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    • By Behold
      When we think of the phrase "using someone", then most of us immediately have the idea of a person who is carnally manipulating someone else.   Another way to think of it is "taking advantage" of someone.  In Both cases, its wrong.   But with God, using Him, is Faith.   Let me explain.... Let say you paid  $100,000 for your kid to have the opportunity to take up space in a 4 yr Ivy League College, where they'll turn them into a politically corrected Christ Rejecting Socialist the first 2 yrs, then bake them until well done, the final 2 yrs. Now, any College will do this to your child for your money, but those will, most especially.  Yet, you paid to USE what they OFFER.  So, in this case your using their educational system, is your right, it is what you have paid for, its what you are supposed to do. Sure.   Now with God, ... He has paid with the Blood of Jesus, for you to come and use Him. If you are born again, then you have an open door of continual access to God, BECAUSE of what Christ has done for you. God actually sent the Bread Of Heaven down here to Die, so that by purchasing you back to Him with Christ's Blood, <>redeeming you for all eternity<>, you are given full access to God. 24/7, for as long as God lives. Listen, 100 yrs after you are passed from this earth an into God's glorious  eternity, you wont even remember that you were here.   So, what does it mean to be "Blood bought", and have full access to God? Its means you ALWAYS have full access to God.  That's literally what it means to be redeemed. You are redeemed from judgement for your sin, (Hell).... & you are redeemed from the curse of the law, so that the Law is no longer your JUDGE. The Law can't judge the born again, and God won't judge the born again, because JESUS has already been judged and SLAIN....>HE DIED.   = THERE IS YOUR JUDGEMENT DO YOU in ETERNITY......It fell on Jesus, on Earth. = The Cross. ITS GONE. !!   When the new Testament tells you that Jesus is the Light of the world, and that you have been translated from darkness TO LIGHT, this means you have entered into a  brand new eternal identity ("in Christ") and new situation. (New Creation IN Christ).    You are now God's.  Literally.  Bought with a price.  And that price is the Blood of Jesus.  You are NOT your own.  You are under NEW OWNERSHIP....  Jesus's BLOOD paid for you to belong to God, and not just until you mess up again...  The Blood of Jesus, is the Grace of God, and where your sin is found, God's Grace is greater then your sin.  IT not only covers it, but God does not even remember it.   Romans 4:8 goes even deeper into the Revealed Light of Redemption.   The Payment for all your sin Who Himself bled on the Cross...... is eternal, because the Blood that paid for your forgiveness is not ordinary Blood.  No, its GOD's Blood.   Jesus is God... And Jesus shed God's Blood for YOU, which is WHY its an eternal sacrifice... Once and for ALL.  Tho, this Holy Redeeming Blood is only APPLIED by God to those who BELIEVE and are Born Again.  Jesus said... "YOU MUST be Born again", and His Holy Blood poured out  provides the only means that God accepts to accept you, or anyone. Its available to everyone.   This SALVATION. This Free Gift of Righteousness.  This justification before God, BY Faith......   But, not everyone will BELIEVE.    Satan rejected God, because he wanted to be God.  The angels that followed Satan, rejected God.   Jesus the Christ, IS God.   So, Unbelievers down here, CHRIST REJECTORS..... are doing what Satan and his followers did, up there, and the end result is the same for them all.   Jesus said that if you do not believe in Him, believe that He alone is the Savior-Messiah, then you will die in your sin.  And you'll do more then that.  You'll meet God as eternal Judge upon your death,  and you'll pay for your Christ Rejection, forever.   So, reader, if you have not trusted in Christ, then do it now...... Now.   If You will take Christ into you heart right now, then God will take you into His heart, forever...... That God's Promise.  God is waiting for you, all your life.   He is not Lost, YOU ARE....... So, once God's Redeeming Blood has made you GOD'S Child, His property, His BODY of CHRIST, BORN AGAIN....then as God's Body of Christ, God actually wants you to USE HIM constantly, by Faith.   Now lets talk about that...     God is Love, and God has a work.  His work is to SAVE,  HELP, to RESTORE, to BLESS, TO HEAL, and to ENLIGHTEN, all of His Children, and to finally transform them into the very likeness of Jesus The Christ when you meet Him. And allowing God by your Faith to help you, with EVERYTHING,  is how you use God.   Using God, is to allow Him by you Faith, to do for you what HE LOVES TO DO.  As all this is just God manifesting His Love, as all these imputations. as all this HELP.   Love, God's love, is God doing for you because He Loves you....... exactly Like He Gave Christ to you as a GIFT.   If you are born again, then  You already USED His offer, you accessed It, you took advantage of God's Goodness, when you trusted in and believed on Christ, and God Saved you.   Using God, is to seek God by faith to do what His Love wants to do for you all the time. When you use Him, you are giving Him the FAITH that He says, pleases Him, and if you don't, you are not pleasing Him as He would want you to do it, constantly. Faith, is using God to give His supply  into all your needs and create inside you the God type happiness that He wants you to have, "the Joy of the Lord".   All this "riches in Glory" is gained when you by faith, use Him,  and He thereby does His heavenly work for you as He WANTS TO DO. God loves to be used for your benefit. He wants to be used by your Faith, as this pleases Him.  Be sure you do it.
