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Major Christian Approaches to Science and Faith

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2 hours ago, Tristen said:

The only reference I could find in my posts of "98%" was a quote from your opening post - to which I was responding.

i.e. the quote from the OP is; "Science Compatibility: YEC denies a 14 billion year “old” earth & universe, and evolution. It is not accepted by at least 98% of mainstream scientists.[1]"

Perhaps it would be easier if you directly quote the comment you want me to address.

The device I am using makes that extremely difficult.  Maybe I just misunderstood your post.  I'm good with moving on.

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On ‎8‎/‎6‎/‎2018 at 1:56 PM, shiloh357 said:

Oh, it is interferes with the Christian faith, quite a bit.   For one thing, it bears directly on one major tenet of the plan of salvation, and that is the origin and entry of sin in the universe and on earth, particular.  The Gap Theory teaches that God judged the pre-Adamite earth, which means that sin existed in the universe long before Adam came on the scene, but the Bible places the origin and entry of sin into the universe and on earth in particular in the Garden of Eden and lays the blame squarely on the shoulders of Adam and Adam alone.  The Bible doesn't blame a pre-Adamite civilization, doesn't blame Satan and doesn't blame Eve.  That is theologically impossible if the Gap Theory is true.  

That bears directly on the plan of salvation and relationship of the disobedience of Adam and the obedience of Christ in Rom. 5:12-21.   That passage is the heart of the message of salvation, so this touches directly on the most important aspect of the Christian faith.

The Hebrew construction of Gen. 1:1-2 does not allow for the Gap Theory either.  The Gap theory is used or should I say, misused to try and build a bridge between Evolution and the Bible and it is completely farcical on it's face. 

There is no need to reconcile science and the Bible, because science done properly will always bring glory to God.  Evolution detracts from God's glory and it is not real science, anyway.   Christians who try to reconcile Evolution and the Bible are simply compromising with the enemy and are trying to force an atheistic concept on to Scripture and they will be held accountable for such at the throne of Christ.

I agree with you. Sin before Adam is critical. I was trying to accommodate the OP instead of standing firm. I appreciate you pointing this out. 

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On ‎6‎/‎27‎/‎2018 at 11:42 AM, Hawkins said:

It seems to me that all the listed theories are based on two fundamental assumptions which appear to me as being wrong.


The first assumption is the humans understand what TIME is. In human conception time is progressing evenly forward. However this is debunked by science. In both quantum physics and relativity, time doesn't behave as our conception suggests. It means that we humans basically lost our foundation to do any further deduction if we choose to accept the fact that we don't actually understand what TIME itself is and how it behaves under different conditions.

The second assumption is that we have only one time-space for God to create everything on. To put it another way, it is a fundamental assumption that planet earth is in its current position (time-space) all the times from the very beginning. This is again rather a human conception. God doesn't need to limit Himself to only one 3D dimension to complete His job of creation. To me, earth and our universe were created in different dimensions. To rephrase this in a human sense, earth was created else where outside our universe (a 3D space) then "plugged in" to its current position on day four. 

Again, if this is the situation (that is, earth can be moved in and out of time-space by God), any human science will not work in terms of the speculation of creation. Even our known dating method won't work in this case, as human science can never know how isotopes of radioactive materials work when earth is moving in and out of its time-space. Nor does our science know how the half life decay works in such a situation.

In a nutshell, all the theories we have are based on two human conceptions which themselves are questionable. While we don't have any tools to do further examination or observation or logical deduction if we don't assume by these two human conceptions which can be wrong (with the first one already debunked by our own science).

In my view, the idea of 'time' is accounted for by God Himself in the Genesis account. We cannot fathom God's perspective of time other than to know that God lives outside of it. However, we live inside of time and God knows this. Therefore He explains things in out terms. So the evening and the morning was the first day is abundantly clear. No need to muddy the waters.

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