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All is Lost

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We have gathered together in the strength of our own hand. Trust in the power that we have created. Nothing has ever been made like this. Believe in what we have built.
Come now, let us go to war. What you see is what you get. I got it. Come take it from me if you think that you can. Look, the mighty Leviathan-See how great a thing this is-once was and will never be again.
The hull is breached. Send forth our defense. The defense is crushed. We are devoured-one by one-two-three. Our hope is gone-our faith is truant. Our love is forgotten.  Where oh man is thy strength?
Death and destruction has swallowed us up like the grave. Who now is mighty to save? All is lost. All is lost. All is lost. Perfect love is perfect truth.

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    • By FreDdy08
      Eventually, each of us who suffer from various forms of addiction will reach a deadly point of crises. Sadly most will not survive the obscene chaos found within it's wild distorted and polluted insanity.
      It is only when threatened with complete and utter annihilation-when skulking aimlessly upon the thresh hold of death and destruction; can some floundering individuals retire their selfish ambit...ion, self destructive animation and yes, self centered delusion to a power greater then themselves.
      Honesty, open-mindedness, and my being willing-are imperative to integral living and winning-start changing. Evolution becomes plausible but only through a queer sort of God consciousness-a spiritual awakening-that's what some have called it.
      Our new hope emerges-life is recreated and a type of normalcy only once dreamed of becomes our constant-definite and permanent-reality. Let us maintain our serenity; by following the order of its light-let go and let God to win your fight-why struggle against the debilitator of life-I am trying something new.
      Victory is attainable but nothing is free. Everything must change-old ideas-people, places and worn out tattered things-leave them alone-they must be replaced..new habits, fresh faces, happier places help to recreate...all of us..the one God wants-can you envision perfect love-you see it's not loss but great gain.
      Watch out-don't fall! We know failure taunts our hearts options-through lack of spiritual progression-Yet, the enemy won't defeat us if we share what has been freely given. Yes, perfect love will one day become my eternal heaven-a simple faith has set many lives in motion through conformity and devotion-prayer and meditation-I want it-need it-more then past failures...who’s with me? Let us take hold and possess it! FreDdy
    • By FreDdy08
      Revolutions modification
      Unique comparisons
      All different yet the same.
      Like a globe of faded color 
      faithfully moving forward
      One is ending 
      The next is ushered in.
      Then again, what if nothing changed? 
      Stale within the moonlight.
      Stonily in the daytime.
      Never new life.
      Nothingness birthed-
      A bromidic rhythm's curse-
      Undermining enchantments-
      Unspecified existence.
      Perfect love is perfect truth-
      Revolutions modification.
    • By FreDdy08
      Jack Frost has cast a spell. Straight from hell where Satan dwells. The hearts of men have waxed cold. We were warned, yes we were told-of caution signs to mark the times. Let's get it right. Let's love the light, before our souls turn to ice...before our souls turn to ice. All around ice-ganders lurk. Freezing hearts with icy smirks. Am I the only light that shines-from the vine? Lord, let us shine. Jesus now we need your help-to cause these icy souls to melt.
      There's a chill that's raging in her soul -an arctic blizzard that’s out of control. Bitter clouds fill her eyes so when she cries; snow flakes fly. She needs you Lord to keep her warm. I pray your love will calm her storm.
      Frigid nights cause the whites-of his eyes to splinter. He's cold and weary, all alone-in the dead of winter. Melt the poles of his soul-with the love of Jesus. Feel the heat. Ice-sickles flee. The enemy can't defeat us. I said the enemy can't defeat us!
      These icy souls need your love. Melt their hearts just because-You're the one who provides our strength. For this dear Lord we give you thanks. Let’s get it right. Let’s love the light before our souls turn to ice. Don't let your soul turn to ice.
    • By FreDdy08
      Self-righteousness pollutes our society today. Some people are made proud and pure in their own eyes. They are vindictive, unruly, and unjustified in stirring up chaos and strife among the fellowship of believers. Even the most simple of prayers may not be uttered publicly, in faith from the hearts of Gods saints. Brothers and sisters in Christ-this should not be! Injustice, insecurity, and insolence suffocate the very breath of life in this One Body of believers. We are accepting the lies of the destroyer. It is becoming obvious to me that the umbrella of protection has been damaged so severely that repair is imminent. Eradication of our hope for peace is impending unless we cry out together, here and now to our God.
      Are we so short sited that we can not righteously discern the presence of pure evil? Recognize the little imps by name: Hatred, Gossip, Lust, Betrayal, Strife, Division. These and a host of other impudent demons have infiltrated our ranks. We as humans are merely flesh and blood, created of dust for the pleasure of our glorious Father God and this diabolical force seeks to overtake our zeal for Him. We must bind them; cast them out of our presence in the mighty name of Jesus Christ-Gods precious Son.
      Therefore, I say boldly: stand up, stand out, and stand strong against this vial ravel that collectively and openly opposes our new life of love through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Make every effort to live a life of peace and mutual edification, united as one as our Lord Jesus and Father God are one in Spirit and in Truth. We must produce fruit in keeping with repentance while letting our faith, hope, and love prevail over darkness!   FreDdy
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