    • By Behold
      How did Jesus become our Savior. ????   Well obviously He is the reason you go to heaven. (Savior),= because you are born again, because you BELIEVED, and God  ACCEPTED your Faith, and gave you (made you)  His Righteousness.  ("New Creation IN Christ") Now its true that He was the Savior, always, even as a baby.....or as Simeon in Luke Ch 2, said.. "My Eyes have seen God's SALVATION", as he beheld baby Jesus. And in John 1:10, when Jesus "stood on the world HE CREATED", He was standing there as Savior of the World, He Created,  Colossians 1:16.... tho He had not saved it yet.   So, what 2 things did Jesus have to do, to BECOME our savior?   1.) He had to meet ALL the requirements of the LAW, and not fail. 2.) He had to die on the Cross, which means He became our sin bearer, our redeemer, our Justification, and our Blood Atonement.   In doing these 2 things, He became, our Savior....Literally, even if you are not  yet saved. See, here is the thing.... Jesus is LORD, no matter if you believe it or want Him to be.  And He is THE Savior, no matter if you are saved. Jesus does not become these things, once we believe them, but rather He is already, both.   One of the light-bulb moments a serious student of the New Testament will have, is when they realize that Salvation does not start when you believe....it is in fact finished 2000 yrs ago when Jesus walked out of that Tomb. It only becomes yours, when you believed.  Its APPLIED TO YOU< because you believed...  It was already there fo the lastr 2000 yrs.  Salvation was in the foreknowledge of God, before He even created Lucifer or the World or the Sun. Its been around for a while.  Salvation is something that Jesus finished 2000 yrs ago.  You get to have it, if you will believe.  If you do, then God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit, take up residence inside you, and because Jesus has obtained eternal redemption for you, and because He Himself IS Eternal life, that He Gives to you, then you are sealed into the Eternity of God Himself, and never let anyone try to convince you otherwise., as they are lying to you, Saint.   We can see that dying for sin is obvious as this explains the Cross.   God is judging Christ in our place, with those spikes, and that Crown, and that scourging  that came before Jesus was lifted up by those Spikes, between heaven and earth. Yet, before He could satisfy God's righteous judgment against our sin, by dying for our sin,  by becoming our sin....    Jesus first had to meet the requirements of the Law, so that this "curse of the law", could be taken off of us.  And Saint, never let a heretic try to put that Law back on you that Jesus shed His Blood for=  to deliver you from.   So, how did Jesus himself fully meet all the requirements of the Law?   He met them all, by being....... "God is Love". Jesus is God, and God is Love. See,... "love fulfills the Law". So you have this verse... :      Romans 13:10. "Love does no harm to a neighbor; therefore love is the fulfillment of the LAW."   We as the born again, understand that all the law and commandments found in the (Torah - Old Testament) are fulfilled when we keep the NEW Commandments, that Jesus gave us. And when we fail, this is a time to begin again and be thankful that JESUS DIDN'T FAIL. Jesus said,  """Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment.  And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. """   So, the way Jesus fulfilled the law, so that the curse of the law was taken off the Redeemed, was to LOVE. Thats how He did it. GOD IS LOVE, AND JESUS IS LOVE. Remember this verse ???   John 15:13.  "There is no greater love than this—that a man should lay down his life for his friends""" And there is Jesus laying His life Down, on the Cross, and not just for His friends, but for His ENEMIES. That is LOVE.......That is how GOD LOVES..   