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Daily Reading 282 - August 10th

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Daily Reading 282

If you prefer, you can look up the following verses in your own Bible,  or by whatever means and in whichever version you choose.

Revelation 9 Nehemiah 12 Psalm 104:1-23
Audio 3:30 Audio 6:30 Audio 3:37
The above verse addresses are linked to Bible Gateway. That is an easy way to read (or listen to) the Bible verses, and choose your version.  Personally, I prefer written, that way I can go at my own pace, and think about it, before moving on. Nothing wrong with doing either or both. The Bible says faith comes by hearing. See the picture below to get an idea of what to expect if you follow the above links.

Note: The audio will not play the exact verses, it will play the gateway.jpg

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