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My (newfound) life with Almighty God... etc!

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42 minutes ago, Debp said:

Patmen, thank you for your lovely, encouraging testimony!   I'm so glad to hear you are coming along so well.   And what a blessing that job is....full time and probably a promotion eventually!   How great!   Thanks again for letting us know of your situation.

Thanks, my sister in the Lord for your kind words... Amen!

I appreciate all your positive feedback... etc! I didn't realize that I was so loved by some of my brothers and sisters in the Lord on this truly blessed Christian Website on the Internet... Praise the Lord!  

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    • By PATMEN
      Hi, to all my brothers and sisters in the Lord...
      My ill mother from rheumatoid arthritis is not better... sadly! Her herbal treatments are causing my mother to be even sicker... I wil not explain the details... they are disgusting!
      I called the private nurse...again! She told me that there is not much to do... She will try to find a home doctor or the nurse will come to check-up my mother...again! My mother will perhaps not have the choice to go at the Hospital with a ambulance... sadly! I phoned my aunt this morning (she is a home care attendant)... She told me that my mother is suffering from kidney failure... yeah! This is becoming hard for me too... I don't want to be cold-hearted towards my dear mother... I cry alot, I don't eat much, loss some weight, feel tired and depressed... I have a massive headache too! I am not in good mental health and I am afraid of going crazy... help! I cannot imagine living without my mother...  We both need your urgent prayers... I will keep you updated... God Bless!
      Yours truly, PATMEN 
    • By PATMEN
      Hi Everyone,
      I wanted to share with you one of my favorite songs of all-time! This song was performed by many singers and it has many interpretations... too! My preferred adaptation of this song is performed by the Australian (Pop & Gospel) singer Tina Arena…
      I wanted to share it with you… Because, it is a song that is still relevant to me... since my teenage years! It is (somewhat) of a glimpse of my regular prayers that I do towards Jesus-Christ, my personal Lord and Savior, concerning my struggles and expectations in life... etc! 
      I consider this song has a hidden treasure in the secular music world. I strongly believe it is the case… Because of these wonderful lyrics in the song:
      Lord, help me to be strong, On this road I travel on, When I'm lost and lonely, Find me…
      I pray that this music video will be accepted by the WCF moderators so you can enjoy this song like I did many times in my life… Amen! Every time, I listen to this inspiring song… I am still in tears and emotionally touched by it… Enjoy, my dear brothers and sisters in the Lord… God Bless!
      Yours truly, PATMEN 
    • By PATMEN
      I feel like this old fishing boat... my permanent state of mind! 

      No replies or prayers needed… I am not worth it!
      Yours truly, PATMEN
    • By PATMEN
      Hi Everyone,
      I did not expect to post this early on the Maker’s Club… Regardless, this is my first wood carving I have ever made in my life. I just found this yesterday while cleaning up my basement in a forgotten cardboard box. I am not proud of it and (no wonder) no one wanted it and I am still stuck with this piece of whatever! LOL I used to love squirrels at the time… Now, I observe it like (some of you) it is actuality a dirty rat with a furry tail… disgusting!
      Regardless, I thought of posting the picture of it… Just to show you that I am not all talented in everything I touch in art & crafts! I may give this wood carving to my neighbor for some firewood… IDK? Don’t worry, I am just being sarcastic here… like always! It will remain from where I found it… in that old cardboard box! LOL
      Yours truly, PATMEN 

    • By PATMEN
      Hello Everyone,
      I am glad to have joined the Maker’s Club on WCF… First time being a member of any club on WCF… Unless, you could consider that I was once the owner of my own club on WCF (months ago...) about videogames! It did not worked… sadly!
      Regardless, I have been a lover of art & crafts since my childhood. I began drawing as a young child without any courses! A gift from our Heavenly Father… I believe! I also made my own cardboard (miniature) models with hot glue during my childhood. I made several things like helicopters, trains, racing vehicles… etc! I found my love for painting and wood carving with my art classes during high school... My art teacher noticed my many talents and asked me to become the cartoonist for my high school paper! I accepted and made several cartoons until the end of my studies... Now, I am mostly editing photos and drawing stuff (digitally) on my laptop with the software Adobe Photoshop!
      However, I never considered myself good with anything touching art & crafts… Even, if I won all the drawing competitions I ever participated on during my childhood and teenage years… not kidding! During those years, I mostly gave away all my art & crafts to neighbors, friends, family members and some even ended-up in the trash… sadly! I am a perfectionist and somewhat very tough on myself with everything I accomplish in my life… It’s like never good enough! 
      Recently, some of you on Worthy Chat and Omegaman 3.0 were interested in seeing some of my (acrylic) paintings! I strongly believe this is the best place to post some of my pieces here on the Maker’s Club on WCF with my welcoming message… LOL
      I hope you will enjoy seeing my last two (acrylic) paintings I still own at home… God Bless!
      Yours truly, PATMEN