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Single Prophecy Statement (s)

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In a "perfect situation" all of these value will report the same information ... ... ... ... in an "ideal situation", they will seem to report the same information:  feel free to add more, sure there are some missing:


EXODUS 12:18 In the first [month], on the fourteenth day of the month at even, ye shall eat unleavened bread, until the one and twentieth day of the month at even.

Roswell UFO ... June 14, 1947 (Begins final 70 Weeks for Years) (If "Month Zero" = May, then June is 1st Month with Solstice on the 21st, Matching the Legal Claim of Exodus 12:18)

II CHRONICLES 30:15 Then they killed the passover on the fourteenth [day] of the second month: and the priests and the Levites were ashamed, and sanctified themselves, and brought in the burnt offerings into the house of the LORD.

"Solstice, June 21, heralded the coming rise of the Nile, upon which Egyptian agriculture depended. This helical rising is referred to in many temple inscriptions, where the star is known as the Divine Sepat, identified as the soul of Isis. In the temple of Hathor at Dedendra, Egypt, appears the inscription, "Her majesty Isis shines into the temple on New Year's Day, and she mingles her light with that of her father on the horizon." For 35 days before, and 35 days after the Sun conjuncts it on July 4" (or July 14th)

1. Month Zero for May

2. Month One for June

3. Month Two for July (Noah, Seventh Month = Second Month) (Civil Calendar and Prophetic Calendar)

(Intelligent Design, that identified with God's Action, so the Gospel is not recording Paganism)

1. Principal (Simplified) of "May as Zero Month"



(the "Vernal Point" is the March Equinox, its "Zero Degrees" because of its Position = Intersection of Celestial Equator and Ecliptic, at Equinox)

(The Month of May is at another, "Zero Degrees because of its Position in the Galactic Plane, it also has Intersection of Celestial Equator and Ecliptic, before the June Solstice) (where the Yellow Circle Crosses the Red Circle before June, is roughly the Month of May)

2. Principal of "May as Zero Month" (Celestial, Galactic, Ecliptic (plane (s), Intersection)



(Do you see the, Dark Path=Galactic Plane, Celestial=Straight Line in Center, Ecliptic-Wavy Line .................... GEMINI for MAY 21 or just MAY = Month of Origin or Zero Month, because of Intersection of all Three Planes) (That is how God sees the argument, the legal argument, the Egyptians Assigned to it was "Sirius", but that is not the full truth, they didn't assign the argument, they learned it by a prophet, maybe hundreds of years after their dynasty fell)

3. Month of May (Celestial, Galatic, Ecliptic (plane (s), Intersection




(Equinoxes/Solstices don't Move ... ... ... ... Galactic Planes/Celestial Planes/Ecliptic Planes don't Move ... ... ... ... when you talk about the Constellations in the Zodiac, they use the Ecliptic Plane as the Path of the Sun, that does not Move ... ... ... ... God's Usage of the Month of "May" is an absolute value ... ... ... ... the Tropical Zodiac with 12 Constellations is as valid today, as it was when God began the New Testament, or with some deviation when God began the Homosapien with Abraham ... ... ... ... there's a lot of "False Witnessing" ... ... ... ... these argument don't change with Pole Stars or with the Sun's Motions (those arguments are not "absolute values", in what God see as arguments, that are relative the same from the homosapien to the end of the judgment program, and that is also legal, and scientific arguments) (So you don't need universities, since they only discredit themselves, you don't have enforcement of "euthanasia programs", so, the social economy, pushes the theoretical adjustment, to invalidate "dead work and dead flesh" to universities and colleges, that unfortunate problem, means, there is a limited level of competency, the rest being "diversified suicides", its not just the way the usa funds the process of hurting me repeatedly, there's much more to it, globally) (its specifically those genetic lines with no legal right to live, reproduce or minister (that ties to the spiritual problem of sin with man and the gospel's law) ... ... ... ... doesn't take much to imagine, that euthanasia, and then again and again (is an answer you need to adopt for yourselves based on the example god has been setting for years ... ... ... ... we'll come back to this statement)


Skipping Along (Now, God only acknowledges one Month of Action, for the sequence, tied to Jesus and the Second Coming, now we have to bridge the New Testament)

MATTHEW 20:3And he went out about the third hour, and saw others standing idle in the  marketplace,

MATTHEW 20:4And said unto them; Go ye also into the vineyard, and whatsoever is right I will give you. And they wen t their way.

MATTHEW 20:5Again he went out about the sixth and ninth hour, and did likewise.

MATTHEW 20:6 And about the eleventh hour he went out, and found others standing idle, and saith unto them, Why stand ye here all the day idle?

