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What are members of Worthy’s thoughts on AA?  I have some, but I’d like to hear your thoughts. Oh! Unless drinking is only a problem for the lost and unsaved?

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I have no strong thoughts on AA either way..

Drinking is a problem to anyone who has a weakness for drinking to excess.. 

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Adstar I appreciate your response. I think Jesus makes all things new. But I understand people needing people also. My issue with it is having folks repeat every time: hi! I’m an alcoholic. I believe Jesus redeems us from alcoholism. Oh! And also homosexuality. We should no longer call ourselves those things. 

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Hi Kristen.

Great Question.

1 in 10 people are born with Alcoholism

If there's 200 people living in your street, 20 are Alcoholic.

They may all not be excessive drinkers, one might be a high court judge, another a garbage collecter, another a school teacher

and there might be a few unemployed that drink around the clock., Alcoholism doesn't discriminate, with Job title.

Those that find AA only,  1 in 5 remain abstinent from Alcohol (Ethenol) that stuff you put in your car.

Those that remain sober,  go on to live a productive and happier life.

They have learn't to forgive other's  and continue to do there own Personal Inventory ,

they commence  service work, or reach out to the still suffering Alcoholic. (I am sure Jesus Loves this)

Bill W was the Founder of AA in 1935, shortly before that,  he had a Epiphany in hospital after being three days sober.

Not many had hope for him before that, but that moment in Hospital changed his Life forever.

He was a stock brocker on Wall Street intelligent Man, and a Atheist, untill that night when God made himself Present.

AA has restored thousand's of lifes since. I have seen People that were written off  from society,

only to go on and live there Dreams, become Editors of large Magazine Company's etc etc,

Familys reunited, children with there spirit back,  thanks to AA.

AA is Great, because you are mixing with people with a common thread, people that have walked in your shoes.

They know what your going through, it's like you don't go talk to a Doctor, when your Car breaks down,

you go talk to a Mechanic. It's like trying to describe the taste of a Guava, to someone that's never tasted that fruit.

Alcoholics are born very sensitive people, they will often give the shirt off there back, they are beautiful hearted people

thats why we drank, we didn't want to feel the pain  of  the World.   Alcoholism  Preys on people

with wonderful Gifts  from God.  So AA is all about putting God into your Life,  every step of step 12,  is walked in unison with God.

There's a saying.   You can go through the suffering of change, or go through suffering the way you are.

AA works, i am a Living example, just about to get 10 years sober early next year, and Gratefull to God, and those in

AA that reached out to me. The only Friends today i have in my Life, are Christian Friends and  my Loyal AA mates,

they have proved there Friendship from the unconditional love they shone upon me. I wish my old Drinking mates,

had found AA,  but there Deceased unfortunately.

I hope this Message has helped with your  Question.

Blessings Friend.




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Thank you BrotherIan. I see what you mean. 

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9 hours ago, Kristin said:

What are members of Worthy’s thoughts on AA?  I have some, but I’d like to hear your thoughts. Oh! Unless drinking is only a problem for the lost and unsaved?

One of the foundations of AA is that addiction cannot be controlled by human effort alone, but that one must yield to "upstairs". 

The best is a Christian/Bible centered recovery program, IMHO.

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10 hours ago, Kristin said:

What are members of Worthy’s thoughts on AA?  I have some, but I’d like to hear your thoughts. Oh! Unless drinking is only a problem for the lost and unsaved?

The extremely short version of my shameful testimony with drinking and AA is as follows.

Started drinking beer shortly after I was in the military in 1970. Grew worse and worse over the years and decades naturally causing great personal problems in my life. Over those decades I believe I literally drank enough beer to fill an Olympic size swimming pool. I can't begin to tell you the number of hangovers I had, the marriage and employment problems, making a fool of myself, setting an example for my children, etc. There was no real joy or happiness in my life, just the next beer and getting drunk. Then not many years ago my only brother committed suicide. 

I won't go into detail, but I had felt the Holy Spirit working on me for some time. Every time I drove by this certain church (I drove by many), I'd hear a little whisper (or thought), Dennis, you need to attend a service there. I resisted.

Almost two years ago next month, it was a beautiful clear sunny day and I had nothing particular on my mind. All of a sudden something I can't explain (at the time) came over me. Side note: I'm a Vietnam combat veteran, spent many years in the military, and always projected myself as tough and hardened, I've never been a weak person.

On that day just about two years ago now, out of the blue, for no apparent reason and against everything I thought I was... I broke down like a little baby bawling uncontrollably, I was broken and needed fixed and dropped to my knees humbly seeking the Lord and His help. Among asking the Lord into my life I confessed my sins and repented and couldn't do anything by myself. 

I asked the Lord for three things, the first was I asked the Lord to take the taste of beer out of my mouth, I was an alcoholic. The second request I asked was He direct me to a Bible believing Gospel preaching church He would have me attend. The third, well I won't go into it because it was supernatural.

