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    • By Albin
      I'm seeking the Lord to be Saved. 
      Please pray to HIM that I may truly surrender All of myself to HIM ONLY completely and forever and To let me trust in HIM alone To Save me, for the Lord JESUS to do HIS will completely upon me ,and to give me Eternal life and baptize me with the HOLY SPIRIT . Please pray to HIM to completely cleanse me of all my pride and self righteousness and all my sins and hidden Sins and to give me true repentance and humble me. To help my unbelief and give me true saving faith on Christ alone (Hebrews 12:2) and true repentance from Godly sorrow which leads to salvation and to remove all the worldly sorrow (despair, self pity, unbelief, etc) and cause me to be truly born again in CHRIST. To clear all my doubts & confusions & question and fill me with His truth Only and completely & that I may live by the Truth. And that I may be rapture ready.
      Please pray that He would strip away All my arrogance, idols Completely and forever and deliver me from all my sins and bondages to sin, take all the confusion away and point out every in me that I'm ignoring or not able to see (Psalm 139:23-24) . Please pray for the softening of my heart and removal of all indifference, to not let any indifference take over me and that I may always submit to the Holy Spirit and never resist or ignore HIM and harden my heart.
      Also, I can feel the enemy's intense attacks, &trying to implant sins and unbelief and sinsans  such things in my mind.
    • By Albin
      I've been seeking the Lord for my Salvation and I come across the responsibility of man as mentioned in the Bible.
      So, I  wanted to ask about the Responsibility of man and the Grace of God, Sovereignty of God.
      The Bible in different places commands us to do something, or rather, to change.
      For example,
      In 1 Peter 5:6, 
      "Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time."
      James 4:10
      "Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up"
      Matthew 23:12
      "And whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted."
      Ezekiel 18:31
      "Cast away from you all the transgressions that you have committed, and make yourselves a new heart and a new spirit! Why will you die, O house of Israel?"
      2 Chronicles 7:14
      "if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land."
      And GOD, throughout the old testament, keeps telling Israel and even other nations also at times like- Nineveh (Jonah), through Prophets, etc  to Repent and turn to HIM.
      And in the New Testament, we are told to Repent and Believe.
      These verses seem to put it up, like humbling oneself or having a new heart and a new spirit, to Repent, as human responsibility to do what's been asked of us to do.
      And so it implies also that we naturally have the ability to do what's been asked of us to do and  that it's possible for us to do it without God's help, just by our will? Because if we can't', then why would He ask that of us?
      But the Bible also puts things the other way, which seems opposite, that we can do these things only by God's Intervention/ Grace, power:
      Acts 16:14
      ".....The Lord opened her heart to pay attention to what was said by Paul"
      Luke 24:45
      "Then He[Jesus] opened their minds to understand the Scriptures"
      Acts 18:26-40, The case of the Ethiopian Eunuch
      Ezekiel 11:19 (cf. Ezekiel 36:26, Hebrews 8:10, Jeremiah 32:33)
      "And I will give them one heart, and a new spirit I will put within them. I will remove the heart of stone from their flesh and give them a heart of flesh"
      In Daniel 4, God humbles Nebuchadnezzar, after which he praises God, for doing so and humbling him.
      So, what should we do when we come across such commands in the Bible?
      Should we wait for God to do something that we can't or we don't have the ability (will) to unless God intervenes in some way, or,
      should we do what we are commanded to (to Repent, be Humble, change our hearts and minds) assuming that have the ability(the will)?
      It is said that we have the ability and faculties for dong what we are commanded to do, that if we 'will', we can do it, but that the problem is that we can't Truly 'will' without the work, influence of God in our heart.

      Spurgeon says about this :
      "The question is, are men ever found naturally willing to submit to the humbling terms of the gospel of Christ? We declare, upon Scriptural authority, that the human will is so desperately set on mischief, so depraved, and so inclined to everything that is evil, and so disinclined to everything that is good, that without the powerful. supernatural, irresistible influence of the Holy Spirit, no human will ever be constrained towards Christ".

      If this is True, then,
      How should we then carry out our Responsibility ?
    • By Albin
      What could be the reasons why a seeking sinner may not be saved?
      What does it mean to come to the Lord?
      I am currently seeking the Lord, and even though God has shown me much of my depravity and sins, I struggle very much to "truly" Repent and "truly" believe. Pls. Pray to GOD for my Salvation and that I may truly be born again in CHRIST.
    • By Jonathan BeWell
      Please forgive me. I have been addressing you all wrong. I cannot claim a righteous anger defence [11 Brothers and sisters, do not slander one another. Anyone who speaks against a brother or sister or judges them speaks against the law and judges it. When you judge the law, you are not keeping it, but sitting in judgment on it. 12 There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the one who is able to save and destroy. But you-who are you to judge your neighbor? - James 4:11-12 New International Version (NIV)]. God wants better. I cannot scare you into heaven anymore than I can drag out of hell. God is in control. He makes and lets everything happen. All has and will happen for Christians' good [28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who[a] have been called according to his purpose. - Romans 8:28 (NIV)]. My questionable Facebook activity has led to this apology and following testimony. May it encourage you and give you hope. Praise God. 

