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Testimony, God knows everything and His timing is perfect.

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Testimony of the day Jesus saved my husband from almost dying. It was near the end of the year 2007, I never wrote down the exact date. My husband worked nightshift on that night. I remember it was 20:00 when I walked to the kitchen and in the doorway I heard "Pray for Jannie's safety" I immediately walked in the kitchen and started praying for my husband's safety. The next morning when he came home, I asked him if anything happened that night. He said yes, I was almost dead. I asked what happened. (Back then he worked for a fuel pellets company where they made pellets out of sawdust) He told me he was standing in front of the furnace because the damper didn't want to work, so he walked out the door to the room where the controls was, to see if everything is okay there. In the meantime the furnace exploded. This happened around 1 o'clock in the morning. His bosses called him in and showed him on the video camera that it was about 8 seconds after he went away from the firnace, that it exploded exactly where he was standing in his direction. He would have been dead if he did not go look in the control room. We serve such an amazing God and He knows everything and everyone of us.

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