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Gentile Prophecy Summary (Guess Work!)

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(Preface in Parenthesis)

Ancient Structures Discovered on Mars That are Beyond Our Comprehension


1. Issac Newton (Babylon Dispute) = Rev. 18:21 for 2018 + 42 Years for Babylon to 2060 A.D. (Halley's Comet/Millstone)

(God revealed the Risen Body to "Peter, James, John" before the Crucifixion was Complete)

2. William Miller (Babylon Dispute) = Rev. 18:2 for 12/21/2018 ... (Wow Signal! to Solstice Pressional Alignment Beginning = 1260 Days ................. Dark Rift Alignment 12/21 to Halley Comet = 42 Years) (God only acknowledge "2520" (December/Christmas) "1260 and 1260 (42)" (God takes no "outside" action outside of this period) (An Angels goes to Assyria/Babylon, God did not allow the Ark to go to "Assyria/Babylon", in his mind, he believed this answered (silence) the "Gog and Magog of Ezekiel 38-39)

3. Saint Malachy (Church Dispute) = Rev. 11:2 (Court is Measured in Daniel's 70 Weeks, then it is not Measured since we are outside of Daniel's 70 Weeks) (Dead Church Revealed) This is very simple it tries to Read the 77 Generations of Luke for Daniel's Weeks, and the 42 Generations of Matthew for Years.

4. Nostradamus (Church Dispute) = Rev. 8:1 (Century 8, Quatrain 77, (27 Years, 3 Dead = Antichrist) (Nostradamus is also doing something very simple, but it is not apparent, let me explain) (see below)

1. June Solstice = Begins Daniel's 70 Years

2. September Solstice = Ends Daniel's 70 Years

3. December Solstice = Begins 42 Gentile Years

These are the Three that are killed and "9/23/2017" Completes our discernment.....................(1290 - 1335 = 45 and 45 - 27 Mabus = 18 or Rev. 8:1 .................... there is 450 Days from 9/23/2017 to 12/21/2018 ...................... then the Gentile Prophecies are impossible to justify with God's Written Material!)


(Gentile Prophecies use, Ancient Prophecies, 260 Base, they use Prophetic year 360 Base, we don't need to do anything complex, since they are designed to snug fit into the Calendar Year with out "Hypothesis of Modified Year" (without disputing the 365 Day Calendar Year, so this will have to be my answer on this Controversy)

The Ancient Watchers- The Mystery, Enchantments, Science, Arts, Technology, and The Book of Enoch



Flight 370 for 1290 Days + 30x15 (450 Days to 12/21/2012) + 30x42 (1260 or 42 Years to 2060 A.D.)

****1290 to the 70th Year and then "1335 Principal Figure" to the End of Daniel's Weeks

(Gentiles are only disputing the figure of "1335" .......... like Ron L. Hubbard Wrote in his Final "OT III" (old testament three" statement, only one figure was valid (1290), and the only the other one was valid (1260) ......................(there is a Principal figure of "1335" that is invalid as a literal day length from the 70th year is implied)


This Statement is only true when the Gentile Prophecies Fail when nothing happens in 12/2018

****1290 Days to the 70 Year of 9/23/2017 then 1335 Days to 5/21/2021 (humanity is dead 153 days begins to October 2021)


(God makes the choice to react, then, you need to understand, that not a single law was violated, that God as Elijah did not declare or voice with some other old testament prophet, speaking of Isaiah 17:6 ........................... God can decide to do nothing ......................... Get a bowl of popcorn, watch a good movie, work hard play hard, humanity does not have long to live, until it is euthanized, everything will be finished, everything will be resolved, very soon this year)

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(Gentile Prophecy Summary Part 2 ... What is the Point of "1335 Days"?)

