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Sense God’s Peace


To peace as my mind’s chatter becomes numb.

… From dumb ones’ mindless matters.

It is all up to He to set my brain free-

Becoming less flesh; naughty body!

God’s Spirit breaks free past chains misery,

Drowning in sorrow, sin pained.

Let me again pray for you, friend,

Replacing my rant on the mend.

In the Lord I place you to soothe stress gone through.

Now on this new page I will write

Christ answers for you.

He’s how I got through

Healed, restored full; reborn new.

I thought that you knew [all

In the mind true]


Calms stormy seas. He

Makes us all be

Still, sensed God’s Word peacefully.


~ Sense God’s Peace ~ 2018 ~ Gregory KJ Brumwell


11 Finally, brothers and sisters, rejoice!  Strive for full restoration, encourage one another, be of one mind, live in peace.  And the God of love and peace will be with you. 


~ 2 Corinthians 13:11 (NIV)


19 lines #MindOfGod #JesusChrist #Sin #Peace

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    • By Behold
      On Christmas Day, we as believers, and a whole lot of the unsaved world celebrate CHRISTmas.
      Thats correct, you can't have Christmas, without CHRIST in the word, tho you would think you can as everywhere you go now, you hear....>"happy holidays", instead of  "Merry CHRISTmas".
      This lightly annoys me, so i always reply...... MERRY CHRISTMAS, whenever i find myself in the presence of a politically corrected dip stick.
      So, try this that im about to show you.... on your family and your friends and your neighbors, as it will be quite an experience for you to enjoy, while they get to partake, also.
      Do this :
      On Christmas eve, or before...... bake a birthday cake, or buy one from your local Walmart or .....similar.
      On Christmas morning, when all are gathered with you, or on Christmas eve, ( or Both) if you are game........show them the cake with one Candle LIT, and have them sing this with you.
      "Happy Birthday to you.  
      Happy Birthday to YOU
      Happy Birthday LORD JESUS...... Happy Birthday to YOU".
      Try that.
      It'll bless you, and it'll help them to see the LIGHT.
      Merry CHRISTmas,
    • By BeauJangles
      From the father of Christian contemporary music, Larry Norman. Off the LP from 1972, Only Visiting This Planet. Title: The Outlaw. Any Jesus People out there? This is a timeless classic and one of his all-time best. 
      @turtletwo, this one is dedicated to you. Enjoy, sister!
    • By Bandit
      How is everyone? Im brand new on this site...cant figure out how to reply to peoples comments yet haha...
      But ive always been a life long believer, got filled with Holy Spirit in a big way in 2015...
      Always have lived a more criminal type of lifestyle, after I got Immersed by the Holy Spirit, I went deep down, lost it all, home, family, dogs got killed, had a lengthy prison sentence hanging over my head, and even commited some serious acts of violence, stole to eat, and panhandled... it took all that chastising, to make me say, I will never go back to that lifestyle again...
      Now finally within the last 3 to 4 months ive FULLY gave into Being a Follower of the Word, Thank The Most High!
      Now I cld go on all day on How much truly awesome stuff happend that day I got filled with Holy spirit, I was by myself living in a camper doing a Study and was praying allowed, went inside talked to my mom, about a friend that had got shot and killed a day or 2 before, I said I didnt feel it was in His Cards to die like that,, at that moment pure silver appeared out of a card tattoo on my forearm, and I Immediately went into full spirit, and so did my mom, I heard only two things in my head, the sounds of Angels Laughter and a man Yelling HALLELUYAH! My mom, sisters, and dad all witnessed some kind of energy field that surrounded my Body, they said it looked like the kinda Mirage you see off hot black top, I never seen it and never cared to, what I actually felt... just stompped, what they was saying about it haha..
      At the end of the Exp. Everyone in the house fell asleep mid day, and my family dont nap lol...but before I fell asleep, I seen a picture of me(in my mind) kinda busting thru the doors of a church, middle service, disrupting with a authority type thing.
      All that happend in 2015, Ive now recently been given back everything, and better than before! Praise The Most High. 
      Now I didnt understand what that light vision meant at all, at that time,..but its been revealed to me over this last year, I got hit with tons of truths concerning the Bible and the Church as a whole. 
      And I can say its most definitely gonna be "disruptive" to majority of The Church. 
      That is IF they would like to get off the Industrial train(uncomfortable,not meant for human passengers,but you can still reach your destination) and get aboard The train He has Made for human passengers with a comfortable travel all the way home..
      There is really alot of stuff within all this...but one I'd like to touch on first would be Keeping of The Sabbath, Its a very amazing and a sad thing, that very Few Followers actually try to keep the Sabbath,
      #1. Its our Law to do so,
      #2. Man, I clda really used that amazing self discipline my entire life,which is likea auto blessing that is tied to the Sabbath. Haha
      3. The Father Himself sanctified it,made it Holy, and gave it to us as a Gift to his Followers, its a Holy rest he wants us to partake in with him, and its been basically forgotten within the Catholic and Christian churches.
      We know this is a important law were supposed to Keep, even when The Messiah was put in the tomb, no visitors came on Sabbath, bc the law and all laws did and still do to this day remain intact, only changes that was done to The Law was sacrificial and ceremonial, yes that means its still not lawful to eat pork, but were not supposed to condemn anyone about what they do or dont eat, your made perfect thru the Messiah, so what you eat isnt 0f great importance anymore, but it is still The Law to not eat any unclean beast, ive searched every scripture concerning the food ordeal lol imma hungry guy.. and its def. Still apart of the law, Just knowone is to be condemned about it, but make no mistake, its a GOOD thing to not even touch those unclean animals, but if you condemn som1 for eating pork or etc.. your good deed will be turned into a evil one...
      But Sabbath now thats a different story and its something we all should rejoice in together every week from Friday night to saturday night.  And it should be taught to our children, and you should start working on Sundays and Stop working on Saturdays. The word Sabbath means Rest or to cease, Hebrews in new testament explains we should try our utemost to keep that sabbath. 
      If anyone has any questions for me at all, id enjoy digging into all of this, my question would be how is it, all these life long followers are overlooking so much in the word? Another ex. Paul said I believe in Corinthians it was, that while a man is praying or prophsying, He is NOT to cover his head, and if he does cover his head he dishonors The Messiah, and that a woman IS supposed to cover her head while praying and prophsying and if she dosent, then she dishonors Man..says The head of the woman is man, the head of man is The Messiah and The Head of The Messiah is YHWH or The Father.. replaced with The false title the Lord in most versions.
    • By Raven
      Do you see the truth, or what you want to see?
      When you are happy to see someone, is it because you see their truth, their innermost reality; or do you see an opportunity to further establish, or strengthen, your own created identity?
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