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My Apologies

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I just noticed, that it has been almost one year, since I began this club. I have also noticed, that there are now, as of this writing, 43 members.

That is a decent amount of potential interest, but there is not a lot of content here. Most of that, it my fault, I have gotten caught up in other things, and so have not contributed as much as I would have liked to, in terms of showcasing things I have made, or any how-to on how to make things, so for that, I apologize.

Hopefully I can change that, especially once the weather here, gets our of the triple digit temperatures (Fahrenheit here) and high humidity. Mostly though, if I am honest, it is just procrastination.

Meanwhile, feel free to add you own projects (that is what I hoped this club would be mostly about) so that others can see what you do, perhaps how you do it, and might get ideas and inspiration for themselves.

Remember, God is the original Maker, and we were created in His image, so show us how you are creative! :) 

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