination.
      But you do, or have.

      Its interesting that we are told to "not forsake the assembling of ourselves together"< but we are not told to join a denomination.
      There is the concept of a Local Church, revealed in the NT, but its never given a BRAND NAME.
      All that came later, as men moved in, took over, and created DENOMINATIONS.
      IF you are born again, you've already joined the "one true Church", which is the literal, spiritual, body of Christ........that is not made with hands., but is made with The Blood of God as Jesus dying on a Cross.

      So, is "organized religion", (denominations), the local church, good for you?
      It can be great for you, and your family, but, the sticking point, is, that NT doctrine, as "sound doctrine" is always sound, of itself..... but the way it is taught in "church", is often man made reinvention.
      = Carnal bible twisting mania.

      The only thing the Devil loves more then 5000 denominations that dont agree with each other's theology, (he had a hand in this).....are 380 "New versions" of the BIBLE, that have changed verses, removed "sound" doctrine, and often try to leave God out, whenever possible.
      Satan loves this.
      LOVES it.

      So, how do you know if your church is a mess, and is not walking in the Light, as Jesus is the Light?

      It all comes down to how they teach Salvation.
      It all comes down to each denomination's personal explanation of GRACE.
      Understand Saint, that if they get this wrong, then everything else is wrong, also.
      And if you belong to a church that has substituted works for Grace, then you are wrong also., and they did it to you.

      So, how do you check all this, to find out if you are in a poisonous religious cult, or if you are in a place where God reigns and the Holy Spirit is active? ???

      First, you have to understand that Jesus is Grace. JESUS is Eternal Life. Jesus is Salvation.... Jesus is the author and finishers of YOUR FAITH. Hebrews 12:2. And because Jesus is "Christ in you, the hope of Glory", and you are "IN Christ"", and have become the very "righteousness of Christ", if you are born again.... If you know all this, and believe all this, and TRUST all this and not in yourself to keep yourself saved..
      You will also have to come to the truth of the revelation that God began your salvation and HE will finish it.  
      Philippians 1:6
      = You have to come to a place in your theological mastery where you understand GRACE is a free gift, that Salvation is a free gift, and you no longer worry about losing your salvation, or still believe you have to keep yourself saved. (Legalism) (Galatians 1:8)
      Saint, you have to come to the revelation, that, if i ask you, "what are you trusting in, to get you to heaven""".... your only and final answer, is "JESUS."
      And until you are there, completely certain..... until you have the revelation of "Grace without works"..... Then you will always answer...."well, I trust in Jesus, BUT".........but....but......but.....but".... = Fail.
      So, until you come to understand and truly believe that Jesus and Jesus alone saved you and will get you into heaven, then you are lost in the deceitful maze of "who is right"...>"who is lying"...."how do i know", and worst deceit of all.. "you can lose your salvation".

      God help you to believe, His Truth, according to His Grace.....alone.
    • By existential mabel
      When Mary became Queen of England, she worked to bring England back to the Roman Catholic Church. One of her first acts was to arrest Bishop Ridley, Bishop Latimer, and Archbishop Thomas Cranmer
      When Ridley was asked if he believed the pope was heir to the authority of Peter as the foundation of the Church, he replied that the church was not built on any man but on the truth Peter confessed -- that Christ was the Son of God. Ridley said he could not honor the pope in Rome since the papacy was seeking its own glory, not the glory of God.
      "Christ made one oblation and sacrifice for the sins of the whole world, and that a perfect sacrifice; neither needeth there to be, nor can there be, any other propitiatory sacrifice." These opinions were deeply offensive to Roman Catholic theologians.
    • By ForHisGlory37
      Hello Everyone,
      I just wanted some of your opinions and insights in regards to going to worship on Sundays.  I have some friends who refuse to come to church now because they say that the Jesuits and the RCC "made it official that everyone has to worship on SUNdays" and they believe that it was because it is to worship their "Sun god." 
      In my opinion, I just find it very legalistic.  I also believe that I don't think God really cares as long as you reserve and give Him one day out of the week to worship Him and make it your Sabbath.  Also, I believe that the devil is using this as a way to isolate them from fellowship with other believers. 
      What do you all think?  Thanks!
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