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All Your Abortion Questions Answered on ProLife Site

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Abortion:  101+  Answers

Here are some sample questions answered:

Basic Q&A
Is an unborn child a person?
Does an unborn child have a soul, and if so, when?
Is a preborn child 'less' than a human being?
Why should a pre-born child be given equal rights as an adult?
Should it matter whether the child is inside or outside the womb?
Does a child who is unable to survive outside the womb have the right to live?

Reasons Not to Have an Abortion
Considering an abortion? What is the first thing you should do?
Abortion Methods:  the most common abortion procedures
Resources to get help
Testimonies from post-abortive women
Testimonies from former abortion workers
What to do if you are being harassed or coerced into aborting...

Medical Q&A 
When Life Begins:  The Consensus of the Scientific Community
When Does Pregnancy Begin:  At Conception or Implantation?
Does the unborn child meet hospital/emergency room criteria for 'life'?
How Does a Preborn Child Differ From a Mere Clump of Tissue?
“Fetus”:  What is the original meaning of the word?
Does the unborn child exhibit self-motivated activity, self-awareness/consciousness, and the ability to communicate - is it a sentient being?
Is the Preborn Child a Part of the Mother's Body?
Should a Preborn Child be Considered a Human Being or Just Human?
Is abortion an act of violence? Here are testimonies from abortionists...
What if the Mother's Life is in Danger (ectopic pregnancy)?
Why do pro-choice advocates appeal to the rare case when the mother's life is in danger?
Real Cases Where the Mother's Life was in Danger
Why do physicians recommend abortions when the mother needs chemo or is inadvertently given a medication which is harmful to the unborn baby?
What are some medical complications after having an abortion?

More Basic Q&A
Do 'Unwanted' Children Result in More Cases of Child Abuse?
Why Are Post-Abortive Women More Likely to Abuse Their Children?
If you don't like abortion, then don't get one!
Common Reasons for Abortions: If the reasons aren't justified after birth, why are they justified before birth?
Why Bring a Child into an Overpopulated World?
Why should we bring an unwanted child into a starving world?
Why Bring a Child into a Miserable and Violent World?
Can We Afford to Pay for Children Born With Deformities?
If pro-life advocates are not willing to adopt every unwanted child, what right do they have to speak out against abortion?
Isn't it Judgmental to Call Abortion Murder?

Legal Q&A
Laws Protecting the Preborn vs Abortion:  A Legal Contradiction?
Laws Protecting Newborns vs Abortion:  Another Contradiction?
Why Should an Unwilling Woman be Forced to Carry a Child?
Who has Greater Rights:  The Preborn Child or the Mother?
Does current law allow abortions up to the point of birth and for any reason?
Did Making Abortion Legal Also Make it Safer for Women?
Is it true that prior to Roe vs. Wade in 1973, there were 5000 - 10,000 deaths per year from illegal abortions?
Where did the false statistic of 5000 - 10,000 annual deaths originate?
Will outlawing abortion force women to use coat hangers?

Even More Basic Q&A
Shouldn't Women Have the Right to Control Their Own Bodies?
Isn't abstinence an unreasonable expectation?
Would you take away a woman's right to choose abortion?
Having a choice in abortion promotes personal freedoms in society
Is 'Choice' a Personal Choice or a Criminal One?
Should Men Have the Right to be Pro-Life?
Doesn't legalization of abortion promote freedom of the individual?
What about post-abortive women who claim they're "not sorry"?
Are Abortion Rights the Same as Womens' Rights?

Religious Q&A
Is Abortion Mentioned in the Bible?
Are Christians Obligated to Speak Out Against Abortion?
Exodus 21:  What Does it Say About Abortion?
Does Abortion Uphold or Violate the Golden Rule?

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