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What was your walk with God like? Did you have any experience's? Did anything change? Miracles? Testing? Holy spirit?

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    • By Hello World
      I am a 32 year old male and I was diagnosed with severe Teratozoospermia ( a condition characterized by the presence of sperm with abnormal morphology that affects fertility in males) I am married for 3 years already and we are having difficulty conceiving because of my condition. We went to a doctor but he said my condition is irreversible and the only way to get my wife pregnant is to undergo Invitro Fertilization which is very expensive.
      I am so down right now because I feel that I am useless and not a good husband.
      Please help us pray because we really want a baby of our own.
    • By jacquelineinfo3@gmail.com
      In prayer there is a journey. There is a growth. There is a maturity from petition to decree. A petition originate from me to God. A degree originates from God to me. Which one is more powerful? We are to be like Moses releasing judgments prophetic decree and declaring before Pharaoh: let my people go.

      This is the purpose of the ecclesia: to be governing body. You legislate you declare and decree. This is how you rule and reign.

    • By Reinitin
      Was praying for vacation bible Schools and youth camps all of the US and World this morning. Grateful for the seeds placed in me as a child, growing up in a non Christian family.
      Lord, I ask for Labors in your harvest to be filled by your Spirit with the message of salvation for the children of our nation. Lord our children are under attack and I know many are the angels before you pleading for them and testifying to you of the evils being done to them. Send them back Lord to us with the words and power to save and to train this generation of children to be labors in your fields, so when you return for us Lord your harvest will be great. For your Glory Lord.
    • By RarexxRose
      How do you know if you're hearing from the Holy Spirit or if its just other people's frequencies that you're tapping into? How do you know it's not other people's spirit that you're connecting with?
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