After my confession I immediately felt wonderful and new, instantly I had joy and happiness return to my pitiful life. Over the next few days I tried drinking a few beers but not get drunk. No doubt, this was the work of the Lord, beer had always tasted great to me, now it was bitter and bile and I couldn't stomach it anymore. I'd say I stopped completely cold turkey, but it wasn't me that did anything, it was the Lord that saved me. I completely and immediately lost my taste and desire for alcohol; I had no shakes, withdrawal's, cravings, nothing. Tell me, can AA do that?

Shortly thereafter, I stopped and attended this little country Baptist Church I felt the Holy Spirit prodding me toward for quite some time. What a wonderful church preaching the Gospel and friendly brothers and sisters in Christ. I've recently become a member of that church.

So, to answer the question of "thoughts on AA"? My response is; who needs a 12 step program with moderate success rates with secular thinking and treatment? When you can take it to the Lord and get a 100% healing and not look back. What AA 'might' be able to help some with over a long period of time and cooperation. The Lord can accomplish immediately with a 100% success rate!

The Lord has done so much for me, and by faith I will follow Him until He calls me home.

EDIT: I don't want the above to seem I'm disparaging AA, I'm stating my own personal experience. I know little about their program and wasn't aware if the Lord is part of their program or not.

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Thanks for sharing your Story.

My Story is a little Different to yours.

I grew up going to church every Sunday,  and Attending a Christian High School.

I was a defiant student, especially in Religous education class.

I believed, maybe there was a God, but i had a life to live, and didn't want to waste time with R/E

I left school, and went working around the Country side, from Shearing sheds, Cotton farms, Engineering shops, and just being a drifter.

I used to have the Phrase, Work hard, Drink hard.

Little did i know at the time i was pre disposed to Alcoholism.

My Grandfathers, were both in the War's  you see, and liked a drink after the War .

I end up in Rehab at aged 18, because a Kind Employer, seen i had a Problem,

and gave me the ultimatum to get help, or get fired from work.

I went to rehab, and AA, but something stirred within, i wasn't finished with the Party yet.

I traveled again, and at 32 yrs old, alcohol was taking a heavy toll, on my life.

I returned to Rehab.

I then started to Talk to  Jesus, and asked him to be my  best friend  i would go into the cathedral, when it was vacant,

and lye on the wooden seats and cry, my eyes out.

Mentally/Physically /Spiritually bank rupt.  I lye on the bed one day in rehab and scratched with a nail

in to the concrete wall, GOD HELP ME. I Prayed and said i will meet you half way,

i shall give my all, and can you help with the rest Please.

I forgot my end of the deal, when i got well, even though i had tasted serenity to a small degree whilst there.

and another Bender followed,  a few years later, i returned to AA,  was a relief hearing about people's stories

i used to think " HEY" they just took my thunder that's my story i was going to tell.

Relief at last, and finally the ears opened, i related to these AA people, i seen there sensitivity in which was instilled in me,

i heard what tools they used to combat, the restlessness, irritable, and discontent that sometimes popped up in there recovery.

and prevented them from taking the First drink  or becoming a dry Drunk.

And yes it was all about GOD. But also it was about cleaning up the Past, going and making amends to people i had Hurt.

It was about looking at my Character defects, where had i been selfish, self seeking, inconsiderate, unkind, 

the resentments i had harnessed, and taking stock, it was about, Helping other alcoholics,

it was a selfless program and what a sigh of relief i was starting to feel .

Sure i was going to Church inclusive, but no one there knew how i really ticked,

i had to do my AA meetings to be around folk like me, that had this Disease of Alcoholism,

i had to be reminded, where i came from, learn new tools to keep me arrested from picking up the first drink.

Years went by, i tried to educate myself and found myself Bullied/harrased, poisioned, drugged, intimidated, Physicaly mentally  harmed, stalked,

friends were silenced from me,  by A few government officals and there side Kicks , relating to reporting them for there conduct many years earlier in my

drinking days, Tortured  twice by them, i was encouraged to neck myself  Accused years after that of things i had not done, my life threatened, Intimidated for years after that.

Then last year, my body could not cope anymore, i had not been drinking for 8 years, and eating well, but i had a Heart attack, from the fear i injured

and was about to pass out, i gasped "GOD HELP ME"

and came good.  I went 3 days living scared in my house, with a ruptured artery not knowing this and to frightened to go to Hospital.

Got the courage, and went to Hospital, had surgery, returned home, and had 2 amazing Epiphanys happen in my Lounge room,

right next to where i had my heart attack. I recently posted Photos of what i captured on camera, but later felt the need to take photos off line.

I  ian 100% know there is a Loving GOD, i am at rest now, and no one can hurt me, they may try,  but believe me

they will have to answer to God and there conscience will never rest, if they don't Repent , and i PRAY to God they Repent to him for there Transgressions.

Like i said, coming from from a Kid at School, that was defiant about the Bible, to a Man today that Loves God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit

my Faith is Unshakeable, it is set in Concrete, my Faith is going to the grave with me, Thank you God for showing me You are

Present and the Creator, and thank you AA for the tools and understanding i have today, to never pick up that first drink,

and live in Harmony with my Fellow brothers and Sisters.


Love Brotherian 12/10/2018 1.15PM











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