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The Ark of the Covenant

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On 12/17/2018 at 8:29 AM, Uber Genius said:

Yep, your right.

I think Hume is the originator of the idea. But Bayes is the one to correct Hume's misunderstanding. So the extraordinary claims of miracles need evidence but, the likelihood of the alternative inference needs to be accounted for as well. So in the case of a claim of resurrection we might ask what is the chances that a claim of resurrection would make one's other claims (salvation is not found in any other name under heaven) more or or less credible. So why would they include it if false? Further why hang on to a lie that the Apostle's knew was a lie if someone were threatening to kill you for? So as hard as it is to beleive in a resurrection testimony given our background of X number,of years on Earth and no such stories, it is equally hard to beleive someone would lie about the testimony knowing they were going to be beaten, imprisoned, and martyred? So the unlikely claim is devised by an equally unlikely aternative explanation of the events under Bayes.

For more info see:


Not sure how this refutes or supports the claim the Ark is in Israel or Axum, or anywhere else. 

Also, in my mind, it makes little difference if a true claim is so proven in relation to other claims. Each has to stand on it's own merit in spite of past or future unrelated claims. I don't think it matters if a story told is a lie or not. People can convince themselves of anything and hold that lie to death. Illogic claims many victims, the Heaven's Gate cult is one example of many.

In any case I tend toward assuming the fervor of the followers of Christ is based on experience, both physical and spiritual, and much less on philosophical musings.

This to me is a slight against the spiritual and physical reality of the Lord:

"Might as well believe in God, if he doesn't exist you lose nothing, but if he does exist and you don't believe, you lose everything."

But I do agree the logic is sound. All things being equal people do not risk their physical being for a lie. But I do not believe one truth lends credibility to other claims, each must stand on it's own set of facts.



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On 10/23/2018 at 3:49 PM, DavidFilm said:

What you are about to read here is true.  Some facts you read below may cause you to go into denial.  Parts of what are covered, I have known for twenty years, and at first, I did not believe it.  To me, it was so far fetched, I could not wrap my brain around it.  But believe me, it is absolutely true.

The Ark of The Covenant
   Centuries ago, God raised up a man to lead the children of Israel out of Egyptian bondage.  His name was Moses. 
During their time in the wilderness, God told them to build a Tabernacle.  One of the things in it was to be an Ark of the Covenant, where God was to reside.  
In time, when they lived in Israel, King Solomon built a Temple, and this Ark of the Covenant was placed in the “Holy of Holies”.

Why am I saying all this?  Every year, on “The Day of Atonement”, the High Priest was to sacrifice a lamb, and sprinkle blood at the east end of the “Mercy Seat” of the Ark.  This was to be a reminder each year of an “atonement” for the sins of the people.  But it was not to take away their sins, but to “cover” them until the next year when he would do it again. 

Anyway, this was a “picture” of a day which would eventually come when their Messiah would be sacrificed to shed His blood once and for all to “take away” the sins of the world.  That day (sometime in the future), His blood would be sprinkled on the west end of this Ark.  

The people of Israel knew (to an extent) about this through prophecies, etc., but did not know a lot of the details of how or when all this would happen.
In 586 BC, a king Nebuchadnezzar, (king of Babylon) conquered Jerusalem, and wanted this Ark of the Covenant, partly because it was made of solid gold.  He knew where it was in the Temple, but when he went to take it, it was gone.  King Solomon designed an ingenius apparatus to get it out of the Temple in the event some army - some day - might invade Jerusalem.  And sure enough that was exactly what happened.  So in 586 BC, the Ark was taken through a secret subterranian tunnel, and stored in a secret chamber.

For over 500 years, generations went by, and for all intents and purposes,  the Ark had simply disappeared.  History has a way of burying the past.  In fact, generations have a way of “disappearing” in Israel, because they would “bury” their past with a new city on top of the old.  Only escavations would reveal the past.  
The Christian world understands that the yearly “day of atonement” in Israel history was a “Type” of what was to come.  Their Messiah would someday come and would shed His blood once-and-for-all for the sins of mankind, but they didn’t know the details of how it would happen.  
    When Jesus came on the scene, the Jews recognized Him as a Prophet, but not their Messiah.  They were looking for a King Who would setup His Kingdom, and put an end to their suppression and bondage.  But God had a bigger plan.  
    When He was tried by Pilate and Herod (the political leaders of their day), He was despised and rejected by the religious leaders.  They wanted Him crucified.  So He was crucified at a place called “Mount Calvary”.  It was a place where people were often crucified.  