(like before) May 1948 + 63 Years to May 2011 + 36 Months and 600 Days to May of 2019 (636 Mark of Beast, Jesus Plays On for his Coming/Lamb Slain)


(Back to Topic = "Single Prophecy Statement")

HAGGAI 2:16 Since those [days] were, when [one] came to an heap of twenty [measures], there were [but] ten: when [one] came to the pressfat for to draw out fifty [vessels] out of the press, there were [but] twenty.


(if the "Galactic Plane" does not change, the "Ecliptic Plane or Tropical Zodiac", will not change) I'll put this statement another way ... express.co.uk/news/science/825642/Moon-meteor-biggest-explosion-NASA-video-impact ... This statement says the "7 Weeks=49 Years" of "70 x 7 or 70 Weeks of Daniel" ... which is to say ... 9/11/2001 then 2019 for 49 Years (The Argument is Just, "Visual for Daniel's 1290", this visual association, can tie into the Creation of the Universe, or the, Events leading to the New Universe) (The Legal Argument is about 2300 Days from Comet ISON, or the Lunar Explosion, to 2019 ... ... ... ... with Halley's Comet having a shared association to the second coming, and lunar figures, as a scaled argument)

ISAIAH 17:6 Yet gleaning grapes shall be left in it, as the shaking of an olive tree, two [or] three berries in the top of the uppermost bough, four [or] five in the outmost fruitful branches thereof, saith the LORD God  of Israel.

(Japan had a small war with Germany ... ... ... ... by the time Japan declared war with the USA, they may of just exhausted God's Mercies, and the euthanasia of Jerusalem (golden gate destruction prophecy, nuclear euthanasia) was delayed)

1945 Nuclear Demonstration, perhaps by God + 2 Years to 1947 Roswell + 3 Years to 1948 Jerusalem Independance Declaration

(4 or 5 Digit Values) (Solstice Precessional Alignment, terminated, 2016 + 2 Years Uranus Pluto Square, terminated in 2018 ... or from 2016 to 2019 for 3 Years to New Sun Age

(4 or 5 Blood Red Moons to 9/23/2017 ... "Alignment to Alignment" ... and 2 years to 2019 for the "Third Age/Kingdom")


Declaration of 49 Years for the Second Coming

God says 50 Generations were killed, but then, God saved "Lot" ... ... ... ... Saved Spiritually ... ... ... ... Literally that "49 Years", matches the totality of the arguments.  Haggai 2:16 answers Genesis 18:28 to 33, for 49 Literal Years//33rd Parallel Geographic//Light Verses Dark (Genetic Lines)//Scientific Law (10 commandments) that goes with that (with the corresponding cleansing and sign of divorce (s) above the nations)


Do you see the link?  God appears to reference this ratio of information for "dead work/dead flesh" those genetic lines.  God is presenting the "Sign of Divorce" here in the USA at least initially in some capacity before the argument is clearly in the larger scale.  For that reason God is restraining sin of the jews to some degree. But, Jerusalem is a cesspool.  Just like God appears to follow the large Jewish Populations in the bible (Philadelphia, USA is not declared a dead church), God also condemns the jewish populations to death specifically.  Obviously this is scientific and a truth to be revealed. 

God stopped restraining their sin, God wasn't going to give World War 1 or 2, anymore more, and the contention became a holocaust and ethnic cleasning, today, is a different situation.  I believe, "lives matter and stand your ground" = "assisted suicide out of necessity", and the rest is "your suffering and pain ... or pride and pleasure ... or a faithful solution",  the holocaust was for reasons of "contention with god", when God reveals the "sign of divorce, for discernment", its not really a matter with god.

(chemical, electrical, and state funded euthanasia ... ... ... ... so the blindness is apart of their conviction until things become resolved more ... ... ... ... tomorrow after dark, nightly walk for euthanasia to City Hall in Philadelphia ... if the results are good, nightly walk on thursday, and 10 hour walk on friday, slightly more than usual (if the level of force is good this week), right now, you need to follow the examples of euthanasia, and, translated that into your answer for god) (don't do the work, and try to change the situation, but, that is what you will do, this is not the same situation as the holocausts in ww1 and 2)

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Emperor Emperical - May 21, 2011 to October 21, 2011 for 153 Days



1. (May) Gemini is Month of Origin (Association to Orion), as a result of Galactic/Celestial/Ecliptic, Plane Intersections

2. (October) Libra is Month of Exodus (Association to Super Galactic Center), (Orion Holding Scales to Picture itself as Libra)


(Problem with Colleges and Universities)

(Some Constellations had their names/images changed, over time, best answer to that is, theopenscroll.com/when_jesus_was_born.htm, this Constellation that Looks like a Women Holding Jesus, it is in the approximate position of Constellation Libra) ... ... ... What can I do if Anything ... ... ... operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/2017/12/galactic-star-map-human-brain.html, do you see the image that says "Super Galactic Centre", the Straight Line that you can imagine in the center of that image, will point to Constellation Libra (Alignment to Super Galactic Center) (straight line in center of image to the right would point to libra constellation).