In 2008, Weinland wrote that "the final countdown has begun, as the 1,335 days before the actual day Jesus Christ returns began on Tuesday, September 30, 2008."  Weinland later changed his prophesied date for the return of Christ to Pentecost of 2012, which fell on May 27.  Prior to this date, Weinland declared that 7,000 ministers and leading members of the Sabbatarian Churches of God would die in the Great Tribulation



He tries to say that "7 Years" or One Week of Daniel = "1290 and 1335" are not finished at the end of the 1335 Days, but his conclusion never develops to anything significant.



DANIEL 12:11 And from the time [that] the daily [sacrifice] shall be taken away, and the abomination (PEACE AND SAFETY, Rebuked, Flight 370) that maketh desolate set up, [there shall be] a thousand two hundred and ninety days.

DANIEL 12:12 Blessed (GENTILE Reign 1260/42, cuts "One Week of Daniel Short") [is] he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days.



My Answer is the Same as Previous, we just have to see on 12/2018 of this Year, Christmas Perhaps, as to the solution (Everything that was said, is Valid, until God Reacts, or does not React, Caveat Added: See Below)

DANIEL 8:13 Then I heard one saint speaking, and another saint said unto that certain [saint] which spake, How long [shall be] the vision [concerning] the daily [sacrifice], and the transgression of desolation, to give both the sanctuary and the host to be trodden under foot?

DANIEL 8:14And he said unto me, Unto two thousand and three hundred days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed.

HAGGAI 2:15 And now, I pray you, consider from this day and upward, from before a stone was laid upon a stone in the temple of the LORD:

HAGGAI 2:16 Since those [days] were, when [one] came to an heap of twenty [measures], there were [but] ten: when [one] came to the pressfat for to draw out fifty [vessels] out of the press, there were [but] twenty.

HAGGAI 2:18 Consider now from this day and upward, from the four and twentieth day of the ninth [month, even] from the day that the foundation of the LORD'S temple was laid, consider [it].


5/21/2011 + 2300 Days to the 70th Year of 9/23/2017 (then 1335 is cut short by 1260/42 years for the Gentiles) (Isaiah 17:6)

(1290 - 1335 = 450 or "30x15", therefore 1335 = "30 x 15" if it is Cut Short!) (9/23/2017 is the 70th Year, Marked by either 1290 Days or 2300 Days, but is God using two Markers for a Specific Reason!)


Simplify this Position a Step Further

1. 5/21/2011 + 2300 Days to 9/23/2017 is "Valid and True"

2.  9/23/2017 + 1335 Days = 5/21/2021, How can this be "Valid and True" if God used this figure already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(2300 Days will only Mark 5/21 to 9/23 for the 70th Year .............. naturally ................... "5/21 cannot be used to mark the end of daniel's "One Week")


The Gentile Reign Question can only be Answered this Year in 12/18, Perhaps this year in Christmas only, Perhaps Nothing At all! we simply have to see, in the mean time here is lots of ethnic euthanasia, lots of suffering and pain the state enjoys with my relatives hurting me, the public and ethnics!

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(Gentile Prophecy Summary Part 3 ... Very Very Brief? NO Math Required)


This is the Gentile Prophecy Test!

1. On the Left Side Column the figure of "1260/42" is Dominant

2. On the Right Side Column the figure of "1335" is Dominant


This is your test, all you need to do is listen to pass this Test!

1. Revelation 12:6 is for "Her the Church" "1260/42"

2. Daniel 12:12 is for "Him the Son of Man" "1335"


1. One Week of Daniel = "1290 and 1260/42" for the Women

2. One Week of Daniel = "1290 and 1335" for the Man


Gentile Prophecies do not choose the most simple position to address in the Gospel's Language, as we've illustrated.  They choose figures further along the line that appear to be, contrived, but the truth remains. 