And the way we stop sinning, is not by straining to try to stop.  Its not by fasting ourselves from the world.  As in both cases, this will actually cause you to be more drawn to the very sin you are trying to force yourself to stop doing. Remember that Christ said......."apart from me, you can do nothing" .. You can't bear Christian Fruit, .. You can't stop sinning.... and you can't LOVE Like GOD.......APART from Jesus. So, the way you do all this, is to be filled with God.   Paul describes this as.. "it is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me"..   Here is the math... God is Love.  If you are filled with God, then you are filled with LOVE.  And this love, is the Power of Christ to keep those 2 commandments. The lifelong process of being "conformed into the image of Christ" that is fulfilled entirely when we meet Jesus....(Our Eternal Inheritance)..... This process of conforming is literally the process of being conformed into the Love Of God. The more like Christ we are, the more OF God's Love we have become.     blessings,     B
    • By Behold
      Do you ever just adore Jesus?
      Do you have a quiet and hidden place where you can just adore the Lord of Glory?   IN your bed, in your closet, in your car ??????
      Do you ever just say......."oh Jesus, you are so beautiful.  You are so beautiful...... you are the  King of Heaven,  the Prince of Glory,  the Prince of peace.
      Oh Lovely Jesus, you are the Lord, you are the Glory of God, you are the King of Kings, you are perfection, you are AMAZING GRACE.  YOU ARE LIFE.
      Who is like you Lord of Glory, who is your equal, who is like you......there is none Lord, You are the beautiful one, the perfect one, the Holy one.
      You alone are savior, peace, hope... You are the heart of God, and the Love of God..  You are the mighty one, the tender one, the rose of Sharon, the pearl of great price, the LIVING TRUTH. 
      You are the very Blood of God, shed as the eternal love of God freely given.
      There is none like you beautiful one, there is only you, the hope of God, the light of Heaven, the lovely lovely lovely lovely lovely, JESUS .
      Thank you for your cross, thank you for your blood, thank you for your name that is above every name.
      You name is the sweetest that ever was,  or that ever will be...
      Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus, thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU... !!!
      Jesus is SO worthy to be praised.
    • By Behold
      Before i write this Thread's simple message, i wanted to again encourage you, all of you, to go to your local Gym and sign up.
      Many people use "Planet Fitness", but, whatever, no matter which, find one, and use it.
      Your phone book, or just looking on the Web for Gyms in your CITY or TOWN, will give you several options, i would predict..
      What age should you start?    If you are 16 and over, then go to a gym.  Use a cane?  Have issues walking?  Need someone to watch your dog?    Go to a gym.
      A gym is  a fountain of youth waiting for all, reader.  It'll change your life for the better if you will go and be consistent about it.
      IN 2 weeks, or less, you'll feel very comfortable going, as you'll see the same people......etc, etc, etc.
      IN less then 2 months, you'll begin to truly realize why im telling you to go.
      In 6 months, and until a year, you'll be saying to yourself.   "why did i never do this"... "I feel SO GOOD !!!!! "
      AND IT only gets better.....Try it.  You'll see.
      So, i wrote a fairly detailed Thread yesterday "Eternal Security <> Salvation", and i hope you were able to read it and become even more secure in your Redemption if you already are, and if you are not, i hope that Thread and most of my Threads will help you to have a new understanding, a true understanding regarding God's Love poured out on you as an Eternal Redemption, thru the BLOOD of Christ.
