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Who are You? Round 2

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On 4/18/2018 at 9:04 AM, GandalfTheWise said:

Here is another set of questions.  Please feel free to start responding and engaging.   It was a blessing to see all the responses (and responses to responses) with the first set.  In one sense, it was just some simple answers, but in another sense, it was a celebration of seeing God's children through eyes that are perhaps a bit more childlike than we usually are in our typical serious adult lives.

Question Set #2 

1. What is your favorite means of transportation?  Why?   (e.g. walking, driving, motorcycle, flying)

2. What was your favorite class and your least favorite class in school?  Why?  (Feel free to extend this to things outside of school such as guitar lessons or at church or work or something.  Basically, what was fun to learn? and what drove you up the wall?)

3. Who do you find to be the most interesting  person mentioned in the Bible (other than Jesus)?  Why?

4. What is your favorite fictional book, story, or movie?  Why?

5. Who is the person who gave you the most encouragement in life?  What did they do for you?



Hi everyone, I'm Brian. My favorite means of transportation is by jeep. Top down. Sunny day. Fresh air. Out on the California backroads. 

My favorite class in school was physical education. Especially any sports we did outside. I loved math but hated grade 8 math class because the teacher was always rude and angry. 

I think the most interesting person in the Bible is Adam, the friendship he would have had with God, walking with him in the cool of the day, and how he would have been able to play with lions and bears, and how he would have enjoyed full health. I have an unhealthy obsession with life preservation and look forward to receiving my new incorruptible body one day. 

My favorite books are most any children's books by Dr Seuss. I loved to read them as a child and got a kick out of the silly names and creatures. Later in life i read them to my own kids and the custom lived on. 

The person who encouraged me the most was my grade 2 teacher. I had just started at a new school, had no friends, and she helped me fit in and feel welcome. She also taught me how to read. She would keep me in after school and told the other kids she was teaching me advanced material. Really she was helping me get to a grade 2 reading level because I didn't know the alphabet. She saw ny potential. She sacrificed a lot of time and energy for me. 

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