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    • By JesusAngelPD777
      Praying for Protection
      Shalom Sisters and brothers!
      One of our sisters has been victim of witchcraft, and was almost killed.
      She just got released from the Hospital where God and his angels visited her.
      She met God for the first time and this event led her to an encounter with God.
      Many friends and family members have participated in demonic rituals to destroy her life and her sisters life.
      They both have been hospitalized and discharged.
      They are now recovering in a safe place.
      Please pray for spiritual deliverance, spiritual protection, enhanced and continued relationship with God, discernment, obedience,faith and wisdom
      For the 2 sisters.

      Thank you, be blessed
    • By JesusAngelPD777
      Shalom to all!
      I'm praising God for he is good!
      Before my birth doctors had believed that I was dead and therefore scheduled an emergency abortion.
      My mother a believer ,was not very peaceful about it and against the odds, prayed for it to be a mistake.
      My father on the other hand ,pressured my mother to listen to the doctors.
      On the day of the appointment my mother rescheduled without informing my father that she purposely did so.
      On the following appointment, the doctor decided to make one more test and heard a very fainted hard to hear heartbeat.
      He realized I was still alive and cancelled the procedure.
      Many years later (today) Im less than two weeks from my birthday which is only happening by the Grace of God whom against any doctors diagnosis ,saved my life therefore, I praise God for one more year since each year is a miracle had my mother not believed, I wouldn't be writing this here today.
      Praise God!!!
    • By JesusAngelPD777
      Shalom please pray for this family they are strong believers, and are currently living with a baby and have another one on the way.
      They have been making gymnastics with their finance for 13 months due to the fact that immigration seperated the family for 9 months and the father could not attend their first child birth, the wife stressed and shocked by the denied visa for her husband, led to their first baby born premature.
      They had to relocate in a place where they could be together and the fees where much higher since they are not citizens there and have no social benefits nor healthcare ect...
      2 years later,
      It has impacted their financial situation and they are awaiting a miraculous approval for financial aid.
      Due to the complicated financial crisis the pregnant woman has not yet seen a doctor for the pregnancy which has reached 4 months now.
      She has many headaches and pain in various areas but endures while awaiting financial aid.
      This week should be a week where they receive relief from several sources, please pray for their finances so that they can see a doctor and move forward with their life and finally solve their immigration situation.
      Thank you.
    • By turtletwo
      The miracle of Mom's smile...is what I praise the Lord for today! 
      After her serious brain injury on March 9th, Mom had lost many functions... Including her ability to smile. We were led by all the 'experts' to believe she would never get these back.
      This Sunday my daughter went out to see her at the nursing home. She was greeted by an aide who said, "She's having a really good day today!" My daughter was puzzled (since Mom has not been able to show expression since the injury.) "What do you mean?" she asked the aide. "When I came into her room today she had her eyes open and gave me a big, beautiful smile." She described Mom as being in a good mood or happy! Needless to say, she was shocked but overjoyed. As soon as she left the nursing home, she called me excitedly with this wonderful news.
      When it comes to the Almighty, never say never.  
      What an Awesome God we serve! I am humbled by His power and His mercy. 

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