      If you did read it yesterday, thank you, and i want to supplement it now with this Thread.  And you can recall from the previous Thread's topic...... that Jesus will never leave you.  Which explains WHY "Christ in you IS YOUR HOPE OF GLORY"..... And "hope of glory" means, you are going to heaven, expect this, look for this, and be happy about it. (HOPE).    "Glory" is eternity with God with Christ..  Its everything that you will encounter after you are either Raptured or you die.  And its all GOOD, and so good is it, that it has not even entered into your imagination, what God has prepared for those who love Him  who are justified by Christ's blood.
      As i was driving to the Gym this morning, i was thinking about teaching the simplicity of salvation, as this is not always taught in a way that allows it to be seen in its simplicity.   Now, ive taught the Grace of God all over the world, to people of many different cultures.... French, Asian, Russian, Muslim......etc..  And so, i learned that for Salvation to be understood as Jesus would want, for the benefit of the hearer, i need to be clear.
      So here is a clear understanding of becoming saved..    Lets say,  You are not saved.  This means you are not joined to God and His Family and to Christ.   The barrier is your Sin.   Your sin has made you UNRIGHTEOUS..... So, Salvation is God's method of making you Righteous.    Thats it.   Thats all it is...   You have no righteousness and so, you can't be joined to a Righteous God, whose name is HOLY.   So, you have a prob.   How do you get the righteousness that you need so that you can be a part of God's righteous family?  And this is where all ideas and false theology and "religion" bite the dust and die.   See there is nothing you can do, of yourself, to become righteous or STAY righteous.    You can't of yourself do either.     God knows this, so, He provided His very own Righteousness for you, as "the gift of Salvation", "the gift of Righteousness".   The main difference between an unbeliever and a believer is that the believer has been given God's righteousness, as a gift.
      God righteousness, functions as a completed righteousness.   Its all of it given to you, at once, and its sealed unto you, into you, and on you, until your day of redemption.  (When you meet Jesus).   God's righteousness Its Jesus on The Cross saying , "it is finished", and proving this is TRUTH by walking out of His Tomb....ALIVE.
      All of this is defined by and as GRACE.   Grace, God's Grace, defines all of it.   God's Grace, is Jesus.    God's Grace is GOD making you Righteous.   And the Righteousness He Gives you, comes from Jesus... who IS your Righteousness.
      Jesus is your Righteousness.   If you are born again, then you have Jesus's Righteousness in place of your unrighteousness.  Being "in Christ" means you are BECOME the Righteousness of Christ.   This happened because God MADE YOU RIGHTEOUS when you FIRST BELIEVED.   And in fact, you are exactly the same Righteousness as Christ, right now, and forever, if you are born again.
      Being SAVED, means you have Jesus in your heart, and in your Body.  And Jesus said He will never leave you.....  Being Redeemed means you have Jesus's Righteousness, in place of your unrighteousness.   God dying as Jesus on the Cross is how God accomplished this for you.   Jesus's sacrifice of Himself for you on the Cross, is how His Righteousness is given.... God then takes this Righteousness and offers it  as "For God so loved the world, that He GAVE"..... And everyone who will call on the Name of Jesus, believing in their heart the Gospel, ... God sees each heart that does this, accepts this faith AS Righteousness,  and He then takes  The very righteousness of Himself, which is Christ's righteousness, and (imputes) GIVES IT TO YOU, and it becomes you.  You as the "new creation in Christ" is you becoming God's very righteousness.  "Christ in you", is what causes it, and you being "in Christ" is the result.
      And then it gets even better.   Thats right, it gets even better.  .....
      First lets look at some words that actually mean "Grace", which actually mean "Jesus".    Understand that Jesus is Grace.  God's Grace IS Jesus... Jesus is Salvation.   Jesus is Righteousness.   Jesus is the Blood Atonement.   Jesus is Redemption... Jesus is Eternal Life   So, if you have Him inside you, if you are born again, then you have all those inside you, also.  = Hallelujah !!  .... And because Jesus said He will NEVER LEAVE YOU, then all of those concepts, that are your "Christ in you" reality..... are also never Going to leave you.  Not ever.
