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Wow thank you so much for all of your support and advice, I look so forward to reading this each day as it really brings things to me that I can't see on my own. Marilyn I would love to talk on a more personal level, that would be nice.

I see what you are saying about how the devil can work up schemes and every time I feel anxious and angered by all his increased sharing of research to her I pray, I do feel most of the time it being lifted from my shoulders but then sometimes in the back of my mind I get that anxious feeling of, he is in business working on bikes (not sure if you knew that) he works on many many bikes, that's part of his work, that's why it's hard for me to see why he would continue to "help" her when it was free, I work from home as well and I can't see me just "helping" someone out for free. I mean from the beginning she really wanted to "help" so she could learn and i see how he was just assisting to show her but then it wasn't just a quick thing either that's what bothers me. I know that when he does other jobs he will allow someone to help him when someone wants to learn and depending on the amount of work they do or who they are he will cut his price. I don't know I just can't help but keep from analzing the situation so I just keep praying.

Thank you willa for sharing your husbands salvation story, what an answer to prayer boy do I keep praying but I have faith that he will some day. My husbands heart is so hardened towards God it makes it so hard, I need a miracle and God can do just that.  I actually keep praying for my kids as well, they both are saved but neither are really walking with the Lord and we have a whole other story with our son that has put tremendous stress on our family and marriage. 

About the dirt bike riding he knows he can get hurt and he has thankfully nothing too serious but he injured his knee (not dirt bike riding) and all he kept asking me was why would God allow this, why didn't he stop me from hurting my knee, what am I now suppose to "praise" him because my knee is hurt?  or he'll say things like so we praise God when good things happen and it's satans fault when bad things happen? It's difficult to hear these things and hard for me at times to always know how to respond as I'm still learning so much but I think I've been doing pretty good. Right after his knee surgery he was still a little out of it he said, so I suppose you prayed today while I was in surgery? I said well yes of course  I did and he replied I'm just trying to understand. I kept thinking wow did he have some revelation while under anesthesia, why would he randomly ask something like that, and he was so calm about it, but he hasn't said a word since.

Thanks again for all the wonderful Godly advise

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Hi WW,

Just a note on the point your hubby made - `so we praise God when good things happen and it's satans fault when bad things happen?`  We live in a damaged world, where things happen because of many reasons - hereditary, people`s error in judgment, people inflicting pain on others, accidents, etc etc. Damaged world and damaged people leads to much pain and suffering.

God is there to help us through, He does not cause the pain & suffering as that would make Him a monster. And Satan is not to blame for all the ills, people do let themselves be influenced by Satan`s thoughts in their mind, but we are all responsible for our actions.

Oh and I see that your husband does have a business to do with motor bikes. As to helping the woman for free I think that was very kind and good for your hubby to be giving. Also they are part of the group that go together riding, so it was more a friendship thing.

Keep counting your blessings, and also think or write down all the good aspects of your husband to counteract the one area you are dealing with. Balance your thoughts, which I can see you are trying to do.

You are doing well, Marilyn. 

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