You can view the Solstice Precessional Alignment of 1980, 1998, 2012, 2016 ................ then Jupiter Alignment of 9/23/2017 ...................... then Uranus Pluto Square Alignment of 2018, corresponding with Sun in Dark Rift 12/21/2018 ....................... as the Expression of Complex Geometry acted out, and paralleling God's Declaration of Daniel's Weeks .......................... God gives us a very simple answer, "30 for Jesus and Joseph ............... 30 the Month of Healing for the Nations" ................... we can abridge the argument as a multiple of "30", exactly as I've done in the first post. 

Remember this, "God does not says exactly what the "One Week is" only that it is figuratively identified with the figures associated with his declaration "1290/1335/1260(42)", we don't need math or science, to give a straight and clear answer.  All we need do is listen and wait for 12/21/2018!!!!!!!!!!


(You have a legal basis to correct the mayan calendar? But that isn't necessary, Base 260 Mayan or Base 360 Prophetic Year, have Base 30 in common, there's no need to do anything more or less, all we do now is keep watch! (Going to City Hall now in City of Philadlephia for Ethnic Euthanasia, good to also see the usa has been using my mother to hurt me again like the usual rate, all of this is good, the suicide engine should be topped out until you die globally, or until the next level, everything will be resolved soon)



(I guess they won't really try to hurt me good for a few more days, the incident that lead to the philadelphia police officer, and dead african american child thrown down on the train tracks at city hall, give me an added grace period ................. you can google that this real)

God only Pairs "1290 and 1335", and when God says "1335 Days", there are no gimmicks, no tricks, and no GENTILES! Let me explain Daniel, this way briefly:


***"2300 Days of Daniel = One Week from the 69th Week to the 70 Week of Years"

***5/21/2011 to 9/23/2017 ............ "One Week is Finished"


***"1290 and 1335 are in the Midst/Middle of the Week, of the 69th and 70th Week

***1290 Days to 9/23/2017, then 1335 Days to 5/21/2021


(The "Women BABYLON", is not the "Women Jesus", in the context of redeeming us from our sin .................... "1260/42" ...................... is the SNARE, that gives the appearance that this creation will be glorified in some way before it is destroyed ..................... I believe that is that for the Gentile Issue of Glorifying this Creation, more than Glorifying God) (We don't need number systems, We don't need knowledge of the Celestial Environment or of Earth Cataclysms/Disasters ........................ God already gave us many signs, but I think "Flight 370" is the best, and probably the last one!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...................... maybe millions will die on 12/21/2018, maybe so, but, God will not Darken the Sun or bring a Photon Belt or anything like that, you die then you die ..................... in between this discussion, was hoping to see another pile of ethnic bodies in your suicide campaign, but, guess you have to wait a longer period of time before hurting me again and again, that was my mistake, excited to see you die away by your own hands, with your many excuses)

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23 hours ago, Gibbus said:

(The "Women BABYLON", is not the "Women Jesus", in the context of redeeming us from our sin


Are you stupid or what.  What you peddle is blasphemous.  Luke 2:7 - "she gave birth to her first born son",   "She wrapped him in clothes".  v21 - "On the eighth day, when it was time to circumcise him, he was named Jesus".

Wow, and you say "the Women Jesus, redeeming us from our sin".  You have no credibility, you have pagan thoughts, you bring up pagan ideals.  Nostradamus is more credible than what you peddle, and he is not credible at all.

You will be removed from this site.

In Christ

Montana Marv


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Posted (edited)

1. (One Week of Daniel = 2300 Days) (Ends 70 Years)

2. (Middle of the Week of Daniel = "1290 and 1335" (Ends 70 Weeks of Years, not a Perfect 77 Years) (Jesus the Women)

3. Dispute (Middle of the Week of Daniel = "1260/42" (Ends 70 Weeks of Years, not a Perfect 77 Years) (Babylon the Women)


Jesus the Women for the Church (*Dead Church is the Fake, not a Women)

LUKE 22:58 And after a little while another saw him, and said, Thou art also of them. And Peter said, Man, I am not.