      Simplified ??     =   Because Jesus will never leave you, then Redemption, Eternal Life, The Blood Atonement, Justification, Sanctification, also will NEVER LEAVE YOU.
      So, do you see how God's Grace just keeps getting better and better?   All of that is in you, because Jesus, who will never leave you, is in you.
      And here is the icing.   Here is the pièce de résistance........  Philippians 1:6
      """"Being confident of this very thing, that God which hath begun your Salvation in you will Himself perform it, until the day of Jesus Christ""
      Saint......Notice this verse carefully, as its a Gold Mine in a universe of Glorious Hallelujah's .
      This verse is one of the greatest verses in the bible, maybe the greatest verse in the New Testament, outside of  "God is Love and For God so loved that He gave, Jesus."
      This verse is telling you something, very very very important.  Seal it in your heart.  Deeply.
      Its telling you, that you can have Confidence in the reality, and the truth, regarding the FACT that God HIMSELF who started your Salvation, (made you Righteous) is Himself Going to Complete it for you..... until you meet Jesus.   
      So what is the simple understanding of this verse?   It means that God's salvation, that is given to YOU as a Gift, is all in His hands to complete for you, and He promises He will.
      It means that YOU DONT COMPLETE IT.......  He DOES !!
      What you do, is try to please God with your life, that is your Discipleship, but that is not your Salvation.  Your salvation is for God to complete, after Christ has become "Christ in you".
      Do you want the Koine Greek, and the Ghetto version, understanding?   Do you want it right across the plate so that you can give it your best swing?
      Saint, this verse means, that God created HIS Salvation, that you dont control.  A Grace, that you dont maintain.    A Redemption that you dont supervise.   Its simply means that God created His righteous merciful GRACE that saved you,  so that you can't mess it up after it does.
      And that is why you can't lose your salvation.  Its because God who started it, is the Same God who will finish it FOR YOU.
      Not you.   Him.
      Philippians 1:6
      This verse is simply teaching that The God who saved you, will Himself, keep you saved..... And as the verse tells you, you are to have CONFIDENCE IN GOD to do it.
    • By Behold
      Debp has been posting some informative  (video), recently.
      God bless you sister.
      One of the helpful videos she posted is regarding the church wide, world wide, heresy  : "Lose your salvation".   This heresy can be phrased many ways, including "walking away from God" , "walking away from your faith".  But no matter how you phrase it, the Grace rejecting aim of the people who show up on forums and in pulpits and online , who are teaching this Galatians 1:8 message, is the same.  They Want to indoctrinate you into their harmful theology.
      Now i have a strong and unrelenting point of view about this heresy, because i have seen the damage it causes churches, Christians, and the heretics themselves.   This theology is an extreme spiritual poison. Its an infection of the mind and spiritual condition.  It literally can make you crazy.  Especially if you are a sincere and  true believer who above all things wants to please God.
      The True Believers, if they are caught up in this hellish circular reasoning theology, become  more and more upset and there is NO simple remedy.  See, what happens if you get infected by the people who are spreading this spiritual deceit, is that the bible and the devil begin to work together to condemn you to the point where you will begin to obsess on the idea that you are lost, and hell bound.   The bible becomes a punishing enemy as all it seems to do is show you that you are going to hell.    Ive seen it.  Ive visited the mental health center and witnessed the mind damage and the broken spirit.   This  person,  who has been deeply mentally disturbed by the people who mean to do it,.... they can't open a bible and get any Help.  Prayer life becomes a guilt trip.  They cry  and shake and feel sick.  Their lives become so disrupted by this screaming idea that they have committed the unparsdonable sin, or they have willfully sinned their salvation away.  And all they had to do to be destroyed was show up on a "friendly" Christian Forum and read someone's Thread regarding "losing your salvation".  This particular Thread Topic is reposted constantly on every Christian Forum that will allow it.   And the next thing  this sincere believer  thinks is, "what if i did this".... and then the bottom falls out of their lives as the devil begins to work their minds into worry and fear  to try to  literally destroy them. 
