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How it all Started

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It started when I was born. I asked my father questions he couldn't answer about Jesus when I was 5 yrs old. After that my life changed. I grew up as a nominal Catholic and at 18 I stopped believing God was real. I've been here at Worthy about 6 yrs but a Christian 40 yrs. I never could write a testimony but I always wanted to. Someone called Anonymous Agnostic asked me how I came to have faith and why was it specifically faith in God of the Bible? Previously, I told him strange things happened and he asked me to elaborate on them. What follows is my answer. It's only a small part of the story. But it's the best testimony I wrote so far. Therefore, I'm posting it. I know it's long. The whole story would fill a small book.

Strange things were several. First was kinda knowing something before it happen or we did it. This is called getting the word of knowledge, but I didn't know that yet. I also felt compelled to go home early from wherever I was on Sunday nights to watch the only 3 Christian type preachers on TV. One turned out to a false prophet. Another committed a really grievous sin and God took his ministry away from him. The 3rd is Charles Stanley who stayed faithful and is still on Sunday mornings. I only have broadcast TV. I know cable and satellite TV has dozens. But in the late 70's this was it in NY where I am. I usually didn't want to run home Sunday evenings by 7 pm, I had to even when I was having a great time. Often friends & family were insulted, but I was compelled. But I did not understand why. I didn't want to become a Christian, I thought they were weirdos or freaks. One night while at a cousin's house, who lived in a very small town, we were all sleeping there for a day at the beach. Suddenly, one of my Aunt's realized that we didn't have enough milk for the morning. Coffee, you understand. My cousin who lived there exclaimed, "oh no, all the stores close by 9 pm sharp". Which was true. But in my head, I suddenly knew if we got in the car right this minute we'd get the milk. My cousin said I was wrong and she insisted. I had drank too much to drive so another cousin drove me. There was only 1 store in that little town. We got there 4 minutes after 9, too late. I said no, and jumped out of the car. The store owner had forgotten to lock the door but as I walked in he yelled he was closed. He had cashed out his cash register. I begged that all I needed was a half gallon of milk and he reluctantly agreed to let me buy it. Everyone was in disbelief and the cousin who lived there was almost angry because I proved her wrong. She hadn't been wrong, the owner forgot to lock the door.    Now, before the DUI laws existed I was bar hopping one night, doing my favorite sin. Some man I had never seen almost seemed to be following me. I couldn't get any satisfaction that night. By the 3rd bar I went in, again that man was there. Strange. I did this sin every weekend and nothing like this ever happened before. In that 3rd bar I gave that man an unkind look but he said to me, "shooting with blanks tonight, are we?". He then looked away. How did he know that? It was strange. Another weekend I was doing my sin in NYC, I figured I was safe there. I went in a bar that had girls that work for the bar and play up to you only to get you to buy them a small expensive bottle of champagne, called a split. Back in the Wild West this might have been called a saloon girl. They sat and laughed and were nice to you as long as you kept buying them splits. (but that was all you'd get, her company) This girl asked me where I was from. I lied and said Babylon. She looked at me and exclaimed, "aren't you glad you're not from the original Babylon?". I was making a reference to one of the oldest cities in the Old Testament which was also very sinful. Apparently this girl knew what I meant. I didn't expect that from a saloon girl. Very strange. Do you see why I said I was being pointed towards the God of the Bible? I also ran into several old HS friends on different occasions who told me they had given their life to Christ. In HS these guys never spoke of God or church, nothing like that. Strange. Finally, I tried to read my mother's old Catholic Bible. There's nothing wrong with that but her Bible was basically the King James translation which to this day doesn't make sense to me. So I figured I tried, couldn't do it, now God would leave me alone. Ha!  One night (drunk again) I was doing a good deed. I was at a friend's house and he was about to beat on his gf's 13 yr old son. I pulled the kid out of the house and took him to a mall. I gave him money to go play video games. This was before even Nintendo. I was then just standing there minding my own business. Suddenly, as if from nowhere, this strange looking guy walks up to me, hands me a small book and walks away without saying a word. It was the only one he had, he wasn't passing them out, as I had seen that done before, but not like this. Btw, I ran to find him and he was nowhere to be found. He gave me something I didn't know existed. (I was God dumb) It was John's Gospel in the NIV translation which was brand new back then. Even while drunk I realized I could understand it. But I didn't really want to read the Bible but now I had to at least read this. Alright, I read it on the train while commuting to work. Remember, there were no tiny radios yet with headphones and computers were as big as an entire room. You had to do something for 45 minutes while on the train. I read John's Gospel and at the end was a phone # to order the entire Bible. Drat! I figured no worries, it'll be too expensive for me. I didn't earn much. $8.00 was going to be my limit $10 at the most. I called the #, I felt compelled to do so. Guess what? They'd ship me the whole Bible for $7.00 no tax or shipping charges. I had to buy it. Well, I made up my mind, up front, to prove to myself it's a load of malarkey and Christians are all nuts. But that didn't happen. It almost came alive. Not literally, but it was answering burning questions I had, and other days it addressed a problem I would face when I got to work. It's like it knew. When I read Genesis, I'd pause, look out the window and I'd see the ancient landscapes that were being described superimposed over the real landscapes. Very strange. Now, before all this a minor gf I had slept at my house and in the morning she spoke of Confucius, went to her car and got her book of the I Ching. I felt like she was leading me the wrong way and soon broke up with her. Jesus said, no one will go to Him unless The Father draws them. But I didn't know that yet. So much more happened that I could write a small book.

That was my answer and a small part of my testimony. Perhaps I will add more if the words come to me.

I know it's long, sorry for that. If you read it I hope you enjoyed it.


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