MARK 10:29 And Jesus answered and said, Verily I say unto you, There is no man that hath left house, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my sake, and the gospel's,


Babylon the Women for the Dead Church  (*Dead Church cannot prevail against the "Saints/Prophets/Church")

GENESIS 17:14 And the uncircumcised man child whose flesh of his foreskin is not circumcised, that soul shall be cut off from his people; he hath broken my covenant.

REVELATION 12:5 And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and [to] his throne.


(God's Law Review vs. Gentile Law Review?)

"70 Weeks / (1290 and 1335 Days for) 7 Years / (1260) 42 Years" = 70 Years and "One Week", with "Middle of Week Dispute"

"2300 Days / 1290 and 1335 Days / 1260 (42) = One Week 69th to 70th Week, with "Middle of the Week Dispute"


1. 1260 Days/42 Years Observed as Weeks of Daniel are Completed to 2021 A.D.

2. 1260 Days/42 Years Observed as the "Middle of the Week" is Completed to 2021 A.D.


1. WOW Signal! to Solstice Precesional Alignment (1980) to 2021 A.D. (1260 Days/42 Years)

2. Flight 370 + 1260 Days to 8/21 (1290 Days to 9/23) .......... 30 x 15 (450 Days) to 30 x 42 Year Projection


****God hasn't issue a statement, at this moment, for the "Gentile Projection" as a Warning for the Temple's Destruction in Jerusalem to answer the "Gog and Magog" Prophecy for the Gentile Dispute****


(Jerusalem Temple not Destroyed) 70 Years to 9/23/2017 and then 1335 Days to 5/21/2021, this is the End of Daniel's Weeks

(Jerusalem Temple Destroyed/Nuclear Weapon) 70 Years to 9/23/2017 and 12/21/2018 for 450 Days then 42 Years is Projected to end of Gentile Dispute, God does not have to Correct Daniel's Weeks


(**** "42 Year Projection" as a statement with a sign from God, if God opened the "Middle of the Week of Daniel", 1260/1290 to answer both Claims but God is still only observing "1290 + 1335 Days from the 70th Year" ....................... then maybe God will issue another statement at the appropriate time, only indicating that he is observing 42 Years, not that he is responding to it, 1335 Days from 9/23/2017 humanity still dies ................... the Temple in Jerusalem is still undestroyed ..................... if we are faithful, maybe god will dismiss the argument, and humanitie dies blind, we don't know, but we must keep watch........................Everything will be resolved this Year on 12/21/2018 .................... the language of the law simply doesn't support, "an appropriate time frame for God to address the issue")

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(Gentile Prophecy Summary Part 4 ................ Much Better Summary? Don't Know will Try!)

(we really should not add to daniel's figures with figures from revelation, because those figures are mixed with the "False Prophet/Gentiles") (Something Different)

Time, Times, Half a Time

1. 70 Weeks // 69th to 70th (One Week) // "Middle of the Week" (half of 7 years)

2. 70 Years // 2300 Days and 1290 Days // 1335 Days (to 153 Days)

3. 70 Years // One Week and Middle // Middle of the Week

(1335 Days past the 70th Year 9/23/2017) (2300 or 1290 days to the 70th year of 9/23/2017)


That All! (Dispute Summary)

1. "1290 and 1335" in Daniel for Middle of the Week

2. "1260/42 and 666" in Revelation for Middle of the Week


1. 1290 + 1336 = 2625 (Daniel the Prophet)

2. 1260 + 666 + 636 + 63 = 2625 (Gentiles the False Prophet)


(Add/Remove from the Gospel's Law, Daniel's Prophecy needs no addtion and no revelation ................... God did this ..................... God added additional detail because of the dispute for repentance, so, God says the "Middle of the Week = 1260/42" in Revelation, that is blasphemy, it already had a value, this ofcourse is just one of the various perspectives we've issued, and this is the most correct one so far!)

