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So, what do you make, what have you made?

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Someone has to be first, and possible, the first may be last. Looking at these clubs so far, few seem to be participating, perhaps few are even aware of them.

I will be first here, but let me say what it is, that I am hoping to see, and what I am hoping not to see. What I am hoping not to see, is things that would easily take up a lot of space in that they would need a lot of detail to expand upon, and could have their own club. For example, there is already here, one devoted to photograpy, gardening, and recipes. Great ideas, for their own space. If my wife was still here, for her it would be scrapbooking / photo albums - but hundreds of pages of from her various albums, could over run a club like this.

What I am hoping to see, is the kinds of things that people do, that are either extraordinary, or can inspire people to think: "That is nice, I could do that" or "I wonder if I could do that". Could be things like artwork, crafts, wood working, sewing projects, decorative or practical items, etc. I would like to see what you have done, are doing, and if you care to share how you did it, so much the better! 

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