      Jesus Christ saved me from homosexual tendencies [10 for the sexually immoral, for those practicing homosexuality, for slave traders and liars and perjurers-and for whatever else is contrary to the sound doctrine - 1 Timothy 1:10 (NIV)]. In my dark past I flirted with ideas, the scene and foreplay of man on man sexual relations. In the moment of those times it was a distraction and escape from my living hell. Such activity always had bad consequences [35 "Therefore this is what the Sovereign Lord says: Since you have forgotten me and turned your back on me, you must bear the consequences of your lewdness and prostitution." - Ezekiel 23:35 (NIV)]. Yet like a nicotine addiction I was drawn back to get lost in that fleeting moment of oblivion. It and I was miserable. I will not give details here and now publicly. In person I am happy to answer questions and share Christ's solution with you. Praise God. 

      I love you. I care for your well being. My half life of suffering has grown great compassion and empathy. I weep and mourn for the lost, rejected, down trodden and oppressed, spit upon and left for dead. I know and understand because I was there as one of them. Now I am found, nurtured, lifted up and suffering gladly only because of Jesus Christ [17 But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds,' declares the Lord, 'because you are called an outcast, Zion for whom no one cares.' - Jeremiah 30:17 (NIV)]. Praise God. 

      He saved me from my living hell involving depression, drugs, marijuana, alcoholism, willful sin, pornography, homosexual tendencies, the occult, blasphemy, loneliness, numbness and people who accepted this and let it persist [3 For you have spent enough time in the past doing what pagans choose to do-living in debauchery, lust, drunkenness, orgies, carousing and detestable idolatry. - 1 Peter 4:3 (NIV)]. Now I am healed, restored, alive and well because I believe and am born again. I bear much fruit and look forward to a bright future in Christ. I will never return to the enemy. It pains me to look back or even be reminded of such serious suffering. I am sorry for your suffering. I am sorry I made you suffer. I continue to repent. Life is good to wake up to eternally because of the Son of God, my personal Saviour, our Lord [12 Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved." - Acts 4:12 (NIV)]. Thank God.
    • By 4LdKHVCzRDj2
      So many people, after being brought to faith in Christ start questioning: And now?!
      And I question you: And now?
      And I will answer you: You have two choices.
      To continue living as the world does: To love sin, unrighteousness, and disobedience.
      Or to live as a repentant sinner: Pursuing love, peace, mercy, and His righteousness.
      "Little children, let no one deceive you. He who practices righteousness is righteous, just as He is righteous." - 1 John 3:7
      The repentant sinner have desire and pleasure to live as the Lord Jesus tells him so.
      And it is so good to live like the Lord Jesus tells us to... It brings us peace and many blessings.
      "He who says he abides in Him ought himself also to walk just as He walked." - 1 John 2:6
      "If anyone does not abide in Me, he is cast out as a branch and is withered;
      and they gather them and throw them into the fire, and they are burned." - John 15:6
      But you may say: I cannot live or have difficult in living as the Lord Jesus tells me; but I am willing to.
      It is common at the very start of our walk, sin, the flesh and evil spirits will start battling against you to prevent you doing so.
      Because the flesh fights against all the things of the Spirit of God. And it cannot receive them.
      "For the flesh lusts against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh;
      and these are contrary to one another, so that you do not do the things that you wish." - Galatians 5:17
      But what will I do?
      Will I just give up and let the flesh reign over me just like it did when I was in the world?
      Definitely, not.
      "Therefore do not let sin reign in your mortal body, that you should obey it in its lusts." - Romans 6:12
      This is how those who do not trust in the power and love of the Lord Jesus would think.
      But you are not one of them, you have courage, you have His Spirit in you... And that is why you will overcome all things.
      "But Jesus looked at them and said to them,
          “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”" - Matthew 19:26
      The Father loved you so much, to the point of giving His only begotten Son for you... And how will you thank Him?!
      You would desire to live as He wants you to - and that for your own benefit, as you have crucified your flesh with its evil desires.
      "For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God's." - 1 Corinthians 6:20
      And I am sure that if the Spirit of God is in you, you will start being encouraged and to have pleasure in living as He told us to. And you will not look back.
      As it is written:
      "And you shall be holy to Me, for I the Lord am holy,
      and have separated you from the peoples, that you should be Mine." - Leviticus 20:26
      Then, if you still have trouble with battling against the flesh and its evil desires: Do not give up, and fight against it.
      "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid,
      nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go." - Joshua 1:9
      You may lose a few battles against it, but I am sure that you will overcome it and become a winner...
      "If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness." - 1 John 1:9
      You may lose a few battles, but with the Lord and His Spirit in you, it is certain that this war you will win!
      "For of Him and through Him and to Him are all things, to whom be glory forever. Amen." - Romans 11:36
      If you are still struggling with something and desire some powerful help from the Lord Himself...
      Then, please agree to the prayer below and you will see and feel that He loves you.
      In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ:
      If you agree to the prayer above, then please just bring your hand over your head and say:
      “ I believe, agree and receive...in Jesus' name. Amen! ”
      And His amazing power, love, and grace is released in you.
      You will notice and you will say: The Lord loves me indeed, and I love Him also!
      Read the Word, read the Holy Bible, specially the New Testament...
      "But also for this very reason, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue, to virtue knowledge,
      to knowledge self-control, to self-control perseverance, to perseverance godliness,
      to godliness brotherly kindness, and to brotherly kindness love." - 2 Peter 1:5-7
      As there is so much truth to help you and to light your paths.
      "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding;
          In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths." - Proverbs 3:5-6
      God bless you in Jesus' name!
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