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The Miracle Of Her Smile!

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:)The miracle of Mom's smile...is what I praise the Lord for today! 

After her serious brain injury on March 9th, Mom had lost many functions... Including her ability to smile. We were led by all the 'experts' to believe she would never get these back.

This Sunday my daughter went out to see her at the nursing home. She was greeted by an aide who said, "She's having a really good day today!" My daughter was puzzled (since Mom has not been able to show expression since the injury.) "What do you mean?" she asked the aide. "When I came into her room today she had her eyes open and gave me a big, beautiful smile." She described Mom as being in a good mood or happy! Needless to say, she was shocked but overjoyed. As soon as she left the nursing home, she called me excitedly with this wonderful news.

When it comes to the Almighty, never say never. :) 

What an Awesome God we serve! I am humbled by His power and His mercy. 




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Amen turtletwo!  What an amazing God we serve.

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