      FYI.  : The Epistle to the Hebrews, is a spiritual bear trap.  Its a book that will tie a novice baby Christian in a knot for life.  This book is so strong, so powerful, that when a novice gets into it, having no sound theology to lean on, no soul anchor of Grace,  no deep understanding of Redemption,..... they will end up for the rest of their life preaching one message.  "you can lose your salvation".   That is what happens to everyone who get lost in the Epistle to the Hebrews, because they never became grounded in GRACE and "Justification by Faith" theology Truth..... BEFORE they jumped into this DEEP DEEP Epistle to the Hebrews.
      Listen Saint, the bible is not  a fun filled novel.  Its a Spiritual Awakening Experience, written as words in Jesus's Blood..  Understand?  And the unclean spirit , Satan, uses the bible to harm you, if he can.  And do you think he can't?   He was here before Adam.  He was looking over Paul's shoulder when Paul was getting his letters out to the Churches.  He sent Muslims their Bible.   He lifted Jesus up by His power and took him to a high place, and showed the Lord of Glory a few things...  Satan is alive, just as certain as Jesus is Risen.   And he is not playing with you.  He wants your LIFE if he can't get your soul, and if he can't get ither because you are born again, then he'll send a heretic into your mind, using a pulpit, a commentary, an online website, a family member, a christian forum..... who will try to make you believe that the Blood of Jesus is actually you keeping yourself saved.    
      Now you think about that.....   They will try to make you believe that the atonement is actually YOU keeping yourself saved,  OR NOT.
      There are 2 Gospels that are preached.  One is From the New Testament,  and one is from the Devil.   The bible preaches that God MADE you righteous and keeps you righteous, HIMSELF, if you will believe in Christ.  This is called being born again.  This is God becoming Jesus the Man, and taking His very righteousness and giving it to you, in place of your sin, and unrighteousness.   This is Redemption.  The Blood Atonement.
      The Devil's gospel teaches that your works make you and keep righteous, your commandment keeping keeps you saved, and your obedience is your Cross that you hang on, to save yourself.
      God's Gospel, is :  "i will save you and keep you saved. ".  using the Blood of Jesus.
      The devil's gospel, is everything else.  And everything else including  the person who is teaching works for salvation...... is Galatians 1:8
      Let me talk to you now about Eternal Security.
      Eternal security : is Christ in you.  This is your Eternal Security.    Being Saved once, and always, is Christ in you, who is HIMSELF eternal Security.  Jesus said that He gives you eternal life and you shall never perish . (lose it or be parted from it.) 
      1 John 5:13 tells you that you can KNOW that you have eternal life.   And the way you know is because Jesus who Himself is eternal life, is IN YOU.  "Christ in you, the hope of Glory".  He is in you, and you are in Him .. "in Christ".
      Now, lets get the bullseye on the target.      The heretic will try to convince you that this same Jesus, who is Himself eternal life, is not in you, permanently.  That if you decide to, you can get Him out.  That if you decide to, you can just flip a switch, do a deed and like MAGIC, you are no longer Born again.
      This teaching is a lie.
      Now understand that Jesus is Himself "the resurrection and the (eternal) life.  And if you are born again, you are joined to God, by Christ.  Christ has removed your sin, becoming it for you on the Cross, and that is the only barrier that was keeping you from being joined to God.  So thats gone.   Your sin is gone, because the shed Blood of Jesus washed it away.   The Law is gone, because you are no longer under it, you are under Grace... so the LAW can't judge you as a sinner.    This is  because Jesus Himself, God on The Cross, has been judged for you already and KILLED.  So, that is your Hell, your Lake of Fire, and your Judgement for your sin...  Its gone.  gone......>>GONE.  It can't be your eternal life situation as it is for Christ Rejectors, because your Eternal Life situation is CHRIST THE ETERNAL LIFE, who is INSIDE YOU.      You do recall that your are as a born again Christian, the Temple of God?  The Body of Christ?  You are indwelled by the Holy Spirit, or as the New Testament explains, "if you have not the Spirit of Christ IN YOU, then you don't belong to God".....  So, God, Christ, and The Holy Spirit, who are all "ONE"< are in you., if you are born again.....
