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Purpose & Guidelines

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The purpose of this club is to foster preparedness through the discussion of end time prophecy.  People prepare for what they expect to encounter, so if we have a better understanding of the things to come, we can be better prepared.  Ultimately, it is the Holy Spirit who reveals truth and the things to come to each of us.  May the discussions that take place here facilitate such revelation.

The discussions taking place here should probe the rationale of the viewpoints of others for the purpose of understanding.  The best way I've seen to go about that is to ask questions for clarification, and when asked, to provide reasoned replies based on scripture.  The goal is not to see who can convince whom that they have the "correct" interpretation but rather to gain insight from others that we might be missing.  I expect that most discussions will end with an "I guess we just see things differently" conclusion which is perfectly fine.  It's not primarily about achieving consensus although that may occur.  I personally have benefited from such exchanges and would like to see this club facilitate those kinds of discussions.

This club is probably not for you if:

  • You only want to push or seek validation of your views.
  • You make statements and are unwilling or unable to present the rationale that supports them.
  • You are habitually critical of viewpoints you disagree with.
  • You have a preterist or amillennial understanding of prophecy.

If you're interested in participating in the exchange, send me a message.

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