Conclusion Statement for Continuity with the Gospel

1. Roswell 1947 to May 1948 Isreal Independance Declaration (Design Centering Reference God uses)

2. Jupiter 9/23/2017 + 1335 Days = May 20, 2021

3. May 20, 2021 to October 20, 2021 = 153 Days

(God uses "335 Days Deviation" (number 1) = "A DAY FOR 1000 YEARS" = God uses "1335 Days Deviation" (number 2)

This kind of language is Centering, that is God is going to or from a "Point of Origin/Exodus" ... ... ... ... the Universities and Colleges are already guilty of corruption information, and the greater crime is removing the "Jesus Reference to Constellation Libra" ... ... ... ... the way God works, is the 70th Year, and then, difficult in discerning the final 7 Years, any value for that final 7 years can be correct.

(I Believe This is the Best Answer, so far for the second Coming) (I'm not dismissing Science or History, but they are guilty of crimes, a crime I was guilty of until recently of expanding the language of the law, to compensate for a length of time greater then the implied length of "70 years Gen. of Luke, and 42 months Gen. of Matthew", the argument is relative, so the answer is clear)


I have sympathy for God

REVELATION 17:10 And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, [and] the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.

1. May (5th Month count 5 Kings)

2. June

3. July

4. August

5. September

6. October (Exodus Month)

Right now, you made the choice to attack me, but now, we are back to 5/21/2011, and the position is finished.  Now, you have to use nuclear weapons.  What I don't have is sympathy for the scientific or logistical communities, you have to settle things later on.

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(Legal Statement  -  Creation's Effective Age no more  than 2300 B.C.)

(90 Degree Intersection, May to October = Equinoxes Earth)



(90 Degree Intersection, May to October  =  Saturn)




"May and June" (Roswell UFO, Independance of Isreal) ... this is for the Earth Equinox, with "Month of May's, Galactic/Celestial/Ecliptic, Plane Association ... "September and October" (70th Year of Daniel, 153 Days) ... this is for Super Galactic Center Alignment (october) ........................ both of these values are grouped around the 90 Degree of the Earth's Ecliptic (September/October).


May to October beginning at 90 Degrees (ending at 270 Degrees) for Saturn's Largest Moon ... ... ... ... this association, is arguable present in several planets near our earth, that we discussed.


Universities and Colleges Error in Intrepretation

1.  All Pyramids report Month of May as Month of Origin/Zero Month, because of "Intercelestial Plane" Association.  (Man did not build the Pyramids, God's Angels, articulated the work, the Generations without Sin articulated, in some discernment).

2. (RedShift, Celestial Bodies moving away from Earth, should be more Prevalent in the Constellation's Belt around, "Constellation Libra" ... ... ... ... Jesus was pictured with his Mother in Constellation Comah, this "Constellation", was rediscovered from time to time in human history, it is just "Constellation Libra" ... ... ... ... "Constellation Libra, reports a Super Galactic Center Alignment".  (Month of October = Month of Exodus).

You don't have Legal Evidence, that, the majority of these, Shifts in the Stars or the Planes have taken place, because, from 2300 B.C. (or if you to use Mayan 3114 B.C. less accurately), to the present, nothing of significance took place.  Nothing capable of warranting the kind of smear campaign that is easy to Debunk as we wait for the arrival of Jesus to Return.


Scientific Argument Reporting, "Intelligent Design", in Biblical Claim (s)

1. May and June (70 Years Association, Roswell/Independance of Isreal

2. September End of 70th Year ... ... ... ... May to October End of Final 7 Years and 153 Days


Flight 370 + 1290 Days *TO* 9/23/2017 *TO* May 21, 2021 and October 21, 2021

(Roswell/Isreal Independance) *TO*..........................................................................



(Nuclear War ... ... ... ... if there was no Legal Evidence, then I'd suppose, it wouldn't be unfaithful for me to take advantage of the mercies that are already on the table, but since this is obviously not the case ... ... ... ... why should any of us be guilty of performing a work of anykind ... ... ... ... besides, its only about 3 years until everything is finished, plus, "Nibiru" may reveal itself shortly before that since 2300 Days is shorter than the legal figure "1290 and 1335" god uses to gauge the 70th Year, before and after correctly)

(Get a Good Movie, your favorite snake, spend some time with your family and friends, also work hard, and enjoy yourselves in war and in peace, until the lord comes, there's nothing wrong with idling, besides, this is the best possible answer for the Christian Community, an, answer I understand, and a position you keep attacking, so that needs to be answered, soon)

(Donald Trump, would be a good president for a second term, but that is your choice)

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