..................(Gentile Correction doesn't mean anything at all, because that is true, we've used details from the gospel to string this working theory .... Isaiah 17:6/2 Corin 11:24-25)

1. 1335 Days of Daniel to Global Death!

2. 1335 - 450 Days - 666 = 219 Gentile Correction!

(1290 Days to 9/23/2017 + 450 Days to 12/21/2018 for 666 Mark of Beast, which is 42 Years to 2060 A.D. Halley Comet/Issac Newton Prophecy)

Gentiles Believe that the 1335 Days of Daniel are abridge to a much longer Period! Based on the Destruction of Jerusalem's Temple or Gog and Magog Prophecy!

(My Previous Answer was this, "1290 Days to 9/23/2017 and 1335 Days to 5/21/2021 Global Death for Daniel! ................. OR ....................... 1290 Days to 9/23/2017 and then 30x15 (450 Days) and 30x42 (1260/42 Years) to 2060 A.D. Issac Newton) ("1335 is once again, modified for Gentile Prophecy of "Gog and Magog!")

(You can use, "Base 30", in the common number systems, Mayan or Prophetic Year, for an answer, or your can use, the figures God introduces for the dispute)

******* (God has not given us additional information yet, the only approximation for this, seems to begin 12/2018, or the language of the gospel just doesn't support the argument, its a fantasy God has snared the wicked with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (1260/42 and 666 = FALSE PROPHET!!!!)



(Much Longer Study, just some thoughts, not a real study, so very brief!)

(God is not really using two genealogies, not really) (this excerpt is easy example!)

LUKE 3:33 Which was [the son] of Aminadab, which was [the son] of Aram, which was [the son] of Esrom, which was [the son] of Phares, which was [the son] of Juda,

LUKE 3:34 Which was [the son] of Jacob, which was [the son] of Isaac, which was [the son] of Abraham, which was [the son] of Thara, which was [the son] of Nachor,

*MATTHEW 1:2 Abraham begat Isaac; and Isaac begat Jacob; and Jacob begat Judas and his brethren;

(One of these Statements from God are a "Lie", it did not happen, I can prove this too!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

GENESIS 38:8 And Judah said unto Onan, Go in unto thy brother's wife, and marry her, and raise up seed to thy brother.

GENESIS 38:9 And Onan knew that the seed should not be his; and it came to pass, when he went in unto his brother's wife, that he spilled [it] on the ground, lest that he should give seed to his brother.

Matthew's Statement is a Lie from God, it did not happen!

(Judah's Brethren that is Onan, did not give Seed, the entire Genealogy of Matthew is a LIE!!!!!!!!!! And the Gentile figure of "1260/42 and 666" is also a LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The entire genealogy of matthew is a LIE!)


(If 1260/42 and 666 are based on fictitious information and God wrote that, then what does it mean?!)

God has voiced his willingness for chastisement, that is the kind of expression God uses when he voices giving "Mercy to the Dead Church, like Holy Spirits, that resemble unclean frogs" ...................... God is naturally not going to do this until the "Gog and Magog" dispute is resolved, weather God reveals more about this or not, more about the Temple in Jerusalem's Destruction along with the People there, is something we have to see.


(Everyone Makes this Common Mistake with Daniel!)

70 // 1290 and 1335 // 1260 (42)

The language of the gospel is immediately broken, when the figures are mixed, so there's always lot of explanation!


70 Years // 1290 and 1260 // 30x15 (to 153 Days) ... (1335 is Principal not Literal)

At least in this example you have, 1290 Days to 9/23/2017 then 450 Days to 12/21/2018 (30x15) then 1260 or 42 years to 2060 A.D.


70 Years // 2300 and 1290 // 1335 (to 153 Days)

This is what Daniel is Teaching, the Book of Revelation is a Modifier!!!!!!!!!

All of this will be resolved on 12/21/2018 to Christmas, Very Soon! (Perhaps with Nothing Happening At All!)

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