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What Really Is the Mark of the Beast

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On 1/10/2019 at 4:11 PM, PepperS said:

The mark of the beast is already here. If people are not in Christ, they worship the beast.

As Christians we don't need to make everything so complicated. Maybe simplicity just isn't exciting enough, wouldn't make for such enthralling books.

Perhaps you should spend some more time in Rev. 13.

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    • By Limey_Bob
      Why I am Post-Millennialist   (or a Spiritual Post Bi-Millennianist)!

      Post-Millennialism teaches that Christ comes back after the Millennium (portrayed as 1,000 years which is 10 - the number of perfection cubed; 10 x 10 x 10 = 1,000)! In Pre-Millennialism, Jesus is said to come back before the Millennium! There are three main pre-millennial schools, each of which relate to the specific timing of the Tribulation (pre-trib, mid-trib and post-trib). On the other hand, with regard to Post-Millennialism, there are two main schools, firstly that that Millennium is situated here upon this earth which will become more and more Christianised over time, a view which is held by many theonomists, but which I would happen to reject. Secondly, that the Millennium refers to the reign of Christ over the souls of dead saints, who are currently ruling with Christ, in heaven ever since his ascension, and that this (millennial reign), will last until his second coming.
                  This second view is the one I which hold to, basically it places the Millennium in heaven, where Christ rules over the souls of disincarnate spirits, during what is called the “intermediate state.” My own position has sometimes been called the A-Millennium view. But, I would reject that title, as it implies that there is no millennium at all, a position which I certainly and clearly have rejected. Also in much A -Millennium eschatology, Christ’s current reign is said to be within the hearts of his people (saints), many living upon this earth, which again as I stated I firmly reject, as I would regard the Millennial reign of Christ as exclusively situated in heaven. For this reason to save confusion, I am a Post-Millennialist, but one who would place Christ’s (spiritual) reign in heaven, as he is currently reigning, and this isn't a physical reign upon this earth, or within people’s hearts, he’s reigning in heaven NOW!
      Evidences for my position abound, namely Revelation 20:4 states that those people in the Millennium are said to be “souls,” which indicates only those dead saints in the intermediate state. Also, throughout Revelation, we repeatedly read of God’s throne being in heaven, for instance Revelation 4:2: “a throne set in heaven,” and Revelation 20:4 which states: “I saw thrones” which is speaking of those dead saints who are ruling with Christ, in heaven, during the intermediate state. So I’d argue that the Millennial reign has a heavenly setting, it is not based upon this earth, and neither is it within the hearts of God’s people, as many A-Millennialists have claimed! Also consider the idiocy of Christians assuming that Christ does not reign during the church age, or that this reign has no name, in either the Bible or in Christian Theology! It does have a name! it’s called the Millennium or thousand years!
      The phrase “a thousand years” is used six times in Revelation 20, traditionally, this refers to the Biblical period of human (biblical) history, personally I would not take it literally, a thousand is simply ten, which is the number of perfection cubed. However, of these six occurrences of the number one thousand, four refer from Adam to Christ, and two of these “one thousand years,” which specifically mention dead souls “reigning with Christ” at Revelation 20:4 and 20:6, apply to the church age, but with regard to Christ’s heavenly reign. Now seeing that this reign must be situated in heaven, and as every relevant mention of God’s throne in the Apocalypse is indeed set in heaven, the 1,000 years of verse 4 added to the 1,000 years of verse 6, gives us a period of approximately 2,000 years; from Christ’s ascension until his second coming which is the natural end of the intermediate state. For death itself is finished (done away with) at Christ’s second coming (1st Corinthians 15:23-26), this happens; “at the last trump” (1st Corinthians 15:52), that at Christ’s second coming, and not one thousand years after the second coming, as in Pre-Millennial eschatology.
      I have come to this position of mine after much dialogue with local Jehovah’s Witnesses (JW). I was intrigued that they, parroting the “latest light” from their Watchtower Society, claimed that Christ’s reign was not instituted at his ascension, despite Colossians 1:13 so clearly stating in the present tense, that at the time Paul had written this, Christ, was already a king over his own kingdom! These JWs would then reason that Christ’s kingdom was instituted in the year 1919, but as I pondered this, I came to realise that the Pre-Millennial view, so beloved of American Dispensationalists and their disciples within the Pentecostal movement, had many similarities to the JW position. Both positions failed to grasp that in scripture, be it the fall, salvation or Christ’s Kingdom, it’s always the spiritual first and then the physical second. So God was not lying when he said to Adam: “in the day you eat of it you shall surely die” (Genesis 2:17). Adam ate the fruit, but his fall was spiritual immediately, his physical death happened much later. So too in salvation, we are saved spiritually first, but the physical redemption of the body is a still future promise, after Christ’s second coming, and that despite what the Television money preachers on TBN and GOD TV will tell you (Romans 8:23).
      Finally, the first resurrection of Revelation 20:6 is obviously spiritual, (i.e. it refers to the salvation of the soul/spirit), that is of disincarnate “souls,” who are currently reigning with Christ during the intermediate state, which is a period of possibly 1,000 + 1,000 = 2,000 years, if you wish to take these numbers literally as American Dispensationalists like to insist upon. Now although it is not specifically mentioned by name, the second resurrection must be the redemption of the physical body mentioned at Romans 8:23, for remember that the Bible  puts the spiritual first and the physical second with regard to both the fall and also to salvation. This (physical) salvation happens at the last trump (1st Corinthians 15:52), that is at Christ’s second coming, and not one thousand years after the expiration of some strange earthly millennium, of the saved and unsaved, living together as both disincarnate spirits (souls) as well as people with their souls upon this earth! Finally, remember that the “day of the Lord” (1st Thessalonians 5:2), which comes as a thief in the night, isn’t referring to the first part of some double-barrelled second coming, called the “rapture,” there is only one second coming and that permanently ends the intermediate state, which I maintain is the (spiritual) reign of Christ in heaven over the souls of his disincarnate saints.
      Thank you for considering my point of view. I am far from perfect and I'm open to help and correction.
    • By Endtime_Survivors
      Hi all. Here's another video, this one about the Mark of the Beast. It's a bit longer than the other videos (a run time of 18 minutes) and it comes in 3 parts (the other 2 parts will be released later).

