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16 Years Ago I Started a New Life

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Dear Community,

this was my luckiest decision of my life: to ask God that he would take all my life. And I've also asked for forgiveness for all my sins.

Even the ones I hadn't been aware of at that time.


Then I expected God to do something, but I didn't notice anything for two days or so.

The 21st of April, 2002, I suddenly felt new energy inside me. And I am convinced: this was the new heart, God provides to everyone willing to start anew according to Ezekiel 36:26.


I am still so happy about this. I think Jesus gave me this new heart and won't be willing to take it away.


I am soo grateful. God gave me a new life, this is what I feel inside me.


Today, a sister from a neighboring church unknowingly made me some sort of birthday present: she lended out her own violin, so I can play on a very good violin for a CD recording. A friend invited me to join her team to record her first CD of Gospel music. I am so happy about this, too. I never had the possibility to play inside a studio. But God made it possible that I can get recorded. Afterwards I can apply for other jobs using this CD as a reference.

That's like a miracle - I am 38 years old already.





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Thank you for sharing this, Thomas. May God bless you with more opportunities to showcase your skill in playing the violin. It's a gift. Playing the Gospel music is a very nice tribute to our Creator.

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