      Are you?   Do you remember when you took Jesus into your heart?  Believing on Him.  Trusting in Him to save you, forgive you?   That is your "New Birth", day.   You are born from your mother, and you are born AGAIN = from your Father God.
      In both cases blood was shed.  The first time it was shed for you, you came to earth.   The second time it is shed for you, is the ONLY reason why you go to Heaven.  (Grace is the color and function of Jesus's Blood).
      Born Twice, die once.  if you are a born AGAIN  (2nd time) = Christian.
      And here is the final answer...  Here is why you can't lose your salvation and go to hell.
      A question or 2 :      WHO is your Salvation?       Who is it?    Who is your eternal life?    Who is your resurrection?   Who is your Justification and your Sanctification?   Who saved you?   Who is Grace?   Who is the Blood Atonement.  Who is Redemption?      Did you say  YOU?    Is it YOU?   So, if its not you, then it must be JESUS THE LORD.   JESUS THE CHRIST.   JESUS Himself.
      He  alone is your Savior, because He alone is everything that saves you, and everything that God requires for you to be saved, and in fact JESUS IS ALL GOD OFFERS YOU TO GET YOU IN TO HEAVEN AND KEEP YOU OUT OF HELL.
      THERE IS NO OTHER WAY TO BE SAVED.   JESUS IS "THE WAY".     AND THAT IS ACCORDING TO GOD.  That is according to TRUTH, and Jesus is "THE TRUTH",  and Im lifting Him up right now , and so should YOU. !
      So, your salvation, is JESUS.   You being born again, proves that HE is IN you.
      Jesus is God, and God is not a man that He should or can, lie.     Jesus said.....>"I will never leave you or forsake you".   Hebrews 13:5 .     Now notice the word "Leave".   This word is explaining that Jesus wont ever do something.   And what is that?    Leave you.    He "can't Leave you, or forsake you".... He said so.   So, does the TRUTH LIE?     Now, back up and look at what we are thinking about....  Where is Jesus?  If you are saved, where Is He?   He is IN YOU.   IN YOU.    IN YOU.   In YOU.    And how is Jesus in you?   He is SEALED within you.  God is SEALED within you.. You are their BODY OF CHRIST....... that is your permanent situation.
      Now get this and you'll be forever spiritually and mentally unaffected by people who want to make you believe that you are your own savior, or that you can end up in Hell, then the lake of fire.
      Notice again that "Jesus said that He will never LEAVE YOU"... What does NEVER mean?   "never".  what does this mean?    Does it mean, as long as you keep your faith, and go to church, and never backslide, or walk away from God?
      Do you see a "unless", in that verse?   Heretics do, and they put it in there to try to harm you.    
       Jesus WILL NEVER LEAVE THE INSIDE OF YOU WHERE HE IS SEALED UNTIL THE DAY OF YOUR REDEMPTION.......because He said so, and the TRUTH does not Lie.   Jesus is THE Truth.
      So, what does this show you, and explain to you, when a heretic is trying to make you believe that you can lose your salvation?
      What is the obvious truth here, Saint?
      The truth shows you that if that were possible, and its not, but if were possible for you to hit the Great White Throne Judgement, and be Judged by God for all your sin that Jesus has already been judged for on Earth.....then when you were sent to Hell, Christ in you, who will NEVER LEAVE YOU< is going to be there burning right with you, in the Lake of Fire.
      Completely Impossible.
      There is no verse in the New Testament, that has ever even suggested that Jesus and the Holy Spirit, can leave you, or will.   Not one.   NONE.   But there is certainly a crystal clear verse that Says to the born again, that Jesus will NEVER LEAVE YOU.
      Never, Never, Never.
      You can't take Christ to hell, because you can't go where He can't go..  And when those who oppose Grace and cast darkness on the Cross want to make you believe that you can go to hell, then just remember that The Christ in you, who is your proof of your eternal security and IS HIMSELF ETERNAL LIFE, is not  Going to Hell, ...........and neither are you.
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