      The video attempts to detail how the Mark of the Beast will almost certainly manifest itself as a microchip implant in the hand for buying/selling and how various strategies for taking it are being developed and disseminated to the general public.

      I look forward to some lively discussion.
    • By Endtime_Survivors
      Hi all. Here's another video produced by some friends of mine. It's 6 minutes, so not too long. There is a rather intimate link between prophecy and the teachings of Jesus. After all, the angel from Revelation 10 tells us that the spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus. The video examines the relationship between Jesus' comments, in particular, about serving two masters and the Mark of the Beast, both of which heavily revolve around our relationship to money.

      I look forward to hearing what others think. Lets get some good discussion going about the Mark of the Beast and personal motivations!
    • By Endtime_Survivors
      Hi all,
      My friends and I made a short video (only 5 minutes). A good many of you would probably already be familiar with the content but I'd still be keen to hear your thoughts on our perspective and perhaps get some good discussion going about the various theories and possibilities. Let me know what you think.
    • By Endtime_Survivors
      Hi all.  This is the first chapter in an animated video series (of 25 chapters) detailing how prophecy could play out in practical reality. It's a work of fiction, but I believe it does a pretty good job of lining up with prophecy and the spirit of Jesus' teachings from the gospels.
      In the first episode America is destroyed in a surprise military strike by Russia, which brings about a domino effect for a series of further prophetic events.  The story focuses on a family who is forced to take shelter in the basement; they had always believed that they would be raptured before all the trouble started. Now they must come to terms with what's happening around them and find a way forward through the coming years.