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Apocalypse: The Unveiling

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13 minutes ago, listener24 said:

I' ve been reading a couple of books on this subject recently.

They both point out that the true Church of all believers in the last days will become holier, despite the external and internal attacks, and part of the evidence that "the Bride has made Herself ready" will be the fulfillment of Revelation 22:17 "the Spirit and the Bride say come"

An unprecedented desire for the Return of Jesus, manifested in the prayer "thy Kingdom come, come Lord Jesus", is one of the main traits that according to these books that draws from the Scriptures will show the maturity of the Bride and also fulfill Luke 18:1-8

This seems to be happening and this thread that you opened is an example! :D

Gordon Robberrson of 700 Club and CBN said, “persecution makes better Christians, it forces us to focus on Christ and not deviate fro my The Truth.” Indeed,  outside Suffering forces us to the Bridegroom, to take refuge in the arms of Jesus Christ and let Him led us His bride through the gauntlet of tribulation. 

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