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I have not read anything but your first post because I want to be objective, so if I say something that was already covered, that is why.  There is no question you are feeling insecure because your husband once cheated on you.  You have gotten past that, and managed to forgive him and remain married.  It is very possible your husband would have gotten mad you refused a friend request, even if there is nothing going on.  I am very sensitive about friend requests because when you accumulate a lot of rejections at fb, they look at you like you are sending spam.  I have many friends I met online, a lot of them are women.  At the same time, I have a lot of family members that see what goes on and who my friends are.  If my wife was on fb, I would be happy to have her as a fb friend.  You see your husband's fb page, so I doubt he is doing anything underhanded in that regard.  Having a mixed group riding bikes seems like no big deal to me.  

You have to decide if you believe you can trust your husband.  If you want your marriage to work, you must have at least a reasonable amount of trust in each other.  I am not going to tell you I know he won't cheat, or that this woman won't make a move on him.  Anything is possible, but if you start accusing him of things, and laying down the law to him about who he can ride with or have as fb friends, you are going to make the likelihood of his cheating greater, not less.  If he is angry at you, the chances of his cheating will increase.  My feeling is that if he is someone you can't trust, there is nothing you can do about it.  If he is a cheater, he will cheat.  If he learned his lesson, and has been faithful, it is quite possible he will never cheat again.  My advise would be not to come across like the jealous wife, even if you are concerned because of what happened in the past, and give him the benefit of the doubt.  If he does cheat, and you find out he was unfaithful, then what you do from there is completely up to you.  You forgave him once.  It would be up to you if you want to remain married to him if he cheats again.  Anyway, my advise is show trust in him.  Anything else will push him towards another woman.  

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