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Media Should Fear Muslims and Leftists, Not Trump

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7 hours ago, LadyKay said:

I know it is pointless and I am not going to change anyone on this forum. But I would just like to show any visitors that may stop by that we don't all think this way.  Also anything I see as being prejudice strikes a nerve with me and I am unable to allow it to go unchallenged. 

As for my own gain.   I also enjoy researching stuff and much of this reminds me of my debate days when I was in school which I enjoy very much.  

Anyway I do think I am done for now and this it would be best to move on to something else. :D

Islam is not the "poor misunderstood religion": for over 1400 years, Islam has conducted a war against all nations that were not Islamic, and have stolen, raped and outright murdered countless "infidels" in the name of "Allah". Their "holy book" (the Qur'an) repeatedly gives adherents of Islam instructions to kill unbelievers, with Islam being the only religion that threatens anyone who wants to leave it with outright death. Their "social system" treats women as less than human, treats anyone of another race as an enemy to be destroyed, denies basic human rights (see the events in Iran for the past several decades for details), and endorses terrorism.

And you consider warning people "prejudice"?

I agree with Cobalt:

3 hours ago, Cobalt1959 said:

Why would you label warning people about a clear and present danger "predudice?"  Explain to me why it is prejudiced to think we should not backstop a religion that actively advocates killing people to achieve their goals.  Why do you continually refuse to deal with that reality?  This is not an abstract issue.   Islam is a satanic religion.  It isn't surprising that that religion actively kills people as a result.  How does it help these people to placate them and tell them, and others that what they do isn't that bad?  I would think that, as a Christian, speaking out against murder would be a pretty high priority.   Does the death of a person concern you?

These people are trapped in a satanic counterfeit.  They don't need someone telling them that what they are involved in isn't that bad, is mis-characterized by the outside world, and that they don't need Jesus to be saved.  This is what PinkBelt's Red Letter Movement tells them.  Study Jim Wallis who says Christianity and Islam should just play nice with one another and the schoolyard bully who wants to beat you up and take your lunch money will suddenly be your friend.  Again, you are cheer leading for the wrong side.  You are giving high fives to someone who follows a false teacher.  It is not surprising that she is stumping for someone like Jim Wallis who advocates open borders and does not preach a biblical Gospel, but a progressive social one. 

You need to study "Hijrah."


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This one has ran its course.

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