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Man Killed by Policewoman in His Own Apartment

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What happened is tragic. No question there. I dont know what the law is in texas so I cant say what she should be charged with. If she is guilty of breaking a law that anyone else would get charged with in the same circumstances, then she clearly needs to be charged with it.

I do think the police dept needs to review their policies because she was exhausted from a 15 hour shift. That does not excuse her, but it does make for dangerous conditions that may spark other errors in judgment that harm the public in any situation. 

Was she trigger happy? Hard to say. But there has been multiple planned attacks against cops. In my city, there have been ambushes against cops. Same for other cities. So in a way I can understand her quickness to fire. I am not excusing it though. Jean should have been safe in his own apartment and not get shot or die at her hands. He deserves justice.

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