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Last Daze

The Pretrib Rapture: An Entitlement for the Privileged Few?

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2 hours ago, Marilyn C said:

Hi Last Daze,

Yes, that is what I see has and is occurring throughout the centuries and even today the Body of Christ is being guided into all the truth of Christ.

The topic of OSAS, concerns an aspect of salvation and that topic has been received across the Body for centuries. It is mainly to do with perspective and language, just as the topic of `works.` It is how one explains it. And people often cannot explain those clearly.

And just because most people do not see `eschatology` and the `catching away,` specifically as a salvation issue, doesn`t mean that the Holy Spirit isn`t guiding the Body into this important truth.

For example -

Say a father tells his 2 sons that he is coming home, for this purpose,..... on the train and to meet him at the station. One son says that his father meant this purpose and thus he will meet his father at station a), the other son said he means this purpose and thus will meet him at station b).

 So obviously the one who knows the purpose of his father`s return will be able to go to the right station. Similarly, I believe, those who come to know of Christ`s purpose for coming, will thus be ready to receive Him. So, to my mind it actually does involve the salvation of body, (new) soul and spirit.

Regards, Marilyn.

Hi Marilyn,

When I approach eschatology, I have a scale that I use to assign different "weights" to different premises.

  • Direct statement - this is a scripture that makes a plain statement.  These receive the highest weight.
  • Deduction - This is a conclusion that is drawn that results from two or more direct statements.  This receives the next highest weight.
  • Inference - This is an assumption based on perception, tradition, probability, etc.  This receives the lowest weight.

So, when you talk about Christ's purpose for returning, how do you arrive at that purpose?  Is there a passage of scripture that directly states that purpose?  Is it a deduction?  An inference?  Perhaps a new thread may be better suited for such a discussion.

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