     But it was the farthest thing from anyone’s mind that over 500 years before, the Ark of the Covenant was in a subterranean tunnel 20 feet underground - EXACTLY under the Cross that Jesus was crucified on!  Not only that, but also:

1-The moment Jesus died, there was an earthquake directly under the Cross. (Mt. 27:54)
2-The soldier pierced His side, and blood gushed out. (Jn. 19:34)
3-The blood ran down the Cross, into the earthquake crevasse and 20 feet into the ground
4-The earthquake moved the cover of the Ark, so that blood would be dripped onto the WEST end of it!
5-The moment finally came when the Messiah finally satisfied the moment when His blood was the atonement for the sins of mankind.
    How do we know all this?  
1-An amateur geologist did escavations under the very location where Jesus was crucified.
2-He actually found the Ark of The Covenant 20 feet below.
3-He took samples of blood stains he found there to get analyzed at a lab in Israel.
4-They discovered under a microscope that the blood cells were STILL ALIVE.
5-He had them check the blood chromosome count.  It contained  24 chromosomes - 23 from the mother, and one “y” chromosome from the Father!
This happened in 1999, and can be verified.
This is at: Alturl.com/vrsn7
Email: FilmDavidB@Yahoo.com

Blood was not sprinkled on the east or west end of the Mercy seat.  

Do you know what the Mercy seat is or was?

The BOX containing the slabs of stone with the Ten Commandments written upon them, a jar of manna, and Aaron's rod that budded, was called THE ARK of the Covenant. (ark=box)

The box TOP was called the Mercy Seat. (read Exodus chapter 25) It had a couple of angels parked on it to symbolize sealing of judgment - to keep it from getting out.

For anyone who doesn't want to bother reading God's word, try remembering the movie Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.  In one of the final scenes, the bad guys remove the Mercy Seat from the Ark.   Judgment and wrath sally forth and kill the whole crowd (except for our hero and his girl friend of course).  It is written that those who do not live by the Law will die by the Law.  Thus we see in the movie and in scripture that the Mercy Seat was meant to literally keep a lid on judgment.

BTW: Stephen Spielberg, who made the movie, is a Jew and paid deliberate attention to detail with regard to the design and meaning of the BOX and the box TOP.  He read the Bible.

But God's Law, which was contained in the Ark - the box, isn't all about judgment.  God provides for forgiveness too....as represented by the Mercy Seat. Both work together unto salvation.


Blood was sprinkled at the altar, which was located on the east side of the tabernacle (and later the east side of the temple).  It was the first piece of furniture one encountered upon entering the tabernacle/temple.  One must offer sacrifice before one gets anywhere else with God.  What is the appropriate sacrifice today?  Read on... 

On Yom Kippur, the Jewish observance of the Day of Atonement, the priest sprinkled the blood.  EVERY OTHER DAY, according to the Law written in Leviticus, individual Jews had to do it themselves.   The Law said people had to make the effort to slay the animal and to offer it themselves.  If we use the Law as a guide we see that God expects each of us to come individually to the altar of mercy bringing the appropriate sacrifice with us in order to obtain mercy from God.

What is the appropriate sacrifice?  It is the only sacrifice God will accept - the blood of Jesus Christ.....ACCORDING TO THE LAW.   Nobody can do it for us.  No priest can offer sacrifice for us and mindless reference to the goodness of the Law won't do it either.  The LAW says we must DO IT.  We MUST act and be personally deeply involved.   The Law is instruction, not panacea.  

Christ is the only sacrifice and we must come to God with His blood upon us to be saved.

Jesus, our High priest - dripping with the blood He shed upon the cross - sits on the MERCY seat (holding judgment in abeyance) extending His hands out to all who will embrace His generous offer of forgiveness.   Those who refuse to accept His offer are literally taking the lid off the box.  What lies within is too terrible to consider.

that's me, hollering from the choir loft... 

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